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Actor (1986)

Not everyone gets to witness success in the early part of their life. Daniel Sharman is one of those hardworking actors who rose to fame at an early age. He is famous for his roles as Isaac Lahey on the television series Teen Wolf. 

Daniel Sharman was born Daniel Andrew Sharman on April 25, 1986, in Hackney, London, England. Daniel is among the two children born to his parents. He has a brother named Hugh Sharman. He is yet to mention his parent's information to the public. He studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, gaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in acting and graduating with honors.

Is Daniel Dating Someone?

Daniel Sharman seems to be single as of now. He is happy and spending quality time with himself. He does not share a word about his personal life, along with the public. 

Daniel Sharman relationship
Image: Daniel attending a event on his own
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Also, Although He is an active social media user and also has a massive fan following, he is to share his private life. The actor only posts about his work and career-related posts in his account. 

This does not mean that Daniel is single. He could be dating secretly. Sharman is at the peak of his career; He does not want to risk his career with his love life. 

Relationship History of Daniel Sharman

Although, Daniel seems to be single as of now and focusing on his career rather than for his life partner. He is not only famous for his successful career but also famous for his relationships. Teen Wolf actors were linked to several famous actress in Hollywood. 

Daniel's relationship history starts more than a decade ago in the early 2010s. Daniel was in a formal relationship with Crystal Reed. Crystal is also a famous actress. Both of them worked in Teen Wolf. They formally dated in early 2011. 

Daniel Sharman with Crystal Reeds
Image: Daniel along with his former girlfriend, Crystal at a event
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They could be spotted at several events holding hands of each other. Both of them were very much open about their relationship. The love birds were in a romantic relationship up until 2013. 

Daniel Separated with Crystal, and both of them moved apart. The reason for their separation is still a debate to the public. 

Unsuccessful Love Life with Asha Leo

After separating from Crystal, Daniel was seen with Gigi Hadid at several spots. Both of them did not utter a single word about their relationship. Soon, both were on their path. 

Daniel Sharman with Asha Leo
Image: Daniel along with his former girlfriend, Asha Leo
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In early 2015, A rumor of the relationship between Daniel and Asha Leo buzzed in public. This rumor turned into reality. Both of them were in a happy relationship. However, Like that of his first relationship, This also ended with a year. Ever since, Daniel seems to have lost faith in love and is living a single life. 

Net Worth in Millions

Daniel Sharman has an estimated net worth of more than $2 Million. Daniel is yet to give his fans about his exact net worth. He credits most of his net worth to his two-decades-long career in Hollywood. Paapa Essiedu is a famous rising English actor with a net worth of $500,000.

Daniel Sharman net worth
Image: Daniel in his character in the Netflix Series, Medici
Source: Decider

Besides his acting career, he might be earning a decent sum of money from endorsements deals, advertisements, and commercials works. Daniel has acted in more than two dozens films to date. 

He started acting as a child at the age of nine when he auditioned for the Royal Shakespeare Company and was selected from hundreds of other children. Daniel was part of Teen Wolf, along with Caitlin Dechelle.

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