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Tue May 24 2022
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Elizabeth Anweis is an American actress who is admired for her methodological acting ability. Moreover, she is renowned for her role as Chastity in the 2022 television series, Animal Kingdom.

Furthermore, she is also known for her other masterpieces: Westworld, Ghosted, Batwomen, The Shattering, Pretty Little Liars, and more.

Where is Anweis From?

Anweis hails from a nation in Asia. However, she has not revealed her actual hometown. Grey's Anatomy actress is currently living in Los Angeles, California. 

Even though she was born in Asia in 1980, Anweis holds an American nationality. 

Early Life of Elizabeth 

Parks and Recreation actress was brought up by her parents in the United States. She was a confident and bold girl since her childhood.

Elizabeth Anweis posing in a blue and white t-shirt.
Photo of Elizabeth Anweis (Photo Source: www.12thblog.com)

Furthermore, the childhood of Anweis was spent in a sound environment. Also, she was interested in the field of entertainment since her early hood. She used to take part in extra activities during her school days.

Close Look at Anweis's Parental Details

Anweis is a secretive person whenever it comes to her personal details including her parents. She has never talked openly about her family.

The names and professional lives of her parents are still behind the curtains. However, the Southland actress has got supportive parents and a close-knit family. 

Education Qualifications

The Ghosted actress holds an excellent degree in her hand. However, she has never revealed anything about her university education and majors.

There is a mere probability that Anweis has acquired a Bachelor's Degree in Performing Arts from a reputed university.

Career Outset

Elizabeth began her acting career in 2001 after she made a debut in Rush Hour 2. The next year, she landed another role in the movie, Bruised, 2002.

Her naturalistic acts and immense dedication to her work went on to add crucial steps to the staircase of success.

Elizabeth in Batwoman

Rush Hour 2 actress Elizabeth has also acted in Batwoman, a 2019 television series. She has portrayed Catherine Hamilton-Kane in nine episodes of this series.

Elizabeth Anweis in a black shirt, pants, and red long coat talking to her co-actor in a black formal suit and white shirt.
Photo of Elizabeth Anweis with her co-actor (Source: ww.allocine.fr)

Batwoman is an action film mixed with adventure and crime and created under the direction of Caroline Dries.

IMDb Profile

Anweis owns an IMDb page in her name with thirty-five credits as an actress. Further, she has also got two credits as a director.

Moreover, her profile consists of her short biography, awards, and other personal details. Moreover, the rest of the credits are given to her as an editor, writer, director, and self.

Net Worth - Why So Rich?

Elizabeth Anweis has a total net worth of $5 million earned from her acting career. She is well paid for her vocation. Further, her wealth constitutes her luxuries too. 

Moreover, Anweis has got passive sources of income too. More, her wealth also includes income from her social sites. Anweis is currently living a successful and luxurious life with her family in the United States.

Income Sources

Anweis has multiple sources of income. Her works in films, movies, TV shows, and theatres pay her well. Further, her social media platforms also add value to her income.

Her estimated incomes from different sources are:

i) Film industry: $250 thousand  per year

ii) Instagram: $100 thousand per year

iii) Passive Income: $70 thousand per annum

Who is Elizabeth Anweis Dating?

Rush Hour 2 actress is a secretive person whenever it comes to her love life. She has not revealed anything regarding her boyfriend and past relationships. However, she has great friends who are very supportive of her.

Elizabeth Anweis in a black dress smiling with her friend.
Photo of Elizabeth Anweis with her friend (Photo Source: www.12thblog.com)

Moreover, she is never engaged or married previously. Furthermore, there is no recent news that Anweis has planned for her marriage lately. Therefore, Anweis is yet single and dedicated to her career development.

Hobbies and Interests

Anweis loves photoshoots and traveling. She has traveled to most of the places in the United States. She also loves adventures and active sports.

Moreover, Elizabeth adores spending time with books. She is fond of motivational books and thriller genres. Furthermore, she admires reading suspense novels.

Movies & TV Series

Twin Peaks actress Anweis has worked in diverse movie genres. She has acted in big-screen movies, television series, short films, and TV mini-series.

Some of her blockbuster series and movies are presented in the table below:

S.N.Movies & TV SeriesRolesReleased Years
1.From ScratchChloe Lim2022
2.The AffairTria2018
3.Twin PeaksAbbie2017
4.Grey's AnatomyBrie2013
5.Law & Order: LAKim Ho Lee2011

Anweis's Rise to Success

Grey's Anatomy actress Anweis got prominence in the film industry after she acted in Batwoman. Her act in this series has left all her fans opened-jaw.

Similarly, her acts in the 2022 TV series, Animal Kingdom, worked as ghee in fire and took her into the spotlight.

Elizabeth Anweis's Married Life

As mentioned earlier, Anweis is still living a single life. Therefore, it is clear that she is unmarried. Moreover, she was not married before nor has ever been divorced.

Additionally, Elizabeth does not have any children. Further, she has not adopted a minor yet.

Elizabeth in Echo 3

Elizabeth has acted in Echo 3 as Natalie Foster. This is a thriller-drama television series that starred Luke Evans and Michiel Huisman.

Elizabeth Anweis in a designer dress and pointed heels sitting on an artistic seat.
Elizabeth Anweis posing for a photoshoot. (Photo Source: scifi-tv.ru)

The actual story of this series is based on the Israeli television series When Heroes Fly. Further, this series is actually the portrayal of the novel 'When Heroes Fly' written by Amir Gutfreund.

Other Works

Anweis is indeed an actress but she has also worked in other sectors of the same industry. She has served as a director, writer, and editor. Apart from that, she had also worked on stages as a theatre artist. Her works are equally admirable regardless of scope.

9-1-1 actress Anweis has directed two short films: Love at First Heist and Meat Puppet. Further, she is also the editor and writer of these films respectively.

Physical Appearance

Elizabeth Anweis has got chinky and nearly monolid eyes with dark-brown eyelids. Further, her oval face is perfectly adorned by her silky black hair with side swept bangs.

To add up, Anweis is 5ft and 8 inches (171.5 cm) and has a weight of 60 kgs (132.3 lbs). Further, she is blessed with an hourglass body type.

Work and Life Balance

Anweis is an exemplary actress when it comes to balancing personal and professional lives. She is an expert in this matter. Her personal life has nothing to do with her professional life and vice versa. Her profession has never interfered with her family and friend circle.

Elizabeth always finds time for her family, relatives, and friends. She keeps on going to get together and family parties. 

Anweis in The Assassin's Code

Twin Peaks actress Anweis has portrayed Jia Connolly in The Assassin's Code in 2018. This series was created under the direction of David A. Armstrong and written by Edward Lee Corneyy, and Valerie Grant. Each episode lasts for an hour and thirty-five minutes. 

This series was produced under the banner of Gravitas Ventures. It is a VDO company founded in 2006 in Los Angeles by Nolan Gallagher.

Elizabeth on Social Platforms

Elizabeth Anweis is available on social media platforms. She loves to stay social, however, Elizabeth does not post frequently about her everyday updates. Nevertheless, she loves sharing her opinion with her adherents.

Anweis has got accounts on social sites like Instagram. She has lots of admirers on her profile. 

Anweis on Instagram

Anweis has a presence on Instagram with more than 52.4k followers on her profile. She goes by the username @eliz.anweis. Furthermore, she is currently following approximately 800 people on Instagram and has made a total of nine posts. This clarifies that she is barely active on social media even if she has a great number of fans.

Most of her posts are from her film sets. She loves sharing her crew's photos through her Instagram post.

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