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Tue May 30 2023
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Marielle Hadid is the older half-sister of the supermodel Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid. She is the daughter of businessman Mohamed Hadid. While Marielle isn't in the modeling industry, Hadid is as pretty as her siblings! 

Although Marielle is the half-sister of the supermodels, she has chosen a different career field. She has launched an eyewear brand, Hadid Eyewear. Likewise, she designed her products herself.

Marielle Hadid's Relationship Status: Is She Dating?

Yes, the businesswoman Marielle Hadid is dating a boyfriend. Mariell has been together with her beau Jack Halloran for some time now.

Marielle often posts about her boyfriend on her Instagram. She wished him on his birthday too. The couple, Hadid and Halloran, might take their relationship to the next level.

Marielle Hadid is in a relationship with Jack Halloran.
Marielle Hadid is in a relationship with Jack Halloran. Source: Instagram @mariellemama

Speaking of Hadid's boyfriend, Jack, he is an artist. He goes by the username @onelove1jack. According to Jack, his life became rose after the arrival of Marielle in his life.

Jack is not the first guy she dated. Hadid has been linked with many men. Marielle was romantically linked with Sammy Aflalo previously.

Who Is Marielle Hadid's Husband? Know Her Relationship Details

Marielle Hadid has not disclosed her wedding, but she is rumored to have married Sammy Aflalo. From their relationship, Hadid has two children, i.e., a son, Colton Aflalo, and a daughter Colette Aflalo. However, the pair have separated.

Marielle Hadid alleged husband Sammy Aflalo.
Marielle Hadid alleged husband, Sammy Aflalo. Source: Instagram @lanzybear

Hadid has kept her dating life with her alleged husband Sammy out of media reach. Thus, it is still a mystery why the former pair broke up. However, it seems he had a good relationship with Marielle's sister Alana.

Alana had wished Sammy on his birthday with the caption:

"Happy birthday @sammyaflalo you are a great bro. And I love this pic of you. I hope this year is full of happiness, joy, laughter, success and surprises. thank you for making my sister happy and for always being a loving kind dad to the muffins. I hope this year exceeds expectations and puts a smile on your face."

Marielle Hadid Net Worth - Is She The Richest Hadid?

The eldest daughter of Mohamed Hadid, Marielle, has a staggering net worth of $1 Million. Her fortune is the result of her dedication to her Eyewear business.

Marielle Hadid's father, Mohamed Hadid's Bel Air Mansion.
Marielle Hadid's father, Mohamed Hadid's Bel Air Mansion. Source: Pinterest

Hadid Eyewear has glasses that symbolize the Hadid family. Her half-sister Gigi Hadid has a net worth of $30 Million.

Similarly, Marielle's father, Mohamed Hadid, commands a net worth estimated to be $5 Million. The real-estate mogul who owned the $100 Million Bell Air Mansion was sold at auction for $5 Million.

Marielle Hadid Early Life: Mother, Age & Many More

The Celebrity sister, Marielle Hadid, was born in Washington, DC, on September 7, 1980. She is the daughter of Mohamed Hadid and his ex-wife Mary Butler.

Marielle Hadid with her mother Mary Buttler.
Marielle Hadid with her mother, Mary Buttler. Source: Instagram @mariellemama

Marielle's mother, Mary, is a designer and artist. Her works have been displayed on the Instagram account @mbutlerdesign. She taught Marielle to keep updated with current events and politics.

Hadid's father, Mohamed, is a businessman. He is a real estate developer who was born in Israel. Mohamed's family lineage makes him the direct descendent of Daher Al Omer, Prince of Nazareth.

Marielle's Parents' Divorce & Re-Marriage

Mary and Mohamed divorced in the year 1992. At this time, she was only 12 years old. She has one biological sister named Alana Hadid.

Mohamed Hadid married Yolanda Hadid in 1994.
Mohamed Hadid married Yolanda Hadid in 1994. Source: Pinterest

After Marielle's parent's divorce, it took her some time to deal with it. Mohamed married Dutch model Yolanda Hadid in 1994. She later married David Foster in 2011.

Unfortunately, Yolanda and Mohamed divorced in 2000. Marielle's father was engaged to Iran-born model and businesswoman Shiva Safai in 2014. However, they split soon, and Safai started dating Niels Houweling.

Marielle Hadid's Sibling & Half-siblings

Hadid siblings are all in the limelight and are well-known. All of them are blessed with beauty and money. Marielle has one full sibling and three-half siblings.

Marielle  Hadid with her sibling and half-siblings.
Marielle  Hadid with her sibling and half-siblings. Source: Pinterest

Marielle's half-siblings are Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, and Anwar Hadid. Being the only brother and the youngest, Anwar receives special love from her.

Marielle is the eldest of all. She has a good relationship with them and often posts about them. Hadid is a person who values her family members. 

As the eldest sister, Marielle has watched her siblings grow from childhood. She took care of and helped them since their childhood days. Most of her Instagram posts are about her siblings. 

Alana Hadid - Marielle's Only Full Sibling

Alana is the only biological sister of Marielle as aforementioned. She was born on July 17, 1985, which makes her five years younger than Marielle.

Marielle Hadid and her sister Alana Hadid.
Marielle Hadid and her sister Alana Hadid. Source: Instagram @mariellemama

Alana got recognized as one of the Top 50 models of the year by Apparently, the model is not dating anyone and is single. Previously, Alana was romantically linked with a man named Alex Stickland

What Is Marielle Hadid Height? Know Her Physical Stats

Marielle is not a model by profession like her half-sisters. However, she is no lesser than a model. Marielle stands tall with a height of 5 ft and 8 inches (172 cm).

The celebrity sister, Hadid, has maintained a weight of 58 kg, i.e., 128 lbs. Hadid always maintains her appearance and has got a style and sass of her own. 

Marielle Hadid Is A Pet Lover 

The eldest daughter of Mohamed Hadid, Marielle, is known for her kindness and loving nature. Not only for humans, but Marielle also has soft corners for animals.

Marielle Hadid with her pet dogs.
Marielle Hadid with her pet dogs. Source: Instagram @mariellemama

Hadid is a huge pet lover and has many dogs. Spending quality time with her pet dogs calms her. She has also posted a picture of her pet on Instagram.

Unfortunately, one of Marielle's pups, Mitchelle, passed away in 2019. Mike, short for Mitchelle, used to guard her daughter Coco on her cradle. 

Social Media Presence

Marielle is a social butterfly who keeps posting on her social media platforms. She loves to share glimpses from her personal life and professional life. As her mother, Mary, taught, Marielle surrounds herself with many kinds of people.

Hadid has more than 250k followers on her Instagram account. Her Instagram id is @mariellemama. Besides Instagram, she does not seem active on other social media platforms.


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