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Mon Sep 25 2023
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In the world of celebrity families, the Hadids have captured the limelight with their remarkable journey. Colton Aflalo is popularly known as Marielle Hadid's son.

Born into privilege, Aflalo's life has been nothing short of fascinating. Let's delve into Colton's life as well as the Hadid Family's dynamics.

Colton Aflalo Bio: Age & Education

Marielle Hadid, A.k.A, the lead Hadid, who was born on September 18, 1980, welcomed her son Colton Aflalo with her former husband Sammy Aflalo. Hadid is very protective of her children and thus, no information regarding their birthdate and birthplace has been disclosed.

Colton Aflalo with his sister Coco Aflalo.
Colton Aflalo with his sister Coco Aflalo. Source: Pinterest

Some internet tabloids say Colton's birth year is 2008 and if that is true, Marielle's son is currently in his teen years in terms of age. Mohamed Hadid posted a picture of Aflalo on his Instagram saying he is the cutest kid on earth.

Colton Aflalo Parents Relationship: Are They Still Together?

Unfortunately, Colton Aflalo parents are not together anymore. Marielle Hadid and Sammy Aflalo's marital relationship ended a long time ago. 

Hadid has successfully shielded her romantic relationship with her ex-husband Sammy from the prying eyes of the media. Therefore, the reasons behind the former couple's breakup remain shrouded in mystery. 

Colton Afalo's parents, Marielle Hadid and Sammy Aflalo.
Colton Afalo's parents, Marielle Hadid and Sammy Aflalo. Source: Xwhos

Nonetheless, it is clear that Sammy and Marielle had a wonderful time as a partner. According to Alana Hadid, her sister was happy with Aflalo. Moreover, he was a good father.

Alana wished Sammy on his birthday in 2016;

"Happy birthday @sammyaflalo you are a great bro. And I love this pic of you. I hope this year is full of happiness, joy, laughter, success and surprises. thank you for making my sister happy and for always being a loving kind dad to the muffins. I hope this year exceeds expectations and puts a smile on your face."

Marielle Hadid Is Currently Dating Jack Halloran

Indeed, the accomplished entrepreneur Marielle Hadid is currently in a blissful romantic relationship. She has been together with Jack Halloran for quite a long time now.

Marielle Hadid is in a relationship with Jack Halloran. Source: Instagram @mariellemama

Marielle frequently shares glimpses of her relationship with Jack on her Instagram platform. The loving duo, Hadid and Halloran, appears to be considering the possibility of further advancing their relationship.

Speaking of Marielle Hadid's boyfriend, Jack, he is an accomplished artist, known by the username @onelove1jack. According to Jack, his life has flourished since Marielle entered the picture.

Colton Aflalo Sibling & Cousin

The celebrity kid, Colton Aflalo has a sister named Coco Aflalo. Coco celebrates her birthday every year on the 28th of September which is ten days after their mother, Marielle's birthday. In 2016, Alana wished Colton's sister a birthday with a castle-shaped birthday cake.

Coco Aflalo with her family.
Coco Aflalo with her family. Source: Pinterest

Aflalo and Colton share a great bond. The Aflalo siblings are each other companions and are often seen playing together. Mohamed Hadid posted a clip of Colton and his sister Coco playing in a jump house.

Colton has a cousin named Khai Malik. She is the daughter of his famous aunt Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik. 

Colton Aflalo Net Worth: Is Marielle Hadid's Son Living A Rich Lifestyle? 

Undoubtedly, Colton Aflalo is enjoying a lavish lifestyle thanks to his parent's fortune. He belongs to one of the rich and famous families. Aflalo's mother, Marielle Hadid, has a net worth of $1 Million.

Colton Afalo's grandfather, Mohamed Hadid's Bel Air Mansion.
Colton Afalo's grandfather, Mohamed Hadid's Bel Air Mansion. Source: Pinterest

Marielle is a businessman who focuses on making stylish yet classy eyewear. She manages Hadid eyewear and each glass represents her family members.

Colton's grandfather, Mohamed Hadid, also flexes his $5 Million worth fortune. At one point, he owned acres of land, farmhouses, and a $100 Million Bell Air Mansion that was sold at auction for $5 Million. 

Colton Aflalo Family Background

As mentioned above, Colton comes from a well-known Hadid family. His grandfather Mohamed is a businessman and real-estate mogul born in Israel. He is also the direct descendent of Daher Al Omer, Prince of Nazareth.

Colton Aflalo with sister Coco Aflalo and grandmother Mary Butler.
Colton Aflalo with sister Coco Aflalo and grandmother Mary Butler. Source: Instagram @mbutlerdesign

Colton's grandmother, Mary Butler is a designer and artist. Mary says Aflalo siblings are her inspiration. Speaking of the father of Marielle Hadid's children, Sammy has been keeping a low profile.

Sammy uses a private Instagram account @sammyaflalo. He is a good and caring father as evidenced by Alana's caption on his birthday wish. 

Unlike Colton's mother, his aunt Bella, Alana, and Gigi Hadid are into modeling. They are known for their amazing work and outstanding beauty.

Alana Hadid Comments On Marielle Hadid Parenting Skills

Colton Aflalo and Coco Aflalo are being raised in a proper way. Despite being a celebrity, Marielle has managed to keep her children out of the media's prying eyes without taking away the fun from their lives. The Lead Hadid's sister Alana had appreciated and praised her parenting skills. 

Not only this, Alana also complimented about how Gigi Hadid is raising her daughter. She praised Gigi as "the best" mom to her daughter Khai

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