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Thu Jul 21 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Dan Greiner

Wife : Lori Greiner
Dan Greiner Married To Lori Greiner In 2010.

Most times it is the woman who helps the man in his endeavors and jobs. But this time it is the husband who helped his wife to accomplish the goal that she set out for. Yeah, this is Daniel Greiner, also known as Dan Greiner.

A businessman, Dan is known as the extremely supportive husband of popular television personality, inventor, and entrepreneur, Lori Greiner. She is best known for her works including Shark Tank, Beyond the Tank, and Queen of QVC.

The spouse of the celebrity was born in some parts of the United States. He has not disclosed any details regarding his date of birth and family history. Talking bout his age, he seems to be in his 50s. Whereas his wife was born on December 9, 1969, in Chicago.

Marital Relationship With Lori Greiner

Dan’s marriage is what got him into the limelight. He is happily married to his long-term wife, Lori Greiner for about 11 years. The pair believed to have tied the knot in 2010 but they didn't say anything about their wedding ceremony on the media.

Lori Greiner and her husband are Married for Over Decade
Image: Lori Greiner with another shark tank panel businessman in an event
Source: Huntpoll

Likewise, in 1996 the lovebirds first met in the bar of Chicago named Kincaid. At the time, Daniel worked at a firm called Bell & Howell Firm as an assistant controller. Astonishingly, Greiner's remained united, without even talking about marriage for over 14 years.

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It was Dan who inspired her when Lori started brainstorming ideas for her now-notorious jewelry organizer. Lori described their relationship as the right mix, saying "Daniel is a numbers guy; I’m the inventor. That’s why we’re a perfect team". 

Lori Greiner with Clay Newbill at the Emmy Award Red Carpet
Image: Clay Newbill and Lori Greiner on the Emmy Red carpet before winning for 'Shark Tank'
Source: Youtube

As Lori's business expanded later, Dan left his job for a manufacturing firm as a controller. He then entered Lori's business as the vice president, For Your Ease Only. They have never failed to support each other since then and put the effort into their relationship.

Does the Couple have any Children?

Alright, the pair have lived with each other in Matrimony for over a decade. But till the Greiner's do not welcome any offspring from their intimacy. The real reason for not welcoming any children maybe their busy schedule.

Nevertheless, the two don't hate kids where Lori once revealed in an interview in 2014, "I tell my friends they can leave their babies at my doorstep and I'd be happy to take them in, I love kids." So this long-term married couple could soon be expanding their family.

Thousand Dollars of Net Worth

Lori Greiner's spouse Dan now serves as 'For Your Ease Only.Inc.'s vice president and chief financial officer. But he's certainly making a good fortune. 

The company takes in millions in a year according to Money Inc. Further, he has made numerous appearances alongside Lori on the 'Beyond the Tank' spin-off show.

 Lori Greiner's Hosting the Shark Tank Tonight on ABC
Picture: Lori Greiner's Hosting the Shark Tank Tonight on ABC
Source: Instagram @lorigreinershark

His net worth as of now is valued at more than $5 Million. Here as of 2021, his wife, Lori, maintains $150 million worth. To date, she has invested more than 700 invented products like the Queen of QVC, and also holds 120 patents under her company.

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Therefore, business activities have made annual revenues of more than $870 million. Similarly, her participation in Scrub Daddy was considered one of Shark Tank's history's biggest achievements. She locked in a $200,000 contract for featuring on Shark Tank with Scrub Daddy.

Scrub Daddy Meeting - Beyond The Tank

Shark Tank's other investments include Bantam Bagels, Squatty Potty, Readers, Paint Brush Cover, Drop-Stop, FiberFix  Sleep Styler, and among others, In addition, the pair owns two houses, one near the QVC studio in Philly, and another in Chicago, where they ship their products.

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