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Sat Jan 21 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Elizabeth Theroux

Husband : Mike Haughey
Elizabeth Theroux married Mike Haughey in 2014.

Elizabeth Theroux is a clinical supervisor of Men's Residential at Sun Street Centers and currently resides in Corral de Tierra, California. She joined Men's Residential on September 10, 2020, in Salinas, California.

She was born in Washington D.C., USA. However, her birth date and zodiac sign are still a mystery, whereas her nationality is American.

In addition, Theroux is popularly known as the sister of Justin Theroux, an American actor, filmmaker, producer, and screenwriter.

Educational Qualifications

Talking about Theroux's educational background, she attended Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School in 1987 for high school. 

After completing high school, she went to Palo Alto University for higher studies, graduating with a Masters's Degree in Counseling.

Furthermore, Theroux was always excited about learning different languages, so she went to Loyola University, New Orleans, to learn Spanish and French in 1991.

Who Are The Parents Of Theroux?

The clinical supervisor Theroux has lovely and amazing parents currently residing in Wahington, DC. She is the eldest child in her family and had two brothers.

icture of Elizabeth Theroux's father Eugene Theroux and her mother Phyllis
Picture of Elizabeth Theroux's father Eugene, Theroux and her mother, Phyllis (Image Source: Find a Grave)

Theroux is the daughter of Phyllis (Grissim) and Eugene TherouxHer mother, Phyllis, used to be a writer in the Washington Post magazine, whereas her father, Eugene, was a corporate lawyer. Unfortunately, they both got divorced.

Furthermore, Theroux is a nephew of Paul Theroux, a writer, and a cousin of journalists Louis Theroux and Marcel Theroux.

Siblings of Theroux 

Besides lovely parents, Theroux has fantastic two brothers, which she loves very much. Both brothers are very talented people and famous in the entertainment industry. 

Picture of Elizabeth Theroux's brothers, Justin Theroux and Sevastian Theroux
Picture of Elizabeth Theroux's brothers, Justin Theroux and Sevastian Theroux (Image Source: Google Eonline.com

Her brothers are Justin Theroux and Sebastian Theroux, who are very popular among the U.S. audience. One of her brothers Justin, is an American actor, whereas her other brother Sebastian is a production assistant.

Did You Know?

This is the most asked question regarding Theroux; why isn't she in the film industry? Then let us help you by solving your queries. It isn't that she doesn't know acting or didn't get any opportunity.

Theroux was very aware of the effects of drugs and their consequences from her childhood. She chooses to be a health consoler instead of an actress to take care of drugs addicted people and give them a new life. 

On top of that, she is a good human who just loves doing social work instead of coming into the headlines.

Married To Mike Haughey

Elizabeth Theroux is a married woman who married Mike Haughey, a copilot. They exchanged their vows in 2014 in the presence of their family members and close friends. 

Picture of Elizabeth Theroux and her husband Mike Haughey
Picture of Elizabeth Theroux and her husband, Mike Haughey (Image Source: Facebook @Eliza Theroux Haughey)

We can see the romantic couple's happiness and togetherness via social media. Through their social media, we can conclude that they love enjoying each other's company.

Blessed With Two Children

The lovely couple Elizabeth Theroux and Mike Haughey isn't only living married life but also living a parental life. They are blessed with two beautiful children.

They welcomed their first child Tobias Wisner on August 12, 1996. After three years of Tobias's birth, i.e., on February 6, 1999, the amazing couple welcomed their other child Rhys Clem. Not only that, Theroux has a stepdaughter named Drew Diane Haughey.

Picture of Elizabeth Theroux and her children Tobias Wisner and Rhys Clem
Picture of Elizabeth Theroux and her children Tobias Wisner and Rhys Clem (Image Source: Facebook @Eliza Theroux Haughey)

Regarding their children, Tobias and Rhys are tattoo lovers and have tattoos on their bodies. Furthermore, Tobias is in a relationship with Sam.

Similarly, Theroux has shared many pictures of her child on her social media, which concludes that she loved her children very much.

Supported In Assualt Rifles Ban

Theroux is the kind of person who is against violence and supports peace. She loves living peacefully with her family in the U.S. Because of that, she expressed her feelings via Facebook by sharing a picture of "No Assult Rifles."

Moreover, Theroux even stated that assault rifles should be banned to maintain peace and harmony in society. Once fifty Americans died due to assault rifles. To stop that, she raised her voice against the trading of assault rifles.

How Much Money Does Elizabeth Theroux Have?

As we have mentioned earlier, Elizabeth Theroux is a clinical supervisor and doesn't have another source of income. It seems that she is earning a decent sum of money from her career.

 Unfortunately, her net worth is still a mystery. We will soon update you regarding her income.

Picture of Elizabeth Theroux's daughter Rhys Clem and her car
Picture of Elizabeth Theroux's daughter Rhys Clem and her car  (Image Source: Facebook @Eliza Theroux Haughey)

Though she is a clinical supervisor, she owns many cars, of which GMC Sierra 1500 is one. This car cost around $35,400. Besides this, we can see many cars like Jeep C.J. on Theroux's social media sites.

Why Elizabeth Theroux's Brother Justin Theroux Is Famous?

If you don't know about Justin Theroux, let us inform you that Justin Theroux is an American actor, filmmaker, and producer who gained fame after working in films like Mulholland Drive and Inland Empire.

Justin is Elizabeth's brother, and they spent their childhood together. He is very popular among U.S. audiences because of his appearance in many popular films like False Positive, The Lego Ninjago Movie and Iron Man 2.

Furthermore, Elizabeth came into the limelight because of her wonderful brother Justin which U.S. audiences are fond of Theroux.

Owns Three Pets 

Theroux is a very loving and caring person, especially when it comes to an animal. She loves playing with animals, which is why she owns three dogs.

Picture of Elizabeth Theroux and her pet Limbo
Picture of Elizabeth Theroux and her pet Limbo  (Image Source: Facebook @Eliza Theroux Haughey)

Theroux has a beautiful Dogo Argentino breed dog named Keller, which is white. She also owns a Limbo, which is of the Patterdale Terrier breed.

Besides this, she has a Kai Ken breed dog named Twyla. We can see many pictures of Theroux with her pets on Facebook and other social media sites.

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Why Theroux Criticized the US President?

Theroux is a patriotic person who loves her country very much and thinks about the nation's development. Once she stated that the U.S. needed a better president just like former President, Barack Obama so that nation could be developed.

On top of that, she even shared the picture on Facebook by stating that she missed the president she could trust as well as where the constitution is respected.

Physical Appearance

Elizabeth Theroux stands at a good height of 175 cm (5 feet 9 inches), weighing around 72 kg which is good according to her height.

Picture of Elizabeth Theroux with one of her cars
Picture of Elizabeth Theroux with one of her cars  (Image Source: Facebook @Eliza Theroux Haughey)

Apart from this, Theroux has amazing black eyes and brown hair, which suits her and makes her more stunning. We have provided you with a photo of her.

Social Media 

The celebrity sister Theroux does not seem to spend time on social media. She has only a Facebook account where she often shares pictures with her family.

Theroux's Facebook account is Eliza Theroux Haughey, with more than 522 followers. However, we can see Theroux's Twitter and Instagram accounts, which seem fake.

In addition, we will soon update you if we get any information regarding her social media account.


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