Cleo Wttenstrom

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Tattoo Artist (1992)

Relationship Timeline Of Cleo Wttenstrom

Ex-husband : Joel Kinnaman
Cleo Kinnaman Married Joel Kinnaman in 2015 and the couple Divorced in 2018

Cleo Wattenstrom is a famous tattoo artist worldwide. She started as an apprenticeship in Sweden at the young age of 14. Cleo is renowned for her designs on black and white images. She creates designs using black and grey inks only.

Cleo Wattenstrom was born on June 12, 1992, in Belgian, Sweden. She was born to a couple of Swedish and Ethiopian descents. She fondly calls her mother' Kicki'. she extensively traveled with her parents until they finally settled in Stockholm, Sweden. The family trips exposed her to various cultures and art forms. She dropped out of her school at the age of fourteen.

Relationship Status of Cleo

Not everyone gets the taste of a happy married life. She is an artist by her profession similar to Chrissie Heughan. The tattoo artist is single. She is living a happy life on her own. She is much early in her career. She seems to be focused on her career rather than spending time with people. 

Cleo Wattenstrom relationship
Image: Cleo is single and living happily
Source: Instagram @cleokinnaman

Cleo had many ups and downs in her relationship. She is a active social media user and loves traveling to various famous holiday destinations. She keeps posting photos of visiting numerous holiday destinations. 

Failed Marriage with Joel Kinnaman

Cleo is not only famous for her successful career but also famous for her relationship history. Joel's love life started as early as her career. Some reports claim to have started dating in early 2010. 

Cleo Wattenstrom husband
Image: Cleo along with her former husband, Joel
Source: Pinterest

Cleo formally started dating Joel in 2014. However, Joel was always tight-lipped about the relationship. The media first noticed the duo in August 2014, and they got official by the end of the year. 

Their subsequent marriage remained a secret until Joel decided to spill the beans himself. When he was promoting his upcoming movie 'Suicide Squad' in 2016, he was asked about his girlfriend Cleo by an interviewer. Joel rectified the interviewer by saying, "My Wife."

Cleo Wattenstrom divorce
Image: The duo divorced and moved on in 2018
Source: US Weekly

The love birds had a private wedding ceremony. Only family members from both the families and some close friends attended the ceremony. Cleo and Joel got settled in Venice, California, and often took romantic trips worldwide. Cleo regularly posted moments from their getaways on her social media platforms.

However, This happy looking relationship ended in 2018. However, sources reveal that the two broke up much before their official split. Although they are officially separated, they seem to be pretty much close. 

Net Worth And Earnings

Cleo Wattenstorm has an estimated net worth of more than $200,000. She has accumulated most of her net worth through her successful career of working as a tattoo artist. She started her career at the age of fourteen. Jessica Wilde is a rising Canadian Model and a tattoo artist with a net worth of more than $1 Million

Cleo Wattenstrom net worth
Image: Cleo has a net worth of more than $200,000
Source: Pinterest

Cleo has mentioned that her drawing skills made it easier for her to learn the craft. she took up an apprentice's job at a tattoo salon, a perfect fit for the budding artist. Now she exclusively uses black and grey ink to create her signature style of body art.

Additionally, Cleo took up modeling assignments, posing several books of glamour, retro, pin-up, Goth, fashion, and horror genres. She also featured on the covers of many local and international fashion journals, including 'Inked' magazine and 'Tattoo Life' magazine.

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