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Thu May 26 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Desiree Jacqueline Guerzon

Husband : Kevin Plank
Desiree Jacqueline Guerzon and Kevin Plank took the weeding vows on 2003.

Have you ever heard of Kevin Plank? He is one of the most successful businessmen, who founded a superior sporting brand, Under Armour. Alongside Kevin, his wife, Desiree Jacqueline Guerzon, aka D.J., has also found a lot of fame.

Guerzon was born in the United States of America, and her parents are the natives of Potomac, a census-designated place in Montgomery County, Maryland. She belongs from a white ethnic background. To know more about Guerzon's personal life, read along.

Desiree's Married Life with Kevin 

Guerzon and her spouse, Kevin Plank are enjoying the happiest moments in their happy marital relationship. The duo walked down the aisle in 2003, where the pairs' friends and family members accompanied them.

Desiree Jacqueline Guerzon with her husband, Kevin Plank at the Children's 26th Annual Fight Night program
Photo: Desiree Jacqueline Guerzon and her spouse, Kevin Plank, at the Washington Hilton on 5th November 2015 in Washington, DC. 
Source: Getty Images

The couple first met each other when they were at the Holton-Arms School. They studied as classmates until their graduation before joining the same college. At the college, Plank asked Guerzon out on a date that marks the start of their relationship.

Blessed with Two Adorable Children

The married pair are the parents of two lovely kids. Their first child, Kevin James Plank was born on August 2003. As of 2019, Kevin is sixteen-years-old and not just that, he is playing football for his high school team. 

Kevin Plank with his children who are in red t-shirts
Photo: Kevin Plank (left) with his children, Kevin James Plank and Katherine Plank (wearing red t-shirts) and their friends on 16th June 2019. 
Source: Instagram @kevinplank96

Similarly, their second child, Katherine Plank graced the duo's life in the late-2000s. The lovely pair are together for one and a half-decade now. They share a delightful bond, and in fact, the duo celebrated their sixteenth marriage anniversary recently. 

Her husband, Kevin's Extra Marital Affair with Stephanie Ruhle

Desiree's spouse, Kevin, was involved in a alleged romantic affair with former MSNBC host, Stephanie Ruhle. As per the Daily Mail, the duo was secretly dating before Plank's employees at Under Armour suspected the relationship.

The pair had their first encounter while traveling on Kevin's private jet, where Ruhle was a guest. During that time, they discussed several business projects and financial matters. Under Armour, employees suspected the affair after reading the company emails. 

Kevin Plank and Stephanie Ruhle were involved in a secret affair
Photo: Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank and Stephanie Ruhle had an alleged extramarital relationship. 
Source: Shape Magazine

It also said that Kevin misused company funds in his affair with Ruhle. Plank, however, denied all the allegations and stated that the spending with Stephanie came from his pocket. Later it was revealed that Stephanie made a great effort to increase the share of Kevin's company. 

The shares of the company were increased by 1% in pre-market trading. Ruhle's contribution to the company share became visible during market trading. As per reports, the alleged affair does not seem to hold.

Total Fortune of Desiree's Husband, Kevin - $1.8 Billion

Guerzon's spouse, Kevin, maintains a net worth of $1.8 Billion as of 2019. His revenue generates from the success of his brand, Under Armour. According to The Balances MB, the average salary of a business person in the United States is $59,000 annually. So, Kevin's income might be similar to an American entrepreneur.

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Other than that, as the executive of the company, he might be receiving a profit percentage. The cut in the profit has helped him to garner such a fortune. As of now, the revenue of his company ranges from $2 Billion to $5 Billion per year. Just like him, Richard Giannotti and Rachel Frederickson are also successful businesspersons.

Desiree's professional career is not revealed; she might or might not be working. She is living a luxurious lifestyle with her family.  

Listed a Luxurious Rooftop on Sale

Desiree's husband, Plank, sold their Georgetown, Washington estate, for $29.5 Million in 2018. Previously, Kevin purchased the accommodation at $24.5 Million in 2013 from a fashion designer, Patrick Sutton.

Kevin Plank listed his Georgetown estate on sale
Image: Desiree Jacqueline Guerzon's husband, Kevin Plank, sold out his Georgetown house. 
Source: Wbal-Tv

Their former house was built in 1810 in the total area of 12,000 square feet. Inside the house, there are eight bedrooms, eight full and four half bathrooms, a designated kitchen, a bar, a fitness gym, and a swimming pool at the backside of the residence.

Philanthropic Works

Kevin not just have a big bank balance but also has a bigger heart. He is serving the needy people by being associated with many charities. His wife Guerzon, stands by his side, accompanying him in his excellent work.

In 2016, he raised $1 Million for The Cupid Foundation to help the individuals who are jobless in Cherry Hill, Baltimore. He, furthermore, donated $5 Million to establish the UA House in East Baltimore.

In addition to that, Plank donated $25 Million to the University of Maryland to build a sports complex for athletics. Not just to the University, he also showed his appreciation to his high school by donating $16 million.

Kevin Plank raised $5 Million to build the UA House
Photo: Desiree Jacqueline Guerzon helped the East Baltimore community to build the UA House. 
Source: Instagram @kevinplank96

In his long list of Philanthropic work, the businessman added another excellent job. His donation of $1 million to the Catholic School in 2016 to initiate athletics also showcases his big heart.

Desiree's Husband Steps Down as the CEO 

According to the latest reports by CNBC, Kevin hands over the reins of his company to Patrik Frisk. Patrik previously served as the COO in the same company. The main reason for the step down is the difficulty in growing the business.

In an announcement, Plank said that he will still be the brand executive and will work closely with Patrik. Frisk will report to him, but Plank will no run the day-to-day operation. Due to severe competition from other brands like Nike and Adidas, the growth of the company came into question.

For a long time now, names like Stephen Curry and Dwayne Johnson have stood as the face for the big brand.

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