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David Goggins Wife Aleeza Goggins Married Life

Cooper Published On Thu Nov 21 2019   Modified On Thu Dec 12 2019
David Goggins Wife Aleeza Goggins Married Life

Suffering is the true test of life, and David Goggins has indeed embodied this statement in his life. The former Navy Seal holds the record for the most pull-ups in 24 hours. After the world record, his popularity soared into new heights.

In addition to this, David also serves as the motivational speaker and has managed to inspire many people. Millions of people across the globe follow him and his sayings. As much as they know about his professional life, his marital life with Aleeza Goggins is a total mystery. In this article, let's try to understand more about his marital status.

Is David Married to Aleeza?

According to many online tabloids, David secretly walked down the aisle with Aleeza in 2010. As per reports, Aleeza is a professional nurse, and the couple was living together for a long time. Aleeza moved from Japan to fulfill her dreams in the USA. 

David Goggins and his partner Aleeza Goggins
Image: David Goggins (left) and Aleeza Goggins (right). 
Source: Married Biography

There are reports claiming the pairs' wedding. Neither David nor Aleeza has confirmed anything regarding their married life. In some interviews, Aleeza has talked about David and how she's worried about him. 

He is self-motivated and always puts himself in pain to achieve his goals. Aleeza says he wakes up in the morning and is very angry that he has gone through all the suffering. So' this can suggest that the pair might be living together.

Apart from this, there are no pieces of evidence to tell precisely that the pair are legally married. Scrolling through David's social media, we can't find any picture where he is wearing his wedding ring. The divorce can still be the possibility of them not living together.

They filed for Divorce in Mutual Understanding

The couple is no longer together. David and Aleeza parted ways with each other in 2012 but are still in good terms. In an interview, David said, the lack of physical intimacy between them made their relationship worse.

David Goggins and his partner Aleeza Goggins at the gym working out
Picture: David Goggins (left) and Aleeza Goggins (right). 
Source: Pinterest

In addition to that, at the same time, David went through surgery because of an accident. Not just that, their house was burglarized, which took a toll on their relationship. The couple even went to the marriage counselor to save their relationship but all in vain.

In 2012, Aleeza's visa got expired, and she had to travel back to Japan. That was the time when the duo decided to part ways with each other on mutual understanding. But we cannot say they filed for divorce with each other as there is no evidence of marriage. 

David Goggins in an interview with Tom Bilyeu
Frame: David Goggins (left) and Tom Bilyeu (right). 
Source: Just Richest

They were living together probably, and now they've parted ways because of problems in their relationship. There is also a rumor about David cheating on Aleeza, but nothing can is confirmed as of now.

Do they share any children?

As far as we can tell, David and Aleeza do not share any children. The couple stayed intact in a romantic relationship for an extended period, but they never planned for any kids.

Not just that, in any of the social media platforms and interviews, David has confirmed anything about his offsprings. Both of them are still single and might plan for the baby after they find a perfect partner for each other.


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