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Tue Jan 02 2024
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Jesse Antler is known for being the ex-boyfriend of Michelle Mylett. His ex-girlfriend Mylett is a famous Canadian actress known for her work in the long-running comedy sitcom Letterkenny. She plays the role of Katy in the show. 

Her other famous works include Bad Blood and Four in the Morning. Jesse lives an everyday life and has attained celebrity status through his ex-girlfriend.

Are Jesse Antler and Michelle Mylett Still Together? 

Jesse Antler's current relationship status is unknown. He has always preferred living a low-key life. Moreover, after ending his relationship with Michelle Mylett, it's hard to tell what he is up to nowadays.

They are wearing all black as they are posing with ocean in the background.
Jesse Antler with his ex-girlfriend Michelle Mylett (Source: answersafrica)

However, Jesse's previous relationship with the Bad Blood actress Michelle Mylett doesn't seem to have interfered with his personal life as he has successfully escaped the fame and limelight.

Things didn't quite work out between him and Michelle Mylett, as their relationship didn't go as they had hoped. It is unclear when these two got separated. But, it is believed they started to see each other in 2017 before eventually giving up on their relationship.

Jesse & Mylett Were In A Live-in Relationship

Though Jesse never married Mylett, they certainly lived like it. They were together in a Live-in relationship. Things worked out well for them for a while, at least. They were also the parents of Clem, their pet dog, during this time. 

About Jesse Antler's Ex-Girlfriend Michelle Mylett

Robyn Michelle Mylett is an actress from Vancouver who rose to fame with success on television through Letterkenny. Her performance in the show turned her into a household name in her home country.

She is wearing a black cap, white top and sleeveless denim jacket.
Michelle Mylett dressing up as Britney Spears for Halloween (Source: Instagram @michellemylett)

As per IMDb, she started her acting career in 2013. Michelle came to showbiz through Antisocial. The Machine actress Mylett was born on January 4, 1990.

How Much Is Jesse's Net Worth?

Jesse Antler is a celebrity ex-boyfriend. However, he always lived an everyday life. All of his fame comes from Mylett. She is a considerable actress, but she isn't Hollywood-famous. 

Hollywood A-listers can easily make your career by associating with you, but Jesse's ex isn't one. Although there isn't any concrete evidence, his estimated net worth is believed to be somewhere around $100 thousand.

Michelle Mylett, however, has made a lot of money for herself through the success of Letterkenny. Besides acting, she is also associated with the skincare company called relativskin. All of this has helped her to accumulate a lot of wealth. Her estimated net worth is believed to be around $2 million.

Jesse's Love for Hockey

Jesse has many interests, and hockey seems to be one for him. It's not surprising to learn about a Canadian who loves the game of hockey.

He has previously gone to watch the hockey match with his then-girlfriend Mylett. She has posted a picture of them on her Instagram. They are seen wearing a jersey of the hockey team Edmonton Oilers in the picture. The post is captioned:

merry Xmas hockey’s stressful!!!

Both are wearing Edmonton Oilers jersey and taking a selfie with Jesse throwing rock sign.
Jesse Antler with Michelle Mylett at a Hockey match (Source: Instagram @michellemylett)

The Plastic Surgery Rumor About His Ex-Girlfriend Michelle Mylett 

Jesse Antler's ex Michelle Mylett is an established actress. Her role as Katy is adored by many. Besides acting, she is also a gorgeous woman. With fame comes all kinds of rumors about you in the media. In the case of Mylett, the word was that she went through a knife to make some changes to her face.

Some people trolled her for it even though no evidence was found that would confirm that she had indeed done plastic surgery. The rumor just died out eventually. She didn't let any trollers affect her and, thus, didn't even entertain them by engaging.

A Dog Person like his Ex-Girlfriend

Jesse Antler loves pets, and his favorite animal might be a dog. Without a doubt, he is a dog person. This is one of the everyday things he shares with his former partner Mylett, as she also loves dogs.

Jesse is carrying the dog as they are posing for the camera.
Jesse Antler and Michelle Mylett with their pet dog Clem (Source: Instagram @michellemylett)

The actress has a lot of pictures with her dog on her Instagram. Jesse might not be on social media, but it is a well-known fact among the couple's fans that he is a dog lover.

They also had a pet dog with them in a relationship. The dog's name is Clem.

Social Media Presence

Jesse prefers keeping his life to himself. So, his social media activeness is unknown. However, it is believed that he was once on social media and would be posting pictures with his then-girlfriend Mylett, and have now deleted that account. 

The fans who believe in this story speculate he did this to erase his association with Mylett since he has always preferred life outside media interference. His Instagram would only give the media more stories to cook. 

It is unknown if he has bid goodbye to social media or is still on the platform and has created a new account so that no one would find him apart from his loved one.

However, Mylett is on both Instagram (@michellemylett) and Twitter (@MichelleMylett). She regularly posts on both platforms, with her Twitter mainly used for work-related stuff and her Instagram mostly to share her life events with her fans.

Who Is Mylett Currently Married To?

Jesse Antler chose to keep his new relationship to himself. Likewise, his ex-girlfriend Mylett shares the same value for now. Some might confuse her co-actor, Jacob Tierney, as her new partner. But that's not the case.

Both of them are squatting and posing like they are thinking.
Jacob Tierney and Michelle Mylett posing for the camera (Source: Instagram @michellemylett)

Michelle and Jacob share the chemistry of a married couple. Tierney and Mylett's time together at work is no one's surprise by their connection.

Like Mylett, Tierney is also a Canadian. He is an actor, director, and screenwriter. The actor works with Michelle on Letterkenny (the show created by Jared Keeso). He plays the role of Pastor Glen on the show. Jacob hardly uses social media, but Mylett posts pictures with him.

Jesse's Ex Has Worked In A Video Game

Movies aside, Mylett has also dipped her hands into the video game world. She has worked on a video game titled The Complex

The Complex is a Full-motion video (FMV) game. These types of games aren't ordinary and are different from traditional games. These games tell a story through a video narration where you are provided multiple choices from pre-recorded files.

Although some people loved it, the game wasn't overall well received by the audiences. FMV games have traditionally been known not to make huge money; sadly for her, this game wasn't an exception.


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