Yes, Matt Bomer Is Gay & Is Married To Simon Halls, Know His Net Worth & Personal Life

The breakout star in the hit TV series White Collar is definitely Matt Bomer, who brought levels of suaveness and panache to the role of the charming con artist Neal Caffrey. He is an American actor who has won multiple awards and accolades for his acting career and is well-known for projects such as The Normal Heart, Magic Mike, and NBC's Chuck.

Matt has been very appreciated by the audiences for his stunning looks and status as a sex symbol. Furthermore, he is in high demand for multiple projects for leading roles and cameos.

In this blog post, we will take a look at Matt's personal life. Also, know more about the top searched topics about him, such as: Is Matt Bomer Gay?, What is his net worth? And many other things. So read the article till the end.

Personal Details: Is Matt Bomer Gay?

The Papi Chulo star Matt has been very open about his sexuality. He knew ever since he was in high school that he was a gay man and has dated men. However, as his family was highly religious and non-accepting, he hid this from his parents. In an interview with the Guardian, Matt states:

I (knew) did once I reached my early teens. But I was also part of a very religious family living in a hyper-conservative environment in the bible belt in Texas so it became a bifurcated experience for me.

Matt Bomer in a Ralph Lauren outfit.
Matt Bomer in a Ralph Lauren outfit. Source: GQ

Matt decided to come out to his parents in a letter once he was an adult. He went on to face six months of silence from them. Eventually, they had a raging argument about it, but several years later, his parents eventually accepted him for who he is, gay and all.

When Did The Fans Find Out Matt Was Gay?

Fans only came to know about Matt being gay in 2012 when he received the Steve Chase Humanitarian Award from the Desert AIDS Project. He thanked his partner and children for their unconditional love on stage in his acceptance speech.

Later, Matt said that while he has not shouted out this fact from the mountaintops, he has never hidden the fact that he was gay in Hollywood. He was not even aware that he was 'coming out.'

Relationship Status: Who Is Matt Bomer's Husband? 

Well, the Golden Globe winner Matt found his Mr. Right in the Hollywood Publicist Simon Halls. This lovely couple first met when Matt hired Simon to be his publicist, and sparks flew. They got together pretty soon but chose not to work together professionally.

Matt and Simon got married in 2011 in a private ceremony and their relationship was revealed in 2012. They often share their affection and happiness in Matt's socials. 

Matt Bomer with husband Simon Halls.
Matt Bomer with his husband Simon Halls. Source: US Magazine

Many fans were happy for the couple, but some were sad to know that their favorite star Matt was no longer single. In the same thread, English actor Jake Maskall is also openly gay and has a private relationship with a longtime boyfriend.

According to reports, the blissful pair Matt and Simon are thrilled that they tied the knot. They take great pride in their family and in the life they have built and they have been together for more than fifteen years. In an interview with Out magazine, Matt said:

There‚Äôs a level of love that really dissolves a lot of egotism and self-absorption. 

Matt Bomer And Simon Halls Is Parenting Three Kids

The Boys in the Band star Matt and his husband Simon are proud parents to three boys. Their children were born through surrogacy, similar to Charlie's Angels actress Lucy Liu

Matt Bomer with his husband, Simon Wells, and their kids.
Matt Bomer with his husband, Simon Wells, and their kids. Source: Twitter @MattBomer

The oldest boy, Kit Bomer Halls, was born in 2005. Interestingly, their other two kids Walker Halls and Henry Bomer Halls, are twins who were born in 2008. The family also comprises their pet dog, Stella.

The lovely pair Matt and Simoin are great parents and focus on proper communication with their babies. In fact, in 2019, Matt told the public that their oldest boy, Kit, 'came out as straight' to his family. The family response was adorable as he was welcomed with open arms.

What Is The Net Worth Of Matt Bomer? 

John Bomer's son, Bomer has an estimated net worth of about $10 million. He earned that money from his active acting career, his modeling stints, and his endorsements.

Matt Bomer wearing glasses.
Matt Bomer wearing glasses. Source: Page Six

Matt's riches are slightly more than that of his spouse, Simon Halls, who is worth about $4 million. Simon is a success story as the founder of SLATE PR, one of the leading PR agencies in Los Angeles.

Matt Once Bust Out His Magic Mike Moves At His Sister's Wedding

The 5 ft 11 in star, Matt once brought his sexy moves to the dance floor. He was dancing at his sister Megan Bomer's wedding and found himself channeling his stripper character Ken. 

The incident was hilarious as Matt's cousins were surprised and asked him to tone it down. It was a family event and after realizing what he was doing, Matt broke out in giggles.


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