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Actress, Screenwriter (1985)
Fri Mar 31 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Dominique Boxley

Husband : Anthony Fantano
Dominique Boxley is married to her longtime boyfriend-turned fiance, Anthony Fantano, a YouTuber and music critic. They met for the first time in 2008 through an online portal.

If you are familiar with famous music critic and Youtuber Anthony Fantano, then you may know who is his wife. Well, she is none other than Dominique Boxley, an American actress and screenwriter.

Boxley's husband, Anthony gained popularity for his 4chan music discussion board (also known as /mu/). He also writes blogs and makes vlogs with his slogan, "The Internet's Busiest Music Nerd." He often shares his critical reviews on various music genres on YouTube. 

Dominique Boxley & Anthony Fantano's Married Life 

36-years-old, Dominique lives in a healthy conjugal relationship with her husband, Anthony Fantano, who is one year younger than her. The duo first met through the medium of social media in 2008. Later, they managed to meet in person after exchanging messages online.

The two became romantically involved soon after meeting one another face-to-face. Several years later, the couple ultimately got hitched in a private wedding ceremony after Anthony proposed Dominque for marriage.

Dominique Boxley is living a healthy married life with her husband, Anthony Fantano. How and when the couple met for the first time?
Dominique Boxley and her husband, Anthony Fantano had their first meeting through an online portal in 2008
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Following the nuptial, the pair wanted to keep matrimonial relationship far from the media's attention. As a result, they settled down a small happy family in Middletown, Connecticut, where Dancing With the Stars showstopper, Sean Spicer also lives. 

Does Dominique Boxley Share any Children with Her Husband, Anthony?

Meriden Connecticut native, Dominique have not gave birth to Anthony Fantano's children up until now. Nevertheless, they probably thinking about family planning and welcoming bundle of joys in their lives.

 Dominique Boxley and her husband, Anthony Fantano might be planning to welcome a new member in their small happy family. How old is Dominique as of now?
Dominique Boxley do not share any children and her husband, Anthony Fantano at the moment
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So, the couple will surely announce if they are expecting a new family member in the coming days. Currently, they are busy focusing on their respective careers while keeping their family planning aside. 

Salary & Net Worth of Dominique Boxley 

Anthony Fantano's wife, Dominique often appears on her spouse's YouTube channel to give review upon her favorite songs with the fans. Back in 2010, she made her first appearance in an episode of The Needle Drop, animal collective - Oddsac movie review.

As an actress and screenwriter, Boxley earns a decent salary for her filmography works. So, her yearly remuneration might be equivalent to a Middletown, Connecticut-based actor, which is $66,000. As of 2021, her net worth is under review.

Dominique Boxley's husband, Anthony Fantano is a popular for his critical music review on YouTube. What does Anthony's wife, Dominique do for a living?
Dominique Boxley's husband has a net worth of around $1 Million
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Dominque's husband, Anthony has a net worth of $1 Million which is slightly more than Chelsea Kilgore. He runs two YouTube channels, Тhе Nееdlе Drор (2.4 million subscribers) and Fantano (1.34 million subscribers) for entertainment purpose.

At the moment, Anthony's estimated yearly earnings from his first YouTube channel, The Needle Drop ranges from $25,000 to $399,300. Likewise, his earnings from his second YouTube channel, Fantano varies $18,000 - $288,100 annually.

Dominique Boxley's Short Bio

Middletown, Connecticut-based actress, Dominique was born in 1985 in Meriden, Connecticut, USA. She is the oldest daughter of professional technician, Donald D. Boxley (born on 31st July 1955) and a white collar clerical assistant, Estelle F. Boxley (born on 24th April 1955).

Boxley grew up with her younger brother, Desmond Boxley (born 28th May 1989) in the 24 Heine Avenue street of Meriden, Connecticut. Moreover, her sibling is now a sales service representative with an associate degree holder.




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