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Attorney (1978)
Tue Jul 11 2023
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Dinesh Melwani is best known as the real Indian dad. As of now, he is serving as a transactional attorney in Mintz International practice since 2018. Similarly, he is a professional adviser who works with international clients on a variety of corporate issues. 

Melwani's fame also comes from his wife Sheena Melwani, a singer & a creative YouTuber. His wife has won the Short Form Streamy Awards winner. 

Married Life of Dinesh Melwani as Sheena Melwani Husband   

As mentioned above, Dinesh Melwani is married to Sheena Melwani, a singer. Their wedding ceremony was kept low-key to avoid any social attention. Interestingly, both of them are Canadian and might have met in Canada. 

The popular duo Dinesh Melwani and Sheena Melwani
The popular duo Dinesh Melwani and Sheena Melwani. Source: InvestRecords

As of now, the married pair Dinesh and Sheena have a daughter Zara Melwani and a son. Both of them prefer to keep their children out of the spotlight so they can grow up without the outer pressure of being celebrity kids.

When Did Sheena & Dinesh Come Out As A Couple?

Dinesh's first revealed the identity of Sheena on his Instagram handle in 2021, Feb 4. After announcing their relationship socially, the duo appeared on each other Instagram continuously.

Sheena Melwani Husband, Dinesh Melwani, took pictures with his wife and children.
Sheena Melwani Husband, Dinesh Melwani, took pictures with his wife and children. Source: Instagram

Not only on Instagram, but Sheena Melwani's husband Dinesh also made his appearance in Sheena TitkTok's video which went viral. The viral videos show the appearance of The real Indian dad interrupting Sheena while singing.

After that, The real Indian dad becomes the hot topic on Sheena's handle. The video gained so much recognization, she also mentioned it on her YouTube video. As per Sheena, Dinesh made the first move and it made him so attractive and could not resist him.

How Much Is Dinesh Melwani Net Worth?

Sheena Melwani husband, Dinesh Melwani, has a net worth of more than $4 million just like Doug Hutchison. All these assets are generated from his profession.

 Dinesh Melwani and his working team of Mintz International Pract.
 Dinesh Melwani and his working team of Mintz International Pract. Source: Mintz

Dinesh is also the Co-chair of Mintz International Practice. Likewise, Mintz generates gross revenue of $588.5 million.

Despite his job in Mintz, Dinesh is also a guest lecturer at MIT's Sloan School of Management and The Capital Network. All of these accomplishments let him have a decent amount of revenue generated, enough to maintain a luxurious life.

Dinesh Melwani's Physical Appearance

Dinesh Melwani's height is 5 feet 7 inches (179 cm) just like Emmanuel Hostin. His body weight is about 65kg (143 lbs).

Dinesh despite being in his forties has a fine physical body. He has black hair. He is often seen in the beard. 

What About Dinesh Melfwani Family?

The famous couple Dinesh and Sheena is parenting two children. But for privacy reasons, they didn't want to disclose any further details about their kids. 

Dinesh Melwani & Sheena Melwani with their children
Dinesh Melwani & Sheena Melwani with their children. Source: Instagram 

The family is living a happy life and spending time together. Despite his busy schedule at work, Dinesh recently went to Universal Orlando Resort with his family.

Dinesh Has Multiple Degrees 

Born on June 30, 1978, Dinesh Mewani is from Maharashtra, Mumbai, India, which is also his birthplace. Although, he was born in India but relocated to Canada to live and study.

Sheena Melwani Husband, Dinesh Melwani, and his wife took a picture celebrating Sheena's Streamy Awards win.
Sheena Melwani Husband, Dinesh Melwani, and his wife took a picture celebrating Sheena's Streamy Awards win. Source: Instagram

In 2005, Dinesh graduated from McGill University with an LLB (Bachelor of Legislative Law) and BCL (Bachelor of Civil Law). In order to gain more knowledge, he also became an attorney at Bingham McCutchen LLP. In addition, he completed his Bachelor of Arts from Concordia University. 

Dinesh is one of the most talented people, pursuing several academic degrees when compared to any other person. He eventually became a Canadian citizen after completing a number of degrees at the time.

Why Is Dinesh Mewani Called As "The Real Indian Dad"?

People knew Dinesh as the real Indian dad due to his Instagram handle where he appears in an Indian guy emoji avatar. He steamed up his fame as the unknown Indian man appeared with the singer Sheena.

 Dinesh Mewani appeared as therealindiandad with Sheena Melwani.'
 Dinesh Melwani and Sheena Melwani apperaed on Instagram as a couple. Source: Instagram 

After sharing it publically, Dinesh began to make his presence in an Indian emoji avatar continuously on Sheena's Instagram and Tiktok posts.

Dinesh's Career Glimpse

For making the profile as a transactional attorney, Dinesh started his career while studying. Making, his career path while studying gave him both experience and skills to be successful.  

Dinesh worked for a law firm for nearly nine years as a corporate partner for an international firm called Morgan. His collection of knowledge led him to be the second in command of Mintz company in 2018 on Feb

Before joining Mintz company, Dinesh was in Mitsui & Co. LTD. Admired by many people for his expertise he won numerous awards for his work. 

Dinesh is a multi-talented man who balances work and his identity as a social influencer. As one of the reputed employees in the company, Mintz devoted wholly page to him only.

The Face Of The Real Indian Dad Revealed BY Sheena

The suspense about the identity of the real Indian dad was going on social media until July 3, 2022. On that day, Sheena showed her fans who was the person behind the emoji avatar in a YouTube video.

The video Sheena posted was entirely dedicated to her original song and face reveal.

Awards & Accolades Of Dinesh 

Dinesh has an impressive career history with several academic degrees. He was recommended by The Legal five hundred United States For Financial and Project Finance in 2017.

In mid-2021, Dinesh received the Chambers USA: Massachusetts- Technology. He made his place on the list of Massachusetts super lawyers' rising stars for one year because of his impressive lawyer skills.

Dinesh's Wife Got Awarded For Her Creative Work On YouTube

In 2022, Sheena Melwani, Dinesh's wife, won the Short Form Streamy Awards for her amazing short clips. As YouTuber, this is one of the most prestigious accomplishments based on public response. 

Wife of Dinesh Melwani, Sheena Melwani receives Short Form Streamy Awards in 2022.
Wife of Dinesh Melwani, Sheena Melwani receives Short Form Streamy Awards in 2022. Source: EssentiallySports

Sheena has over 1.63 million subscribers on her YouTube channel @SheenaMelwani. She amassed those subscribers by posting her daily vlogs on her channel.

In addition, Sheena is also a singer, and some of her popular songs are Better, Modern Irony, Find Your Happy, and Scared Space.


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