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Wed Oct 23 2019
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Hard work pays off big time, especially in the media industry. Such is Colin Cowherd, who has now gathered fame as a top-class sports reporter for Fox Sports alongside Sophia Minnaert and Lindsay Czarniak, to name a few.

Having a famous partner brings some perks to the better half as well. Such is the case for Colin's wife, Ann Cowherd. Ann has gained fame because of her hubby, but she rarely steps out in public. Her less appearance creates more craze about her among the Herd fans. Tag along if you want to know more about Ann's Marital status.

Ann Met Colin Through a Mutual Friend

Moving on from his first failed marriage, Colin was ready to find love again. The 55-year-old Sportscaster went on a date on the advice of his friend Trace Gallagher

Trace set up Colin and Ann on a date as he knew both of them very well. Before The Herd on Fox Sports, Colin worked with Trace in Las Vegas together. Colin has a charming personality that managed to impress Ann on the first dinner date. 

Colin Cowherd and Ann Cowherd enjoying their sporting event together while looking at the big screen in the stadium
Image: Colin Cowherd (left) and Ann Cowherd (right) in the second row enjoying their sports event. 

The couple then started dating each other before taking the next logical step in their relationship. 

Committing to One Another Forever

After a few months of dating, the pair knew that they are the right choice for each other. Both of them were coming from a failed relationship and knew precisely the things to do right in this one.

The couple tied the knot in 2010 in the company of their loved ones. Neither Colin nor Ann wanted to make their romantic relationship go public so, they have not disclosed anything about their big day.

Colin Cowherd and Ann Cowherd at a fight match
Picture: Colin Cowherd (left) and his wife Ann Cowherd (right). 
Source: Twitter @ColinCowherd

It's been nine years now, both of them are keeping their promises and vows that they made during their wedding. With each passing time, their love seems to be growing as of now, no rumors of their separation are heard of.

They are Parents but Do Not Share Biological Children

Yes, you read it right. The couple has successfully managed to raise six adorable children together, but none of them are their biological offsprings. Before walking down the aisle with Colin, Ann was in a married relationship. Similarly, Colin was also in a marital relationship with Kimberly Ann Vadala.

From their previous relationship, Colin welcomes two kids, and Ann gave birth to four. So far, the duo is keeping radio silence on the detailed information about their children except for one tweet made by Colin on August 12, 2014.

Colin Cowherd with his daughter
Picture: Colin Cowherd (right) with her daughter (left). 
Source: Twitter @ColinCowherd

In the tweet, he wrote that his children have impeccable manners at every house except his. The tweet also suggests how much he loves and cares for all of his kids. 

Colin allegedly Cheated on his Ex-Wife

Being together for more than a decade, Colin and his former wife Kimberly called in quits in 2007. The pair dodged the question relating to their divorce, saying that they are splitting because of "irreconcilable differences."

There is, however, another rumors circulating the internet about the couples' ending relationship. According to Gossipmongers, the Fox Sports host got involved in an extra-marital affair, which led to the divorce. 

Kimberly Ann Vadala and Colin Cowherd
Frame: Colin Cowherd (left) and his former wife Kimberly Ann Vadala (right). 

The news is alleged speculation about the split as the former lovebirds have not come out publicly, saying the actual reason for the separation. They do share the equal custody of both of their children. After three years of being single, Colin moved on with his second wife Ann, whereas Kimberly went under the radar, leaving her relationship status to the public speculation.

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