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Tue Oct 10 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Dolores Rice

Husband : Andrew McCarthy
Dolores Rice and Andrew McCarthy married on 2011

Irish-born American actress and writer Dolores Rice is best known as Whitehaven leader in the mystery crime drama, The Blacklist. Besides acting, Rice also wrote an episode of a horror fantasy drama series, Jinn (2019)

Dolores played the role of Vicki in the drama film, All Square in 2018. Aside from her career, she is also known as the celebrity wife of the American actor Andrew McCarthy.

Dolores Rice Married Andrew McCarthy

As previously mentioned, Dolores Rice is married to her longtime partner, Andrew McCarthy. Andrew is also an actor by profession. Rice's husband, McCarthy, is known for his appearances in Pretty in Pink, 13 Reasons Why, etc.

Andrew McCarthy and Dolores attended Rice attended Opening Night of the 2010 TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL, on April 21, 2010
Picture: Andrew McCarthy and Dolores attended Rice attended Opening Night of the 2010 TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL, on April 21, 2010.
Source: Getty Images

Andrew and Dolores united as married partners on 28th August 2011, at Midtown Loft and Terrace in New York City, New York. Moreover, the wedding ceremony was held with most of their co-actors and close relatives.

The husband-wife duo is blissfully enjoying their marriage without any disputes or divorce rumors. Moreover, Andrew and Dolores, remain married for over a decade.

First Interaction - When Did Dolores Rice & Andrew McCarthy Meet?

Dolores Rice and Andrew McCarthy's first meeting isn't less than a movie script. At the age of nine, Dolores saw Andrew while she was with her best friend, Erica Traynor, in school in Ballinteer.

Dolores Rice and her husband, Andrew McCarthy, photographed at their wedding.
Dolores Rice and her husband, Andrew McCarthy, photographed at their wedding. Source: Instagram

After reaching home, they watched a film, Catholic Boys, where Andrew starred. Later, she promised herself that she would move to America to pursue her film journey. 

After time passed, Dolores moved to the United States and watched a film, News For The Church, starring McCarthy, at the Galway Film Festival

Dolores Rice Met Her Husband, Andrew McCarthy in 2004!

After the movie was finished, she first met him in 2004 in the lobby and gave him an excellent compliment for his acting.

Later, Dolores moved to Dublin, but they wouldn't exchange their phone numbers or email addresses. After a few months, Andrew emailed her and requested a date. Since then, the rest has become history.

Dolores Rice and Her Husband, Andrew McCarthy Welcomed Two Children

The married pair, Dolores Rice, and her husband have two beautiful kids in their lives. Before their marriage, Rice and her partner, Andrew McCarthy already shared a beautiful daughter, Willow McCarthy, in 2006.

Andrew with his adorbale daughter.
Frame: Dolores Rice's daughter, Willow on her father's arm.
Source: People

Later, they announced they were expecting their second child in September 2013. On 29th March 2017, Dolores gave birth to a lovely son, Rowan McCarthy, who is currently studying. 

Dolores is raising their kids in New York City with her spouse. American celebs, Rice and McCarthy, love their children. 

Dolores Rice's children and her husband took a picture.
Dolores Rice's children and her husband took a picture. Source: Instagram

Andrew also appeared in TikTok for the first time with his daughter Willow. They posted the video on New Year's Eve to celebrate the end of 2022. 

Know About Dolores Rice and her Husband's  Net Worth

Dolores Rice receives a bunch of fortune from her profession and maintains a fruitful bank balance. So, her net value is estimated to be $2 million.

Dolores Rice's husband, Andrew McCarthy, took a picture as he was on a boat at Omo River.
Dolores Rice's husband, Andrew McCarthy, took a picture as he was on a boat at Omo River. Source: Instagram

Rice has made her appearance in Nostradamus and Me, The Blacklist, Jinn, and Hotel Darklight. From Dolores' work, she might have earned well.

On the other hand, Dolores' spouse Andrew has a net worth of $12 million. He earned this impressive wealth from his successful acting career. 

Dolores Rice Husband and His Previous Marital Affair

Dolores Rice's life partner Andrew McCarthy was in a relationship with his college sweetheart, Carol Schneider, an actress. After twenty years of dating, they married on 9th October 1999 in Westfield, New Jersey.

Together, the pair welcomed an adorable child, a son, Sam McCarthy, in 2002. Eventually, they ended their marriage due to Carol's extramarital affair. 

Old picture of Rice with her spouse.
Picture: Andrew McCarthy with his first wife, Carol Schneider. 
Source: Pinterest

McCarthy proclaimed that he followed Carol whether she was dating anyone or not, and he said,

"I ran into someone who said they had seen Carol and her boyfriend and they seemed really happy, and for some reason it bothered me for a week. 

He continued,

I called her and asked her if she was really with this guy and asked her out for coffee." 

In the middle of 2005, McCarthy filed for divorce against Carol. Later, the court finalized their divorce on 19th December 2005

Vocation as a Teacher

Dolores Rice started working as a Masters's Director and French Department Lecturer at University College Dublin in 1996. Later, she joined as a Theatre Workshop and English Lecturer teacher at Sorbonne University from 1997 to 1998

Dolores also served in the Centre for Film Studies, University College Dublin as a film department lecturer for two years.

Dolores Rice In The Field Of Playwright

Dolores Rice wrote a short screenplay, The Old Woman and the Sea, in 2003. Later, she wrote the script for a Biopic on the life of Marianne Faithful for Universal Studios. 

: Dolores Rice is also a playwright.
Snap: Dolores Rice is also a playwright.
Source: Getty Images

Rice also wrote a musical play, Detention, in 2004. Similarly, her theatrical works are The New Testament, Romance, The Apology, and many others.

As Rice has worked as a director. She made her directions for a documentary, Fish out of Sand. Further, she directed Hotel Dark Light's sequel, Heaven in a Wildflower, in 2010. She also led a documentary, Keep Talking.

Short Bio on Dolores Rice

Dolores Rice was born in the late 1970s. She grew up in Dublin, Ireland. Later, she and her parents moved to the United States, where she spent her childhood. 

Rice also holds an American nationality and belongs to the Irish ethnicity. Concerning education, Dolores enrolled at Ecole Florent School, located in Paris, France, in 1993

The actress Dolores Rice graduated from the University College Dublin with BA in Philosophy.
Picture: The actress Dolores Rice graduated from the University College Dublin with a BA in Philosophy.
Source: Getty Images

Later, the celebrity wife earned a diploma in acting in 1994. Dolores then attended Sorbonne University from 1993 to 1994. Rice graduated with a BA in Philosophy and French from the University of Dublin in 1995

Dolores went to study at Goldsmiths College, the University of London, England. Here, Rice received an MA in Philosophy, Theatre, and Performance in 1997.

Dolores's Life On Social Media

Unlike other celebrities, Dolores Rice is very secretive regarding her personal life. She does not share much information regarding her personal life on any media.

Moreover, she is also not available on social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. On the other hand, her husband, Andrew McCarthy, has a profile on various social media sites where he has a good fan following.


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