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Engineer (1937)
Mon Feb 13 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Emil Erich Zellweger

Wife : Kjellfrid Irene Andreassen
Emil Erich Zellweger married Kjellfrid Irene Andreassen in 1963.

Emil Erich Zellweger is the father of American actress Renée Zellweger. She is famous for her work in the popular Bridget Jones movies.

The Switzerland Born Emil is an engineer by profession. Mechanical engineer, to be specific. He was born on April 24, 1937, in St. Gallen. This article will provide some information on Bridget Jones's father.

Emil Erich Zellweger Found His Love With A Woman Of Another Country:

Emil Zellweger found love in the weirdest of situations. He met his wife, Kjellfrid Irene Andreassen, while they both were traveling on a boat to the US. They were both immigrants who had moved to live on American soil. He put a wedding ring on her finger in 1963.

They are both sitting in the eating table as they are smiling and looking at the camera.
Emil Erich Zellweger and Kjellfrid Irene Andreassen at the event (Source: Yahoo)

This lovely couple has always chosen to stay away from their daughter's fame, but now and then, cameras saw them together. They were always seen as being in love with one another. 

Emil Erich Zellweger Wife Had A Traumatic Childhood:

Kjellfrid Irene Andreassen didn't have a normal childhood. She had to go through a lot. It was because of the World War II. Emil's wife is a Norweigan. The war affected her country since it was occupied. 

Renée Zellweger, during an Interview with People, talked about all the traumatic experiences her mother had to go through as a kid. This is what she had to say about the horrific childhood of her mother in an interview:

She was living in an occupied country and there were bullets falling from the sky and you had to run inside because that was part of your day. And you’d find one every now and then. It was a real treat apparently. ‘Don’t pull the pin! You better run!’ And when you think about that being your reality as a child, can you imagine the value system that you establish? And my brother and I have been the beneficiaries of that. She’s cool.

What Is The Net Worth of Emil's Daughter Renée Zellweger? 

Emil Erich Zellweger's life is different than that of his daughter. He is an engineer by profession. He has always maintained secrecy about his life and never disclosed his wealth. His daughter Renée Zellweger on the other hand is a prominent actress with a net worth of $90 million.

Movies are her most extensive source of income. The actress has worked in numerous big projects like Bridget Jones's movies, Judy, Bee Movie, and Jerry Maguire.

A Father of Two

Engineer Emil shares two lovely children with his late wife, Kjellfrid. They have a son in Drew Zellweger and a daughter in Renée Zellweger.

They are both holding each other as they are smiling.
Renée Zellweger with her brother Drew Zellweger (Source: People)

Drew is the bigger one of the two. He was born on February 15, 1967, while Renée was born on April 25, 1969. His daughter is a famous actress, while his son works as a Marketing Executive.

Living As An Immigrant

The celebrity father Emil was a Swiss Immigrant when he moved to America. His wife was an immigrant, too, who left Norway and moved to the US. Renée had said about growing up in an immigrant family, especially when immigration was a hot topic in the states during Donald Trump's Presidency.

She brought it up while speaking with Vanity Fair. She was a bit worried about the tense climate regarding the subject matter and hopeful that the future would be different. She said:

It’s definitely interesting today. It’s a very strange time. There’s a lot of fear, and then uncertainty. I wonder where that comes from. I know that things we consider to be fundamental, in terms of feeling secure, and how we define ourselves in our lives and lifestyles are shifting quickly. I get it. And technology has just amplified that.

Little Bit About His Famous Daughter Renée

Renée Kathleen Zellweger is a celebrated Hollywood actress. The Texan actress is known for her sweet voice and loving personality.

She has her shoulder tilted in the picture.
Emil Erich Zellweger's daughter Renée Zellweger (Source: Instagram @renee_zellweger)

Even after all these years in the industry, she is still one of the highest-paid actresses. She is a super talented actress, and it shows with her accolades as she receives two academy awards and four golden globes awards.

The Time Emil Erich Zellweger's Daughter Quit Movies

Renée is a massive film star. So, it can be seen why her fans were shocked to learn that she was leaving movies. She took a six-year break from the film. She left Hollywood in 2010 and didn't return until 2016. Why was the reason for that?

The reason is simple. She just wanted to live an everyday life for a while. Giving an interview with Herald Sun, she said:

I wanted to consider my own humanity for a little while and go to the coffee shop and be a lady ordering a coffee.

So what did she do during such a long break from movies? Turns out she used all that free time and invested in her education. She attended UCLA, where she studied International Law. In an interview with Today, she said:

I snuck into UCLA for a little while and did some public policy. International law. Interested in politics.

Renée Zellweger Found Her Love In The Show Set

Cold Mountain actress Renée Zellweger found love while on Celebrity IOU: Joyride. She first met her partner, Ant Anstead, at the show's location. Ant, previously married to Louise Anstead, was the show host. 

Both are standing at the balcony looking at something.
Renée Zellweger with her partner Ant Anstead (Source: Instagram @renee_zellweger)

Drew and Jonathan Scott, from the Property Brothers, who produced Celebrity IOU, has held themselves responsible for these two being a thing. In an interview with People, these two took the credit for matching them up.

Renée and Ant let their fans know about their relationship status in September 2021, but it has been revealed they have been seeing each other since June 2021.

Emil Erich Zellweger Lost His Job While His Daughter Was Still In College: 

Emil Zellweger worked a well-paying job as an engineer. But the happiness didn't last long as he lost his job. It happened at the worst time possible, as his daughter was in college. 

Renée had to work to pay for her education. She worked in the strip club as a waitress. She talked about her time as a waitress in her interview with AARP The Magazine. She revealed:

I worked as a cocktail waitress in a strip club. One gentleman would tip me $100 every time he came in because I think he felt sorry for me. He saw me as a poor student. Did I feel sorry for myself? Never. Financing my own way through college was a defining marker for me.

Renée Zellweger's Plastic Surgery Rumor

Emil Erich Zellweger's daughter Renée Zellweger has been one topic of conversation for a long time. The conversations involve plastic surgery. Like Michelle Mylett, people have constantly speculated that the Bridget Jones actress has had plastic surgery.

Renée name has become synonymous with plastic surgery. Although the actress has never confirmed it, many are convinced that she has indeed gone through a knife to bring changes to her face. Some media even brought in an actual surgeon to find out if she had brought some changes to her face or not.

Renée recalls one incident in the subway where she overheard others talk that hurt her. She brought up the incident when she was invited to the Jess Cagle Show, where she said:

They were talking about how Hollywood ladies are so silly, and especially that Renée Zellweger. How could she do that? Why would she go and have surgery on her face like we wouldn’t know? She doesn’t look like herself, and you can’t just do that where you go and don’t look like yourself, cause we expect you to look like yourself.


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