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Sun Nov 03 2019
By   Bibek

Other than being famous as the son of Liam Neeson, Daniel Neeson is also a young entrepreneur. His celebrity status attracts many people, especially any rumors regarding his relationship status. 

Due to his famous father, he grabs wide recognition, but he has managed to avoid paparazzi in public places. Despite his avoidance of paparazzi, he is quite open about his relationship status on his Instagram. Do you want to know who the lucky lady is? Then keep reading.

Who is Daniel Dating?

Some of the online tabloids report that the handsome entrepreneur is currently single. But his Instagram profile speaks otherwise. Yes, guys, Daniel is off the market.

He is currently dating a girl named Natalie Ackerman. Scrolling his Instagram, we can say that Neeson started dating Natalie a long time back. The couple has kept the start of their beautiful relationship a secret. 

Daniel Neeson and Natalie Ackerman enjoying a beautiful sunset in Belfast
Image: Daniel Neeson (left) with his girlfriend, Natalie Ackerman (right). 
Source: Instagram @bgdans91

Even though they have not shared any details about the start of their romance, Daniel first posted a picture with Natalie on his Instagram in July 2017. So, taking a reference from that, the couple might've blossomed their romance somewhere at that time. 

Apart from being Daniel's girlfriend, nothing can be found on Natalie as she has kept her social media in a private mode. 

His Father Also Found a New Love

Daniel's father, Liam Neeson, has found love again, seven years after the death of his wife. The Hollywood A-lister was previously married to Natasha Richardson in 1994. Richardson, however, suffered a head injury in 2009 while she was skiing, which caused her death.

Liam Neeson with his late wife Natasha Richardson at an award event
Picture: Liam Neeson (left) with his late wife Natasha Richardson (right). 
Source: People

As of now, seven years after her death, Liam has finally moved on to be in a serious relationship. In an interview with the Irish Independent, he said that he would buy a gift for the "incredibly famous" woman on Valentine's Day.

Neeson did not take her name but gave a hint that she is incredibly famous. The 63-year-old actor was also in a long-distance relationship with a British publicist Freya St. Johnston, from 2010 to 2012. Liam ended an affair with her as he felt it was too soon, and he wanted to spend more time with his kids, but Freya wanted something more serious.

His Eco-Friendly Business

For a celebrity kid, unlike Angel Iris Murphy Brown, he has not been dragged into any controversies or rumors. In an interview, Daniel talked about the stigma that is attached to being a child of a superstar. 

As of now, he is studying at Tulane University and at the same time running his business as well. Neeson has ventured into an eco-friendly company. He is running a clothing business under the name of Pine Outfitters, which manufactures clothes made from eco-friendly materials.

Daniel Neeson clothing store Pine Outfitters in New York
Frame: Daniel Neeson clothing store Pine Outfitters. 
Source: Glamurama

This successful business venture feeds Daniel with a fortune of not less than $500,000. Besides that, Liam also holds a net worth of $85 million, giving Daniel and his big brother Michael Neeson a luxurious lifestyle.

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