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Sports Broadcaster (1969)
Tue Mar 28 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Daron Sutton

Wife : Carol Wilsey
Daron Sutton is in a material relationship with Carol Wilsey.

The experience of watching sports enhances to another level when you have a good commentary. Sports commentators like Jonathan Legard, Levan Reid, and Daron Sutton are some who are broadcasting at the highest level.

From the 90s, Sutton is providing that experience to millions of sports fans across the globe. Born on October 21, 1969, the commentator is a married man and a wonderful father as well. Let's know more about his personal life.

The Intimate Marriage Ceremony

Emmy-Award winner, Sutton walked down the aisle with Carol Wilsey. Neither Daron nor Wilsey has spilled the beans about their wedding ceremony. As per sources, it looks like the couple is together for a long time now.

Daron Sutton in his press box for Play-by-play voice
Image: Daron Sutton in his Press Box
Source: Alchetron

The bond between the duo is solid and it is reflected in the professional work of Sutton. Not just that, Daron's wife is also very supportive of Sutton's philanthropic work. The duo is blessed with two children and is also a good stepfather to two more daughters.

Father of Four!

From his marriage with Carol, Daron became a father to two kids. Wilsey gave birth to Abbey Sutton and Lilly Sutton, however, the birth date of his child is not disclosed.

In addition to that, Sutton is also a step-father to two daughters. Previously, Carol was in a marital relationship, the details of which is not known. From that union, Wilsey became a mother to Tori and Lexi

Daron loves all of his four children but manages to keep them away from the media. Sutton is active on Twitter but he mostly updates his followers about the latest news on his program Perfect Game.

Daron's Net Worth and Income

He started his career in the media since the 90s. From his long presence in the field, Sutton might've earned mammoth net worth. Even though his exact wealth is not disclosed, according to sources, his net worth might be in millions of dollars.

Don Sutton, Patti Sutton, and their children
Picture: Daron Sutton with his family. 
Source: Players Wiki

After completing his education from the University of California, he joined CNN as the sports editor from 1993-1996. He, furthermore, he became a play-by-play voice for Milwaukee television for sports like Baseball, Basketball, and Football. 

As per Work, the average income for sports commentators per season is more than $1 million. Sutton is a top voice in the sports industry; he must be making somewhere around that money per season. As of now, he develops content for Perfect Game which airs on Fox Sports, MLB Network, CBS Sports Network, and Twitter. 

On the other hand, his father Don's fortune is estimated to be at $20 million. Daron is well settled in his life and enjoys a decent lifestyle, he might still receive some portion off his father's assets.

Sutton's Broadcasting

Daron is the son of Hall of Famer Don Sutton. Sutton is famous is for sports Broadcasting like Chris Fowler but he also played in the minor league previously. Daron's playing experience is short-lived and he quickly moved on to what he knows best.

Daron Sutton with his colleague at the MLB match
Frame: Daron Sutton (left) with his colleague at the MLB match. 
Source: Awful Announcing

In 2002, Daron played as the pitcher for Anaheim Angels in the minor league. And in the subsequent years, he joined Atlanta Braves as the pitcher. During his broadcasting career, Sutton voiced for Arizona Diamondbacks from 2007-12 and Milwaukee Brewers from 2002-06.

Daron's Charity Works

During his career, he did not just gain fame from his broadcasting work. He also contributed to various charity works which gave him a respectable position in society. 

Daron hosted an annual charity golf tournament in Phoenix. The charity at the Phoenix contributed in the Autism Research for Southwest Autism Resource and Research Center. Similarly, he contributes in many other charities too.


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