Crystal Bernard Martial Stats, Is She Still Single

Fri Oct 18 2019
By   Bibek

The blonde hair and a charming smile, Crystal Bernard still steals the heart of millions. Bernard reached the height of her success during the musical revolution of the 80s and the 90s. Since the 80s, the fans are asking the same question about her love life.

She has a rich dating history, but the question remains about her marriage. There are many reports online surrounding her secret husband. If you are curious about knowing the relationship status of the multi-talented actress, then keep reading.

Her Belief on Marriage is Opposite to her Religion

Bernard grew up in a Christian family, and like her brood members, she is also a devout Christian. Bernard also has a Southern Baptist background when it comes to her religious beliefs. 

As a devoted Christian, you will be sure that marriage is a sacred thing for her. But that's not the case when it comes to Crystal. She does not believe in the marital relationship to last forever. This might also prove why she is not ready to commit herself to the matrimony.

Crystal Bernard at an award function
Picture: Crystal Bernard at an award function
Source: Just Richest

Maybe just like actress Ariel Mortman and Mandy Moore, she might be waiting for the right guy to change her beliefs in marriage. 

Her Romantic Affairs made the Headlines

Even though she does not believe in marriage, Bernard, however, was involved in multiple relationship during the 90s. Being a celebrity, her romantic affairs cut the newspaper.

As per reports, her first famous relationship came with Michael Shipley. Michael is an American screenwriter who is credited for his work in Family Guy, and My Name is Earl, to name a few. Neither Crystal nor Michael talked about how they met each other for the first time. 

Michael Shipley, former love partner of Crystal Bernand at studio
Image: Crystal Bernard former lover Michael Shipley
Source: Your Keyword Basket

Crystal and Michael are both from the showbiz industry and both prominent in the era of the 90s. The pair might've attended many celebrities parties and events where the couple might've first connected. The pair's relationship, however, did not last for a long time as they called in quits in no time. 

Romance with Tony Thomas!

After ending the relationship with Michael, Crystal moved on with actor and producer, Tony Thomas. The duo continued their relationship for a very long time, unlike her previous affair.

Crystal Bernard and Tony Thomas appearing at an event together
Photo: Crystal Bernard (right) with her former boyfriend Producer Tony Thomas (left). Source: Hollywoodmask

After years of dating, the couple could not see their relationship moving in the right direction, which led to the split in their romantic affair. As of now, Tony is happily married to Ann Souder. On the other hand, the media started associated Bernard's name with actor and radio personality Rush Limbaugh and Billy Dean, respectively. 

Despite many pairing from the media, Crystal's relationship stayed vague as she never committed with neither of them. 

What about her Secret Husband?

Even today, Crystal attracts many newspaper columns with her relationship news. In the past few years, the reports about Bernard staying with her alleged husband are circulating like wildfire. 

As of now, Bernard lives a private life away from the eyes of the media, but the news about her secret husband is a piece of hot news in the industry. Her duet partner in 1995, Peter Cetera, is considered to be her secret husband as per the reports. So far, neither Peter nor Bernard has come forward providing details on the rumor.  

Crystal Bernard and Peter Cetera
Frame: Crystal Bernard (right) with Peter Cetera (left) in the 90s posing after their duet
Source: Pinterest

This suggests the news might be accurate or completely false. So with that, we can assume that Crystal is still single and not looking to commit herself in a marital relationship anytime soon. As of now, she is staying away from movies, but her sister Robin Bernard and Scarlet Bernard are pretty much active in the industry.

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