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Architect (1987)
Tue Apr 04 2023
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Ebberly Strathairn is a famous architect of the United States of America. He is renowned as a great designer who designs building, houses, objects.

He designs all those for the healthcare, residential, education, and cultural and commercial sectors. He has also gained fame as a famous passive trained designer in America.

Childhood of Strathairn

The passive trained designer was born in the year 1987 in San Francisco of the United States. He was grown up with his parents in his own hometown. He was fond of designing different things, making pictures since his childhood.

He was grown up in a well-sophisticated family background due to which he succeeded to make his childhood passion his career.

Parents of Ebberly Strathairn in black and gray dresses
 Parents of Ebberly Strathairn actor David Strathairn and Logan Goodman. Photo source: News Unzip

Great grandparents

The grandparents of David Strathairn and the great grandparents of Ebberly are Thomas Scott Strathairn and Josephine Lei Victoria Alana.

They also live in San Francisco in the United States with their children and grandchildren.

Grandparents of Ebberly

The famous architect Strathairn is the grandson of Mary Frances Strathairn and Thomas Scott Strathairn Jr.

He also loves to spend quality time in his free time with his grandparents and has a great bond with them too. 

Parents of Strathairn

The famous designer Strathairn is the son of famous American actor David Strathairn and his mother is Logan Goodman.

His father David has gained fame through the movies like Lovesick, Iceman, etc. He has also been awarded different honorable awards.

Sibling of Tay Strathairn

The architect has one sibling Tay Strathairn. He is a famous actor and musician of America who has gained his fame through the movies like Nomadland, Eight man Out, etc.

Personal life of Strathairn

The son of  David Strathairn has been always a hard-working and dedicated personality from his early life.

 Ebberly Strathairn in a black and grey dresses
Ebberly Strathairn was captured speaking in the microphone presenting his design. Photo source: Millbrook School

He has started his career as a designer after he completed his education. He was an excellent student in his educational field too.

Strathairn Loves to do

Strathairn loves to read books, listen to music, do yoga and exercise, painting and making pictures in his free time.

He also loves to travel to different new places and spend quality time with his family and loved ones on his vacation days.

Career Highlight

The sibling of Tay Strathairn has spent his life designing buildings and their different designs of the health, resident, cultural and commercial sectors.

He too has an Architectural company founded by him that works on design. He also teaches in the Architectural school for the upcoming generation.

Love Life of Strathairn

Strathairn is single as of now. He has not shared any information regarding his love life and his girlfriend. 

He has also not shared any information regarding his past relationship status as he prefers to keep his personal life away from the media.

The net worth of Ebberly Strathairn

The son of Strathairn has a total net worth of $12 million. He has access to such an amount through his successful career as an architect Same as another architect Jon Eicholtz.

He also owns a different Architectural company of his own and teaches designing in different architectural schools which helps him generate money.




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