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Sun May 21 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Derek Tisdelle

Wife : Michelle Morgan
Derek Tisdelle married Michelle Morgan in 2012.

Derek Tisdelle is the husband of actress, director, and producer Michelle Morgan. You probably know her as Samantha Louise 'Lou' Fleming from the long-running TV show Heartland. Her other works include Diary of the Dead, Stargate: Atlantis, and Mi Madre, My Father.

Tisdelle and Morgan are the parents of two daughters, Mara Carmen Tisdelle and Celeste Tisdelle, and a son, Noah Santiago Tisdelle. Morgan has an estimated net worth of $3 Million. Let's learn a bit about Morgan's husband.

Who Is Michelle Morgan Married To In Real Life?

Derek Tisdelle is the man whom Michelle Morgan calls her husband. The two walked down the aisle on June 30, 2012. They first crossed paths in a supermarket in Canada. They have been together since.

Derek Tisdelle is wearing a spec and Michelle Morgan is wearing a cap as they are taking a selfie.
Derek Tisdelle with his wife, Michelle Morgan (Source: Michelle Morgan Instagram @michellemorgan_)

Tisdelle and Morgan have also been the victims of the rumor in the past. They were rumored to have parted ways from their marriage. But, it was never confirmed that they divorced. 

Since Tisdelle and his wife, Morgan, are private people, details about their marriage life are still behind the curtains. It seems that they don't want media interference with their married life.

What Are Derek Tisdelle And Michelle Morgan's Net Worth?

Derek Tisdelle is speculated to have an estimated net worth of $1 Million. He has hardly provided any information about himself to the media, including his net worth. But one thing that is known is that he works as an investor and a producer. So, this is one of his biggest sources of income.

Tisdelle's wife, Michelle Morgan, has an estimated net worth of $2 Million where another celebrity, Garett Hawe has $3 million. She makes money through acting and Heartland is easily her most successful work. She has been associated with the show since 2007. According to Rotten Tomatoes, her film Diary of the Dead made a box office collection of $952,600.

Shares Three Kids With Michelle Morgan

Tisdelle's long relationship with Morgan has made him the father of three kids. He shares two daughters and a son with Mi Madre, My Father actress. Mara Carmen Tisdelle and Celeste Tisdelle are his two daughters, whereas Noah Santiago Tisdelle is his son.

Mara is the oldest of the three and she was born on April 1, 2011, around a year before her parents tied the knot. Then came her son, Noah, born on September 30, 2015. And the daughter Celeste is the youngest one, born in July 2022.

Michelle Morgan is carrying Celeste Tisdelle in her arm.
Derek Tisdelle's youngest child, Celeste Tisdelle (Source: Michelle Morgan Instagram @michellemorgan_)

Giving birth to Mara also changed the lifestyle of the Stargate: Atlantis actress as her priorities changed. In an interview with Life's a Blog, they had hired a nanny to take care of their daughter as they would go out on a date now and then. Mara also looks more like her father, Tisdelle.

Tisdelle's daughter, Celeste, whom Morgan calls Cece, has also acted in Heartland. She played Rick and Carl's adopted daughter in one of the episodes. 

Tisdelle's Parents-In-Law Are From Chile

Tisdelle's wife, Morgan, may be raised in Canada, but she has Latina genes running in her body. Thanks to her parents, who are from Chile. The Batwoman actress has talked about it in one of her Insta posts, where she posted headshots showing her Latina side.

The identity of Tisdelle's parents-in-law remains to be discovered. But it is known that Morgan's father's job led to the family shifting to different locations when she was a kid. 

The Death of Morgan's Heartland Co-star, Robert Cormier

Heartland is a fantastic show, and Tisdelle's wife, Morgan, has been part of the show for a long time. She has created many amazing memories with the show. But, a memory she would like to forget is the death of her co-star, Robert Cormier. He lost his life on September 23, 2022, during treatment following the accident.

Robert Cormier has his hands folded as he and Michelle Morgan are looking at something.
Derek Tisdell's wife, Michelle Morgan, and Robert Cormier (Source: Michelle Morgan Instagram @michellemorgan_)

NBC News reports that Cormier lost his life at the age of thirty-three. Morgan posted a heartfelt message for her co-star in her Instagram post. She wrote he had more stories to tell and, in the end, said Rest In Peace.

Morgan's Love For Cat Annoys Tisdelle

Deep Six actress Morgan loves furry animals and is obsessed with cats which is a bit annoying for her husband, Derek Tisdelle. He thinks that she is turning into a cat lady. She loves rescuing animals and has brought a lot of cats into the house.

Tisdelle's wife shared this story on her Instagram, where she brought up the incident of bringing three cats at home. These cats were brought in to help them find homes. She just loved playing and taking care of cats all the time. This is why her husband called her a cat lady.

Who Is Tisdelle's Wife, Michelle Morgan?

Michelle Morgan is a Canadian actress, writer, and director. She is known for her character of Samantha Louise 'Lou' Fleming in the long-running show Heartland. She has been part of the show since 2007. The show's audience isn't a massive fan of her character, which shows she is good at her job. The show also includes actors Nathaniel Arcand and Shaun Johnston.

Morgan fell in love with acting at a very young age, thanks to her school. She also developed her acting skills at the University of Toronto by studying Theatre and Classical Literature. Her hard work eventually gave her her first job in the form of a film, Diary of the Dead. Since then, she has done numerous jobs but Heartland remains her most famous work.

Tisdelle's wife hasn't just limited herself to acting as she is a director and a producer as well. She has produced short films like The Impostors, Palki, Mi Madre, My Father, and Save Yourself. The actress has also directed Save Yourself, Mi Madre, My Father, and Hudson. Morgan has also directed two episodes of her long-running show, Heartland.

Is Tisdelle On Social Media?

Derek Tisdelle lives a tranquil life and is absent from the internet. He is not available on any form of social media. But his wife, Morgan, does post about him now and then on her Instagram. Her Insta page is @michellemorgan_.

Morgan has hardly posted about her husband. You will rarely find any pictures of him if you scroll through her Instagram. The few pictures she does have are mostly birthday wishes. So, it's safe to assume, Tisdelle prefers living a private life, despite being married to an actress.


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