Elsa Walsh and Bob Woodward Married Life since 1989

Wed Jan 29 2020
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Marriage is one of the most important decisions that we make in our life, to be influenced by the full of happiness, growth, and success that has no other option to find a perfect partner in life. So, it might be considered to the longtime married couple, Elsa Walsh and Bob Woodward, who found love while pursuing their careers in the field of news.

Up to this, the soulmates are very polite and careful about their blissful marital union. So, what's new happening in the love life of Elsa and Bob? Let's take a view of the couple's love story written down in the following sections.

Found Love in Their Twenties

The 76-year-old journalist Woodward and his wife, Walsh find they're meant to be during the period of their 20s. The couple first met while serving as a reporter, and he was a editor and reporter at The Washington Post.

When they first met, Elsa was studying at the University of California at Berkeley, California in 1975. At that time, she decided that she would do an interesting job as a writer or lawyer despite marrying or having kids. But, the promise to herself wasn't successful when Bob comes to her life.

Bob Woodward standing alongside his wife, Elsa Walsh. Do you know how did they first met?
Image: Bob Woodward and his wife, Elsa Walsh 
Source: Instagram @realbobwoodward

Bob supported and encouraged Elsa to pursue her career instead of hindering her. Sometimes later, Elsa found herself falling for Bob, which took them into a seven-years love relationship before getting engaged happily.

Exchanged Wedding Vows Under The Curtains

Divided Lives' author, Walsh and Bob united as husband and wife on 25th November 1989. The bridal captured the most beautiful memories of the wedding with their beloved family members, relatives as well as their friends.

Bob Woodward with Elsa Walsh enjoying quality time while traveling on boat. How is the couple's wedding held?
Photo: Bob Woodward and his wife, Elsa Walsh 
Source: Instagram @realbobwoodward

Following their blissful wedding ceremony, the wedded pair began their new journey supporting each other on every path of life. The couple recently celebrated their 30th marriage anniversary on the 25th of November 2019.

A Loving Parents to Two Grown-up Daughters

The former Washington Post journalists, Bob and Elsa are the parents of two children. They first welcomed their first daughter, Taliesin Woodward on 10th November 1976, and then their second daughter, Diana Woodward was born in 1996.

Walsh and Woodward currently resides in their Georgetown, Washington, D.C. accommodation, where Bret Baier and his wife, Amy Baier also lives. The couple also goes for a vacation in Annapolis, Maryland, where they enjoy their quality time in spring and summer.

Bob Woodward and Elsa Walsh spent quality time in their Annapolis, Maryland residence. Know more about their married life.
Picture: Bob Woodward with his wife, Elsa Walsh on boat 
Source: Instagram @realbobwoodward

Aside from this, Bob also has a child from his second wife, Frances Roderick Barnard, whom he married on 29th November 1974 and divorced in 1979. More to this, he was married to his high school sweetheart, Kathleen Middlekauff, an English professor on 25th June 1996 and divorced in 1970.

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