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Reality star (1982)
Sat Jan 21 2023
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The reality star Eliza Orlins who is also known as a lawyer and television personality was born on December 25, 1982,  in New York City, USA. 

Similarly, people also know Eliza because of her personality and the way she defends the public. She is still a public defender with the Legal Aid Society 

She is also a member of the Golden Key Society and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. 

Early Life 

Eliza is her daddy's daughter and she feels very proud sharing about it. She was kind and humble in nature since her childhood. 

Moreover, she used to spend most of her time with her daddy in her early life. On her Instagram handle, she shared her photos of the campaign when she was 9 years old. She has quoted:

He ran for office as a staunchly pro-choice Democrat, against an anti-choice extremist.

Childhood picture of Eliza Orlin in a campaign led by her father, Stephen Orlins.
 Image: Childhood picture of Eliza Orlin in a campaign led by her father, Stephen Orlins. Source: Instagram @eorlins 


Eliza attended Hong Kong International School in Hong Kong in her early childhood. Later she went to the US and continued her study at Sidwell Friends School.

While she was in Sidwell Friends School she participated in the Marine Corps Marathon with AIDS. Additionally, she also wrote and edited for the school newspaper. As per the reports, she was the assistant director of the spring Musical during her senior year.

In 2005, Eliza graduated from Syracuse University earning a bachelor’s degree in international relations and political science and a Juris Doctor from Fordham University School of Law in 2008.

Family Details

Public defender Eliza Orlins is the daughter of Stephen Orlins and Susan Orlins. Her father has served as the president of the national committee on the United States- china relations since 2005.

Eliza's mother, Susan Orlins is a Washington, D.C- based writer who appeared on the eleventh episode of Survivor: Vanuatu.

She is also an award-winning journalist and author of the memoir, Confessions of a Worrywart: Husbands, Lovers, Mothers, and Others.

Eliza Orlins's mother, Sushan Orlins.
Eliza Orlins's mother, Sushan Orlins. Source:Goodreads.com

Additionally, she also contributed to the editor at Movement Magazine where she received a ''Rockower Award.'' She is also one of the hardworking and prestigious journalists in America.

Sabrina Orlins: Adopted Sister Of Eliza 

Rockower Award Winner Eliza has two sisters named Sabrina Orlins and Emily Orlins. She along with her parents went to Bejing when she was four. There her parents adopted her sister Sabrina. 

Later her younger sister Emily was also born just sixteen months after the adoption of her elder sister, Sabrina Orlins.

Net Worth 

Eliza Orlin has a total net worth of $1.5 million ensued from her career as a television reality star. Her net worth includes her income from her career as a Lawyer, assets and royalties.

Having access to these hefty sources of income generation she still prefers to lead a modest lifestyle. 

Eliza: A Freedom Fighter

As we have mentioned earlier, Eliza has also worked as an attorney at the nonprofit legal Aid society since 2009. She has also trained new lawyers to navigate the legal system in this role.

Survivor contestant Eliza Orlins at Manhattan DA race blushing in a pink outfit.
Survivor contestant Eliza Orlins at Manhattan DA race blushing in a pink outfit. Source: nypost

After Eliza graduated from law school, she worked as a defender for The Legal Aid Society for over a decade. She represented over 3,000 clients, who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford a lawyer at this time. She also developed a reputation as a relentless champion for the underdog.

She has fought for the different people in the nation including black and brown neighbors, lowe income generating communities, rights for females, and protection for street dogs as well.

Eliza: Staying In A living Relationship

Eliza Orlins is not married yet, however, she is staying with her boyfriend, Justin in Manhattan Terrier, with her pet dog Oscar. 

She likes keeping her personal and love life private so, this might be the reason why she has not disclosed her boyfriend's information. We will update this information as soon as it's public.

Eliza: Attended A Show With Her Pet Dog

The American Lawyer Eliza is a pet lover and is fond of animals, just like Sara Mitich. She has a dog named Oscar. She even took her dog Oscar to an episode of Dr Oz on 12 May 2015.

Eliza Orlins posing with her dog, Oscar.
Eliza Orlins posing with her dog, Oscar. Source: onechiklette

On May 1, 2022, Orlins Twitted that her dog will be turning 16 this year and she is worried to lose him because she is very attached to her dog. She also said that she will never get another pet if she loses Oscar.

TV Appearance

Eliza finished her ninth season of the CBS reality show Survivor entitled: Survivor: Vanuatu in 2004. The host of the show is Jeff Probst

During that time, she was caught when she flipped to vote out an indecisive swing voter in Dolly Neely. After it was merged, the six remaining females re-organized and their whole group voted for their male competitors with the expectation of Chris Daughtery.

Amazing Race

Eliza finished her thirty-first season of The Amazing Race in 2018. She struggled a lot with the duty that involved driving a scooter with a driving test course in HO Chi Minh City.

After that, she presented teams from Survivor along with her fellow contestant Corinne Kaplan on the CBS reality show Big brother.


Survivor former contestant Eliza is an intense, vivacious, fast, and politically established woman who really loves reality television shows, games, trying new dishes, and many more. 

She considers herself a solo fighter because she believes that people will underestimate her if she is weak and can not stand for herself.

Besides all of that Eliza also has a keen interest in reading books, internet surfing, and photography.


On March 5, 2020, Eliza announced her candidacy for the New York County District Attorney Democratic primary to replace incumbent District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.

Eliza Orlins elected as a candidate for the New York County District Attorney
Eliza Orlins elected as a candidate for the New York County District Attorney Source:parentsecurityonline

She stood seventh in the Democratic Primary with 4.2% of the votes and lost the election on June 22.

Instagram And Twitter

Elina Orlins is very much active on her social media platform, where she uploads her personal photos and videos. She also updates about her upcoming projects and plans through her Instagram handle.

We can see a wide range of fans and followers on her personal social media account. She has 44.7k followers on her Instagram account @eorlins.

Being a public figure and famous reality star Eliza has opened all of her highlights on her Instagram such as Public defender, survivor, first rally, campaign, solidarity, and Warren NYC.

Eliza started using her Twitter @ElizaOrlins on July 7 and that was just three years after completing her CBS Survivor where she has 127.4k followers.

Recently she has talked about the issue of women, she has also asked each and every woman to become independent and rise for themself and take part in every facet of society, Through her Twitter.


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