Clint Eastwood's Personal Life: His Wives and Girlfriends Over the Years

Mon Jul 03 2023
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Clint Eastwood has been married twice and has many children: Complete story here!  

Enough can't be said about the genius of Clint Eastwood. He might be an obscure name to the younger generation, but the real cinephiles would apprehend his masterpieces and legacy in Western cinema. Eastwood is a four-time Oscar-winning actor and filmmaker. The enduring Hollywood legend turned 93 earlier this year and has been in the news ever since.   

Born on May 31, 1930, in San Francisco, Clint's foray into the industry started with a chance encounter. He landed his major role in the CBS series, Rawhide, through an acquaintance, and then steadily rose to fame, building his public persona as the epitome of masculinity with films like Man with No Name, Dirty Harry, and Dollar Trilogy.  

Clint Eastwood's Ex-Wives!  

Eastwood's past doesn't differ much from his contemporaries who take much pride in their womanizing conduct and wandering behaviors. The Oscar winner, however, can be set apart in the fact that he didn't boast about his strong rapport with the ladies. The Rawhide actor dated plenty of pretty faces during his heydey but only married two of the many.   

Clint Eastwood is an actor and director.
Clint Eastwood is a four-time Oscar-winning actor and director. Photo Source: Instagram

Eastwood's first wife, Maggie Johnson, then a manufacturing secretary, was his young love. The actor met Maggie as a young boy on a blind date and soon started a whirlwind romance. The couple got engaged in October 1953 and tied the knot after one month in December.  

Clint and Johnson's nuptial ended in 1984 amid his brewing affair with many women, including actress Sondra Locke, stuntwoman Roxanne Tunis, and more. The actor-turned-director is believed to have fathered children with his mistress while still married to Maggie, with whom he welcomed two kids, composer Kyle Eastwood, and actress Alison Eastwood.   

Clint Eastwood has been married twice.
Eastwood has been married and divorced twice. Photo Source: Instagram

The Man with No Name actor married his second wife, TV anchor Dina Ruiz, in 1996. The twosome welcomed a daughter, Morgan, and finalized their divorce in 2014. Eastwood's second ex-wife, Ruiz, went on to marry Scott Fisher after not receiving alimony from her famous ex-husband. The couple had reportedly had a prenup in place that protected Clint's massive wealth.   

Clint Eastwood's Many Girlfriends Over the Years! 

Eastwood's dating history includes a handful of long-term commitments, some notorious flings, and many unrevealed affairs. It is no secret that the Dirty Harry actor's many romances overlapped his marriage with Johnson, including his 14-year-long affair with stuntwoman Roxanne Tunis, who he met on the sets of Rawhide.  

Clint Eastwood is a father to eight.
Eastwood had a decade-spanning affair with actress Sondra Locke. Photo Source: Instagram

Eastwood and Tunis' decade-spanning illicit affair resulted in the birth of their daughter, Kimber Lynn Eastwood. The lowkey philanderer's other notorious affair was with actress Sondra Locke, who also cheated on her husband, Gordon Anderson, with Clint.  

The duo's relationship remained intact to see a decade, but it was a lost cause, just like Clint's marriage with Maggie. The long-dragged affair ended with Locke accusing Clint of bringing her "humiliation, mental anguish, severe emotional and physical distress," and filing a $1.3 million palimony suit against the director.   

Clint Eastwood had many affairs.
The actor is believed to be a father to eight children. Photo Source: Instagram

Locke's last statement about her affair with Clint, before she died in 2018, was "My biggest misfortune, greatest regret, is that I wish I'd cut my time with Clint in half." Locke certainly wasn't the only woman who was engaging Eastwood's insatiable libido. The Mystic River actor had an ongoing affair with flight attendant Jacelyn Reeves while he dated Locke, and was married to Johnson.  

He even fathered two kids with Reeves; the younger one being born in 1988, the same year he was linked with actress Frances Fisher. Not many of Eastwood's mistresses have been gusty enough to candidly reflect on their affair with the legend. But Fisher made an exception.  

The actress recalled falling in love with Clint at first sight in Clint Eastwood: A Biography. "He looked right at me, the way he does every other woman in the world," Fisher's statement read. Eastwood and Fisher's relationship transpired amid Clint's unraveling romance with Locke. The duo even welcomed a child together.   

Clint Eastwood is a four-time Oscar winner.
Eastwood is dating former hostess Christina Sandera. Photo Source: Instagram

Frances was under the impression that the Oscar winner was faithful to her. But old habits die hard and soon enough, snaps of the director getting intimate with other women surfaced, prompting Fisher to call it quits with Clint, in 1995. The American Sniper director didn't spare his second marriage with Ruiz, who didn't tolerate his wandering behaviors like his first wife.  

While married to Ruiz, Eastwood was linked with Erica Tomlinson-Fisher, who happened to be a longtime friend of Ruiz. Clint and Ruiz ended their conjugal ties when the actor-turned-director started dating hostess Christina Sandera. The 93-year-old filmmaker and Sandera's relationship is intact as of this writing.   

Eastwood is not planning on marrying Sandera!

An insider previously claimed that Clint has no intention of marrying Sandera.  Since making their red carpet debut at 2015's Oscars, the twosome has flown under the radar as a couple. Although records show that Clint is a father to eight kids, who he shares with six women, the exact number of his brood is still a mystery. 

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