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Thu Jul 06 2023
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Cosmo Pfeil is a professional actor and assistant director from the United States. He has directed the movies such as Take Shelter, Acceptable Limits and so on.  

Although Pfeil is in a showbiz career since 2004, he is mostly known for marrying actress Betty Gilpin. How is the celebrity couple doing with their relationship and professional life? Let's see the intriguing life of Pfeil alongside his net worth.

Cosmo Pfeil Married Betty Gilpin In 2016

Cosmo Pfeil and Betty Gilpin walked down the aisle on August 6, 2016. The private wedding ceremony made the assistant director Gilpin's husband. Gilpin and her husband Pfeil is into a blissful nuptial ever since.
Betty Gilpin with her husband  Cosmo Pfeil. Source: Pinterest

The husband-wife, Pfeil and Gilpin, has remained married for more than 5 years now despite an age gap of nine years. To date, they are free from extramarital affairs and divorce rumors.  

Cosmo and Betty reportedly started dating in 2015 as the couple was spotted together that year. The lovebirds were so deep in love with each other, they could not for their next journey of romance; leading to an intimate marriage.

When Did Betty Gilpin Meet Her Husband Cosmo Pfeil?

Gilpin and Pfeil crossed paths on the set of The Northern Kingdom. The 2009 masterpiece was the debut movie of Betty and the couple played siblings in it.

Cosmo Pfeil's wife Betty Gilpin made her debut in 2009.
Cosmo Pfeil's wife Betty Gilpin made her debut in 2009. Source: Instagram @voldemortbarbieclown

But, who knew the actors who played siblings will eventually get married? It took years to bloom the romance in the couple. They were first spotted together in 2015 sparking their dating rumors.

Betty Gilpin about Cosmo Pfeil:

"I got an agent from that, and the guy who played my brother in the movie is now my husband.”

Cosmo Pfeil & Betty Gilpin Welcomed A Daughter In 2020

The year 2020 was terrifying for all due to the global pandemic. Amidst the terror, there was happiness in Cosmo's family. He had been the father of the beautiful baby girl.

Yes, Pfeil and Gilpin were blessed with their daughter. Mary Babe Gilpin, in November 2020. Betty has describes her experience of balancing motherhood and professional life during a pandemic as challenging. Nikola Jokic also talked about similar challenges.

Cosmo Pfeil  attend the 2019 US Open at Arthur Ashe Stadium.
Cosmo Pfeil attended the 2019 US Open at Arthur Ashe Stadium. Source: Pinterest

Betty Gilpin via The New York Times:

"I went right from this bubble of terror, protecting my tiny baby, to a set, which sort of feels like a fake Orwellian society where the pandemic hasn't touched anything."

Pfeil's wife Gilpin also wrote an essay in her book All the Women in My Brain: And Other Concerns describing her experience as a mother. Although the celebrity couple often talks about their daughter, personal details regarding Mary Babe is still out of media reach.

Betty Gilpin Husband, Cosmo Pfeil, Is A Vermont Native

Cosmo Pfeil's age is currently in his mid-40s. He was born on December 9, 1977. Growing up in Shoreham, Vermont, Pfeil completed his education. 

Cosmo Pfeil in his young days.
Cosmo Pfeil in his young days. Source: Pinterest

Pfeil's parents have preferred to remain out of the spotlight and thus, the identity of Cosmo's family members. On the other hand, Take Shelter's director have famous in-laws after all Betty is from a family of actors. 

Cosmo's father-in-law is Jack Gilpin whereas his mother-in-law is Ann McDonough

Cosmo Pfeil Net Worth: Earnings From Movies & TV Shows

Cosmo Pfeil net worth is estimated around $200k similar to Danette Jackson's. He has been in the showbiz industry since 2004. Being a veteran actor as well as director, Pfeil must earn more than $70k as a salary.

Similarly, Betty Gilpin's net worth is estimated at $2 Million. The American actress has amassed this fortune from her successful acting career.

Speaking of real estate, Betty and Cosmo bought a crumbling 1834 farmhouse in New England. The married couple was quite happy to add the farmhouse to their assets. It is unknown if Pfeil and Gilpin still own the farmhouse though.

Cosmo Pfeil Movies & TV Shows

To date, Cosmo Pfeil has 10 credits as an actor, 3 credits as an assistant director, and a credit for director on his IMDb profile. Some of his highest-earning movies are;

Movies & TV ShowsReleased Year
Person of Interest2013
The Good Wife2012
The Northern Kingdom2009
Shotgun Stories2007

Cosmo Pfeil Height, Weight & Physical Appearance

Betty Gilpin stands tall with a height of 169 cm. Speaking of her husband Cosmo Pfeil's height, he is 5 ft and 7 inches tall i.e. 170 cm. Not only the interest in acting but the celebrity couple has similar heights too.

Cosmo Pfeil's wife Betty Gilpin has similar height as him.
Cosmo Pfeil's wife Betty Gilpin has similar in height to him. Source: Instagram @voldemortbarbieclown

Cosmo has dark brown eyes and matching hair color. He rocks a full beard and maintains it well. Pfeil weighs around 71kg which is 156 pounds.

Betty Gilpin and Cosmo Pfeil: Life Away From Social Media

In an era where sharing personal details has become commonplace, Betty and Cosmo stand apart by choosing to shield their private lives. Yes, the celebrity pair is not active on any social media platforms.

They maintain a low profile, rarely making public appearances. Pfeil and Gilpin have also been successful to avoid any kinds of rumors and controversies thanks to their privacy-loving nature.

Fans of Gilping and Pfeil have created an Instagram account with their name. The fan Instagram account shares glimpses of the journey of Betty's life.




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