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Mon Feb 13 2023
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Dieter Huppenkothen is the father of one of the most famous faces of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. If you have already started guessing, then no, I am not talking about James Rodriguez, who became a household name after the tournament. I am talking about the Mexican TV Presenter Vanessa Huppenkothen.

The Greman was born in Duisberg and used to be a professional footballer back in the day. In this article, we will try to provide some information on the father of the famous Mexican presenter.

Married To A Mexican

Dieter Huppenkothen is living a successful married life. He is married to a woman from Mexico. His wife prefers living a private life as little information about her is available. But you will find a few pictures of her on her daughter, Vanessa's Instagram. 

A while back, Dieter's daughter uploaded a photo of her mother with the caption:

Happy day monkey! I'm so lucky to have a mom like you! I love you

Vanessa Huppenkothen with her Mother
Vanessa Huppenkothen with her Mother (Source: Instagram @vanehupp)

How Wealthy Is Dieter Huppenkothen's Daughter?

As of now, Dieter is a retired footballer. There isn't much information on his playing career and the money he made. Even most of his wife's information remains undisclosed, including her wealth. However, his daughter Vanessa Huppenkothen is a massive name in the TV world with her wealth accumulation of $1 million.

The TV Presenter works on one of the biggest sports channels, i.e., ESPN. Besides her work, she is also a model and has modeled for numerous magazines, including Esquire. All of which have added to her growing wealth.

Little Info On His Daughter Vanessa Huppenkothen:

Vanessa Huppenkothen is a TV Presenter at ESPN. She was born on July 24, 1984, in Mexico City, Mexico. She gained fame at the 2014 FIFA World Cup when everyone who saw her on their television praised her for her beauty. 

Within a short time, Vanessa became famous as the "Mexican Presenter" as she always wore the Mexican national team jersey representing her mother's roots.

She is wearing a colorful hat in the selfie.
Dieter Huppenkothen's daughter Vanessa Huppenkothen enjoying at a beach (Source: Instagram @vanehupp)

Her Journalism in sports is not limited to football, as she has previously covered the 2008 edition of the Olympics in Beijing, China. She has been working for ESPN since 2016 and is known for bringing in a lot of viewers to the network.

Dieter's Daughter Has Been The Victim Of Sexism

Vanessa shocked her fans when she said the reason she quit working for her previous channel Televisa. The reason she revealed it was disturbing. She said that she was treated as an object by the company.

The Mexican personality is one of the most sought-after TV Presenters today, with the Sports Centre host currently working on ESPN. She talked about the horrible work environment in her previous company in an interview with La Sage, where she said:

I did things that I should have and I regret it. For example, the bets where you had to appear in bikini, and well, I think they used you as an object and the truth is that you're not. I wanted to show that I had knowledge and I knew about sports.I wasn't comfortable anymore and I left Televisa. There were a couple of networks that seeked me out, but it had always been my dream to work at ESPN, the sports mecca. I know about sports, I love them, I'm passionate about them, I study them, I read about them

Dieter Is A Supporter of FC Schalke 04

Money is not why Vanessa has not worked as a sports presenter for such a long time. She is a massive fan of football as well. She is a supporter of one of the giants of German football and one team from the daddy of derbies, FC Schalke 04 (the club Younes Belhanda has previously played for).

She is at the stadium entrance with her hands wide open.
Dieter Huppenkothen's daughter Vanessa Huppenkothen in a FC Schalke 04 Jersey (Source: Twitter @s04)

Her love for Schalke didn't just happen. She has revealed that it was her father, Dieter, that got her love the Borussia Dortmund's bitter rivals. In an interview with BILD, she said:

My father was born in Duisburg. He's been a Schalke fan since he was little - and he made me a Schalke fan too. I always went to the Parkstadion and that's where my love for my team comes from.

Vanessa Weight Issue

Dieter Huppenkothen's daughter became the talk of the internet for the wrong reasons. When Vanessa uploaded a picture of her, people noticed one thing, her weight. Many of her fans got worried looking at the picture. 

They were worried she looked thin enough to make everyone think she wasn't healthy. Many speculated that she was suffering from an eating disorder. It divided people on the internet. People were sympathetic toward her and wished her well. Vanessa never confirmed if she was suffering or not. 

Dieter Huppenkothen's Daughter Vanessa & Cristiano Ronaldo Affair Rumors:

Not long after Ronaldo's relationship with arguably his most famous girlfriend, Olga Shaykhlislamova's daughter Irina Shayk, ended, Vanessa found herself in one of the most significant relationship rumors in the sports world. The rumor was that she and the famous Portuguese were dating.

They are posing for the camera dressed in all black.
Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk at the Ballon D'or ceremony (Source: Presse-Agentur Dukas/REX)

The popular rumor started after Vanessa visited Spain when Ronaldo was moving on from Irina. Vanessa, however, was very quick to shut down all the stories as she confirmed they weren't a thing through her Twitter (@vanehupp). She wrote:

I don’t have the pleasure of knowing the current Ballon d’Or holder.

The Time His Daughter Beefed With Andrés Vaca

Vanessa has headlined the news on numerous occasions. She did the same when she had a verbal fight with Andrés Vaca. Andrés, a famous commentator, remarked people not performing well on the job in his speech:

Companies hire people to perform, not to learn. I think.

Vanessa called him out with the following:

We all come to our work to learn… When you came to Televisa you were not even close to what you are now.

Dieter Huppenkothen Daughter Vanessa's Relationship Status

It looks like Vanessa Huppenkothen finally found the love of her life after her previous marriage with Juan Fernández Recamier didn't work. She is now the wife of Fernando Gutiérrez Barrios Girón.

The two just got married this year, i.e., 2022. The Mexican presenter announced her relationship status through her Insta, where she uploaded a short clip of her and her newlywed husband dancing on the stage as people around are seen cheering for them.

There isn't much known about her husband, Fernando, but it is believed he works at GUTIÉRREZ F STUDIO. It is a wedding planning service company. 

Vanessa was previously in a relationship with Juan. The now-divorced couple tied the knot on April 30, 2011. Things ended quickly between the two as the marriage lasted only two years, till 2013.

Is Dieter Huppenkothen on Instagram?

The former footballer Dieter is enjoying his retirement and doesn't want to share his life moments with strangers on the internet. Hence, you won't find him on social media. 

However, his daughter Vanessa works in front of the camera. So, she probably has no problem sharing her life events with the world. Her Instagram page is @vanehupp. The presenter has shared pictures of her father now and then on her Insta page. 


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