David Burtka Sexuality: He Came Out As Gay And Is Married To Neil Patrick Harris, Kids And Net Worth

Who can forget the role of the crazy ex-boyfriend Scooter, played by David Burtka, in the show, How I Met Your Mother? He is now half of a famous Hollywood gay couple and very much a gay icon.

After choosing to take a step back from his acting career to focus on a chef degree as well as being a successful house husband and entrepreneur, Burtka seems to have it all.

In this blog post, we will take a look at the brooding and charming man David Burtka's personal life. Also, know more about the top searched topics about him, such as: How did Burtka come out? What is his net worth? And many other things. So read the article till the end.

Personal Details: Is David Burtka Gay? 

The How I Met Your Mother star Burtka has been very open about his sexuality. Personally, he knew ever since he was in his teens that he was a gay man. Thankfully, his family was very supportive of this when he felt comfortable enough to come out to them. 

A picture of David Burtka.
A picture of David Burtka. Source: Cooking Channel 

In a 2013 interview with The Advocate, Burtka states: 

My parents were both really supportive. My mom had an inkling, I think, because I was always very flamboyant as a kid. But when I told her, she just said, 'I love you, and I'm proud of you no matter what.

Burtka was nineteen when he told his folks and he was very happy to get the response he did. He has mentioned that this is not the reality for all queer folks and expressed support for those going through a difficult process.

When Did The Fans Find Out Burtka Was Gay?

Rumors about Burtka being gay started in 2006 after his current partner, Neil Patrick Harris, gave an interview with People's magazine. Neil had publicly come out and Burtka was his rumored partner. Then in 2008, Neil officially introduced Burtka as his partner in The Ellen show after rumors rose that the pair had moved in together in 2007. 

David Burtka with husband, Neil Patrick Harris.
David Burtka with his husband, Neil Patrick Harris. (Source: People)

David Burtka's fame was eclipsed by that of his rumored partner. So the fans were just curious about their idol's romantic partner. Now, he is a beloved figure by the fans.

How Did Burtka 'Officially' Come Out As A Gay?

There are suggestions that Burtka had come out to the public much earlier but that the news did not generate much buzz. He 'officially' came out to the fans as a gay through his partner, Neil Patrick Harris. 

But there is a  public record of his mother's obituary in 2008 where Burtka and Neil's relationship was mentioned. Later it was known that the pair were already engaged back in 2006.

Burtka later discussed his experiences in coming to terms with his sexuality. Also, he told the challenges of being a gay man in the entertainment industry in various podcasts and interviews. He also discussed his partner, Neil Patrick Harris, whom he had been dating for several years, in an exclusive interview with Out Magazine.

As an out and proud gay couple in Hollywood, Burtka and Harris have been praised for changing the stereotypes about gay men. Their relationship is also celebrated for its longevity and commitment. Many fans are inspired by their love and partnership.

Relationship Status: What Is Up With David Burtka's Husband?  

Well, the Le Corden Bleu chef Burtka found his Mr. Right in the Hollywood personality Neil Patrick Harris and they are officially husband and husband. 

David Burtka with husband, Neil Patrick Harris.
David Burtka and his husband, Neil Patrick Harris, in an event. Source: People

This lovely couple, David and Neil, first met in 2004 when Neil saw David hanging with a mutual friend Kate on a street corner. Neil was immediately smitten by the 'James Dean-type guy in a leather jacket,' but David was actually in a long-distance relationship at the time.

When David split with his boyfriend months later, Neil decided to shoot his shot and asked him out just a week later. The rest, as they say, is history. They are a powerful couple and are still in love with each other to this day.

When Did Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka Marry?

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka got married in 2014 in a destination wedding ceremony in Italy. They had previously announced their engagement in 2011 after gay marriage was legalized in America after keeping it a secret for years.

In interviews, Neil and David have spoken about the significance of their marriage and how it has strengthened their relationship. In an interview with People magazine, they spoke very fondly of one another.

I love calling him my husband. It just solidifies the relationship. (Burtka)

 Getting married was an incredible and joyous day for us, and it makes everything feel a bit more real. (Harris)

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka Are Parenting Two Kids 

The celebrity husband, David, and his legal spouse Neil Patrick Harris are proud parents to two children. Their children were born through surrogacy, similar to White Collar actor Matt Bomer.

David Burtka with husband, Neil Patrick Harris with their twins, Harper Grace, and Gideon Scott.
David Burtka with husband, Neil Patrick Harris, with their twins, Harper Grace and Gideon Scott. (Source: People)

Their two children, Harper Grace and Gideon Scott are twins who were born in 2010. Neil is the biological father of one baby and Burtka is of another. Interestingly, they are not aware of the actual parentage.

The family is incomplete without their furry pets. They have three dogs named Spike, Gidget, and Ella. The dogs make regular appearances online through their owner's socials and are very adored pets.

Does Burtka Have More Kids? Is He a Deadbeat?

The 5 ft 10 in chef, Burtka, was once involved with American producer Lane Janger. Mr. Janger has two children, a son named Javin and a daughter named Flynn, born in 2000 through a surrogate. In fact, Butka is rumored to have used the same surrogacy agency to have his 2010 babies.

Burtka has always been a family-oriented man and he was a rumored parent to the children of Mr. Janger. However, when the pair broke up in 2004, Janger was the biological parent and the legal parent.

Burtka is said to have good relations with his ex and made regular visits to Javin and Flynn. But after his marriage to Neil Patrick Harris, rumors soon rose that his older twins took a backseat to his younger children, and he did not visit for a long time.

What Is The Net Worth Of David Burtka?  

David Burtka's net worth is about $4 million. He earned that money from his acting career and various cooking projects, including a cookbook.

Burtka's riches are eclipsed by that of his spouse, Neil Patrick Harris, who is worth about $55 million. Harris is a success story as an actor, host, producer, and singer. On top of that, the pair have real estate holdings together and in 2022, they sold their Harlem townhouse for millions.


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