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Fri Mar 20 2020
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Multi-talented singer, songwriter, actress, and model Deborah Ann Harry is one of the prominent stars! Debbie Harry made many songs that charted top in the UK and US since 1979. Harry is also known as the lead singer of the band named Blondie. 

Debbie was born as Angela Trimble on 1st July 1945, in Florida, the United States of America, where another singer Sarah Grace was born. Born to her American parents, she is of White ethnicity and holds an American nationality. 

Debbie Harry previously dated her band member Chris Stein

In the early days of her career, Debbie Harry was dating her band member Chris Stein. Stein played as a lead guitarist. Debbie, moreover, admits to being a drug user when she was in a relationship with Chris. 

Debbie posing with her former boyfriend Chris Stein
Debbie and her ex-boyfriend Chris

However, both of them are as clean as of now. After dating for a few years, Debbie and Chris decided to split in 1989 without leaving any reason behind. Additionally, Harry is the godmother of Chris's two daughters. 

Debbie was once assaulted during a Burglary

During an interview in 2014, Debbie Harry disclosed that she was in a relationship with a few women in her past life. However, there is no information on whether the singer is still dating women. 

In October 2019, Debbie published a book titled Face It in her memoir, where Harry describes that she was raped during a burglary of the house, which she shared with Chris Stein (ex-boyfriend). 

During an interview in 1989 and 2010, Debbie stated that she was lured -into a car that was driven by serial killer Ted Bundy in New York City and later escaped. 

Following the statements, said the driver could not be Bundy as there is no record that Ted was in New York during the time. 

Debbie was adopted at the age of three months

Born as Angela Trimble in Florida, a multi-talented singer and actress was adopted when she was only three months old. She was taken by her second parents Richard Harry and his wife, Catherine Harry. 

Deborah Ann Harry's birth parents
Debbie's birth parents

Richard and his spouse are gift shop properties in New Jersey. When Harry was four years old, she came to know about her adoption and went to her birth mother, who was a concert pianist. 

Unfortunately, Debbie's birth mother did not want to maintain a relationship with her as she recalled being a tomboy and spent her childhood playing in the woods, in her memoir.

How Much Net Worth Does Debbie Harry Accumulate?

Multi-talented singer, songwriter, and actress Debbie has a staggering net worth of $22 million. It is more than another singer, Justin Jeffre

Harry has been in this field for 56 years with numerous songs and appearances, which adds up to her current net worth.

Not to mention, Harry is also involved in charity work after witnessing Elton John and his endless efforts against HIV/AIDS. Debbie said she was deeply inspired to make philanthropy her number one priority. 

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