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Sun Aug 20 2023
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Crystal Maurisa Goins is an American celebrity wife. She was propelled to the limelight after being married to WWE superstar and Mayor of Knox County, Glenn Thomas Jacobs.

Goins's husband is more popular with his ring name 'Kane'. Crystal has been a supportive wife of Glenn since their marriage. Let's look at their love life as we explore the enigmatic life of Kane's wife.

Crystal Maurisa Goins's Nearly Three Decades Of Nuptials With Kane

The WWE superstar Kane has been married to Crystal Mauris Goins for nearly three decades now. This blissful relationship started when the couple were introduced to each other by a mutual friend.

Crystal Maurisa Goins with her husband  Glenn Thomas Jacobs.
Crystal Maurisa Goins with her husband  Glenn Thomas Jacobs. Source: Sporstkeeda

Crystal and Glenn instantly clicked off and soon began dating. Eventually, they exchanged wedding vows on August 23, 1995. In this blissful marital life, the love birds have shared some ups and downs. But the love between them is still intact.

Did you know Crystal is older than her superstar husband Jacobs? Turns out, the couple has an age gap of seven years. However, it has never been an issue in their love life. 

In fact, Kane's wife is his strongest supporting pillar. She has been a faithful and supportive wife since day one. WWE superstar often shares pictures of his wife on his Instagram.

Know About Crystal Maurisa Goins's Daughters 

Glenn Thomas Jacobs does not have any biological children with Goins. Nevertheless, Crystal is the mother of two daughters from her previous marriage.

Crystal Maurisa Goins's daughters are named Arista and Devan. Who is Goins's previous husband? This has remained a mystery for now as the celebrity wife has not talked about it.

But one thing we know is, the WWE superstar Kane's wife is a grandparent. yes, her daughter Arista has a daughter and a son. Crystal sure enjoys being a grandmother.

Kane's Wife, Crystal Maurisa Goins, Is From Knoxville, Tennesse

Crystal Maurisa Goins is a native of Knoxville, Tennessee, United States of America just like Cylk Cozart. She was born in 1960 and has been living in this place ever since.

Crystal Maurisa Goins is from Knoxville, Tennessee.
Crystal Maurisa Goins is from Knoxville, Tennessee. Source: Instagram @glennjacobstn

Kane's wife studied at Elizabeth High School and following that she attended East Tennessee State University. Crystal was interested in psychology and thus she majored in the related field.

Goins graduated with a major in psychology and further went on to pursue a master's in it. Well, Kane's wife is surely a well-educated woman.

Speaking of Crystal's parents, they have preferred to remain out of the limelight. Thus, their identities have not been disclosed yet. 

Crystal Maurisa Goins Net Worth: What Does Kane's Wife Do For Living?

Well, Crystal Maurisa Goins runs an insurance company named The Jacobs Agency Allstate Insurance alongside her husband Kane. She makes a good income from this business. 

Prior to it, Goins spent her fair share of time working for her alma mater East Tennesse State University as a counselor. She has a net worth of at least $1 Million

Goins also enjoys the massive fortune of her husband Glenn Thomas Jacob which is $9 Million. With these riches, the couple lives a rich lifestyle in their 6,924-square-foot home in Knoxville.

This property spans an area of 78 acres of land which covers Koi Lake, confidential woods with trails for trekking, four-wheeling, and horseback riding. It also has a 2400-square-foot carport that serves as a gym.

Breaking Down WWE Kane's Financial Empire

WWE superstar Kane has made a financial empire of $9 Million similar to Reddit's co-founder Alexis Ohanian. He worked in WWE for a long period of time. Kane is still exclusive to earning $900,000 per year with a downside guarantee and merchandise sales.

Glenn Thomas Jacobs is the mayor of Knox County.
Glenn Thomas Jacobs is the mayor of Knox County. Source: Instagram @glennjacobstn

Similarly, Jacobs is now a mayor of Knox County and makes earnings of $180,598. As a mayor, he has been involved in several charity and foundation work. It was Glenn who introduced a $100,000 aid from the WWE to the Knoxville Public Security Establishment.  

Crystal is also involved in several non-governmental organizations. With this, she has saved several animals in her neighborhood.

A Creative Passion: Crystal Maurisa Goins's Flourishing Interest in Interior Design

Kane's supportive wife, Crystal Maurisa Goins has a strong knowledge of interior design and Decor. She has become interested in this field lately.

Goin's ability to make one’s home look more attractive was found when she started sharing useful tips for it on Twitter. She became quite popular with it.

How Tall Is Kane's Wife? Know Crystal Maurisa Goins Height

Crystal Maurisa Goins stands tall with a height of 5 ft and 6 inches which is equivalent to 167 cm. There is no denying that her husband Glenn Thomas Jacobs completely towers over her.

Crystal Maurisa Goins is 167 cm tall.
Crystal Maurisa Goins is 167 cm tall. Source: The Famous Page

Yes, Kane has a height of 7 ft i.e. 213 cm. Nevertheless, the two look beautiful as a couple. Additionally, Cyrstal is a blondie with short-length hair and blue eyes.


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