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Relationship Timeline Of Dina Korzun

Husband : Louis Franck
Dina Korzun Married To Louis Franck In 2001.
Ex-wife :
Dina Korzun married to second wife Aleksey Zuev on 1993 and divorce on 1997.
Ex-wife : Ansar Khalilunin
Dina Korzun married to Ansar Khalilunin on 1990 and separated 1992.

Dina Korzun is a famous Russian theater and film actress. Dina came to limelight after appearing in few British Series. In season three of distinguished British Crime Drama Television Series, Peaky Blinders, Dina was part of the Series as Grand Duchess Izabella.

Dina Korzun was born as Dianna Aleksandrovna "Dina" Korzun on April 13, 1971, in Smolensk, Russia. As Dina did not come from a reputed family or started her career early, there is not much information about her early life and parents to the media.

Dina has been married Thrice in her life

Dina is a married woman. As of now, she is in her third marriage. Dina tied her knot with Ansar Khalilunin in 1990. Ansar is not such a well-known figure in the media. Any piece of their wedding is a gem to the press. 

Actress Dina Korzun is also a social activist.
Image: Actress, Dina Korzun is a social activist and is a mother of children

Soon after the marriage, the couple was blessed with a son, Timur. Timur was born in 1990. However, this relationship did not seem to work, and the couple filed a case for divorce and separated in 1992. The reason is not known to the public.

Soon after her settlement of divorce, The actress tied her knot with Aleksey Zuev. Much about this wedding is still a mystery to the media. Similar to the previous relationship, this relationship also did not last long. The couple filed a case for divorce after being married for almost four years in 1997. 

Dina's Third Marriage

Dina remained single for some next years. She then started to focus on building her career. She made her debut on the screen with a small role in 1998 with a film, Country of Deaf. She married her third husband, Louis Frank, in 2001.

Dina Frank and Louis Frank in a photo
Image: Dina Korzun along with her husband, Louis Frank
Source: Instagram @dinakorzunofficial

Louis is a director and writer. He has not become able to gather much attention of the people with his work. The couple is living a happy and blissful life. Following the posts of Dina on her personal Instagram, we can see that she is very much satisfied with her family.

More to that, she seems to have two daughters from her third marriage. The family of four keep going to various famous holiday destinations. She is very much engaged with social programs. 

Net Worth and Salary of Dina Korzun

Dina Korzun has an estimated net worth of $1 Million which is similar to American television star and news correspondent,Joy Reid. She has been in the Entertainment Industry for more than two decades. Although she started her career from theater and moved to Series and films, in recent days, there is not much of her appearance after appearing on Peaky Blinders with Harry Kirton  in 2017. 

Dina Korzun in a theater
Image: Theater Actress, Dina Korzun shares a photo of her acting in a Theater
Source: Instagram @dinakorzunofficial

The average salary in Russia of a actress is about $52,000 as Dina worked with few hit series she earned a heft sum through them. More to that, in 2006, she co-founded a charity foundation to help children suffering from ontological and hematological diseases. As of now, she seems to be appearing in few theater shows in her hometown. 

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