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Social Activist (1956)
Thu Apr 06 2023
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Cindy Costner became popular following her previous marriage with actor, Kevin Costner. Kevin is a two-time Academy Award-winning actor known for playing John Dutton in the TV series, Yellowstone. He has an estimated net worth of $250 Million.

Cindy's actual surname is Silva and both she and Kevin are now married to someone else. She is married to Larry Ameen and her ex-husband's wife is Christine Baumgartner.  

Kevin Costner's ex-wife Cindy has two daughters, Annie Costner and Lily Costner, and a son, Joe Costner. She stands at the height of 5 Feet and 7 Inches (170 cm) and weighs 130 lbs (59 kg).

About Cindy's Relationship Status

Cindy Costner following the divorce from her ex-husband, Kevin Costner has once again found love. She is married to a man named, Larry Ameen

The exact specific day Cindy and Kevin walked down the aisle remains to be discovered. However, it is known that they got married somewhere in 2004. She now goes by the name, Cindy Antonucci-Ameen.

Cindy Costner and Larry Ameen are taking a selfie as Cindy has her shades on.
Cindy Costner with her husband, Larry Ameen (Source: Cindy Costner Facebook @Cindy Antonucci-Ameen)

Cindy's husband, Larry has maintained a low profile. He has chosen not to reveal much about himself. However, his work is no secret.

Larry is currently serving as the CEO at Dogwood Investments Inc. He has also previously worked at Pepe Jeans London and Jordache Jeans and is a graduate of Texas Tech University.

Net Worth Of Cindy Costner

Cindy Costner's net worth has been estimated to be $90 Million. She works as a full-time social activist which isn't the kind of job that pays a lot of money. 

A significant portion of Costner's wealth came from the divorce settlement with her ex-husband, Kevin Costner. He is one of the richest Hollywood actors having an estimated net worth of $250 Million.

It has been reported by CBS News in their article that, Cindy received a sum of $80 Million following the divorce from The Postman actor, Kevin. Besides that, she has also made money previously working at Delta Airlines and even Disneyland. 

About Cindy & Kevin Costner's Love Story

Cindy Costner was previously in a married relationship with actor, Kevin Costner. They were husband and wife for over a decade as the two had exchanged their wedding vows on February 11, 1978, and officially separated on December 12, 1994.

The love story of Cindy and Kevin started in college. The former couple first met at California State University and the Yellowstone actor soon fell head over heels for her. 

Kevin Costner is wearing a black cowboy hat and denim jeans in the picture.
Cindy Costner's ex-husband, Kevin Costner (Source: Kevin Costner Instagram @kevincostnermodernwest)

Kevin has even previously described Cindy as having every characteristic of a woman that he liked. It's unfortunate that the love between them died out a few years into their marriage.

Cindy and Kevin have previously worked in a movie. As per Cindy's IMDb page, she worked with her ex-husband in the movie, Dances with Wolves. It is an Oscar-winning which was directed and acted by Kevin.  

Kevin's Acting Created Tension In Cindy's Marriage

The exact reason that caused the divorce between Kevin and Cindy remains to be known. But, one of the problems had arisen because of certain scenes Kevin did in his movies. His ex-wife wasn't a huge fan of all of his steamy scenes.

Express has reported in their article that Cindy had warned the Hidden Figures actor, Kevin to not do any of the intimate scenes in his movies. He was given the choice to either say no to such scenes or just completely stop doing movies. This story was brought to light by one of the actor's friends, John McInnes.

The article also mentioned the time when Cindy and her ex-husband, Kevin attended the premiere of his movie, No Way Out. There was a steamy scene in the film that led to her squeezing his hands in anger. 

Shares Three Children With Kevin Costner

As of now, Cindy and Kevin have ended their marriage. However, they are still associated with one another because of their two daughters and a son. Kevin is the father of seven kids.

Cindy's ex-husband Kevin's first three kids, Annie Costner, Lily Costner, and Joe Costner are shared with her. His other kids are Liam Costner, Cayden Wyatt Costner, Hayes Logan Costner, and Grace Avery Costner.

Annie, the first child of The Bodyguard actor, Kevin was born on April 15, 1984. Lily was born on August 4, 1986, and her youngest one, Joe was born on January 31, 1988.

Lily, Joe, and Annie Costner are standing close to each other and looking at the camera for the picture.
Cindy Costner's three kids, Lily Costner (left), Joe Costner (middle), and Annie Costner (Source: Lily Costner Instagram @lilycostner)

Like Annie's father, she is involved in the show business but she works as an executive producer. Lily and Joe are involved in music as the former is the singer and songwriter. 

Joe works as an audio engineer and production sound mixer. Cindy's kids have also done a bit of acting back in the day when they were young. 

Annie, Lily, and Joe, all three of them have worked with their father in his film, The Postman. The oldest one has also worked with Kevin in the movie, Dances with Wolves.

Education Background

Cindy studied till the University level as she attended California State University in Fullerton. However, detail regarding her major is still a mystery. This was also where she had met her ex-husband, Kevin Costner.

Before CSU, Kevin Costner's ex-spouse Cindy had done her high school education at Oakmont High School. She has also been a student at Sonora High School.

About Cindy Costner's Work

Cindy Costner today works as an activist and she deals with various social issues. She is investing most of her time to talk about women. Kevin's ex-wife mostly uses her voice to talk about the issue of women's rights. 

Cindy Costner has a red flower on her ear as she is talking to someone.
An old image of Cindy Costner (Source: Lily Costner Instagram @lilycostner)

Kevin Costner's ex-wife Cindy has previously tried her hands on a lot of things. She was involved in the marketing department of Delta Airlines with her job as the marketing agent. 

Not only that but Cindy has even gotten an opportunity at Disneyland, a dream job for many people. She worked as an actor there and got an opportunity to work on plays like Cinderella and Snow White.

Social Media Presence

Cindy is present on the internet via social media platforms. She is on Instagram and Facebook. You can find Kevin's ex-wife on her Insta and Facebook pages @cindyaah and @Cindy Antonucci-Ameen.

Cindy is very private about her life hence, her Insta account is private. Only her family and other people that are close to her can follow. She doesn't want her life to be the talk of the media. She has also not posted anything on her Facebook in many years.

A Brief On Cindy's Ex-Husband, Kevin Costner

Cindy gained her celebrity status as the ex-wife of Kevin Costner. He is an actor who has been actively doing movies since the early 80s. Some of his popular movies include Dances with Wolves, The Bodyguard, and The Postman.

These days, Kevin is busy playing John Dutton in the highly-rated TV series, Yellowstone. His incredible acting has even landed him two academy awards, both coming in 1991 for his movie, Dancing with Wolves for best picture and best director.  


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