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Sun Jun 05 2022
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Over the past few days, you might've binged watched The Witcher. Then, just like us, you are also impressed with Emma Appleton, Henry Cavill, and Anya Chalotra, to name a few. Appleton managed to impress the fans in the first episode, not just with her acting but also her fighting skills. 

Born in December 1991, in Oxford, England, Appleton is now the face of British acting. The actress is also big on social media, where she continually provides updates on her life, but fans are curious about her dating life. Her love life is something that she likes to keep in private mode. In this article, let's find out more about her personal life and romantic affair.

Who is Emma Appleton Dating? Know her Boyfriend

The 28-year-old British actress is currently single as per sources. But some reports suggest Appleton is in a relationship with a guy whose identity is hidden at the moment.

Emma Appleton with a guy model during the photoshoot
Image: Emma Appleton (right) with a model (left) at work. 
Source: Instagram @emmajappleton

Emma, however, has not confirmed any details on her lover, but many of her fans believe that she is dating someone. Scrolling through her Instagram as well, we couldn't find the supposed boyfriend as she's not seen getting cozy with her guy friends.

Through her social media, fans can take a glimpse of behind the scenes, modeling projects, photoshoots, and her lifestyle.  

How Rich is she? Emma's Net Worth 

As Renfri in The Witcher or Feef Symonds in Traitors, She has always delivered powerful performances. According to some sources, her net worth is estimated to be around $500,000 to $700,000. Appleton, however, has not confirmed the preciseness of the valuation of her wealth.

Emma modeling for a clothing brand
Snap: Emma promoting her brand. 
Source: Instagram @emmajappleton

As an actress, her average salary might be around $50,000 to $100,000. For The Witcher, Henry Cavill received a whopping $400,000, which is $3.2 million per season. Similarly, Appleton and other cast members like Freya Allan, Eamon Farren might've also earned around that amount of money.

Emma, furthermore, also earns from several brand endorsements, sponsorships, and many more. In a short time, she's garnered much appreciation from fans but still has a long way to go to reach the levels of another English actress Emily Watson.

The Witcher  

On December 20, 2019, Netflix released its original TV series, The Witcher, The series is based on the books with the same name which locates in a fantasy genre. It follows the character the Witcher, which is played by Henry Cavill, Geralt of Rivia, who hunts monsters.

Emma and Henry Cavill from the show The Witcher
Picture: Emma (left) and Henry Cavill (right) going head-to-head from the show The Witcher. 
Source: Instagram @emmajappleton

The TV series also feature casts like Anya Chalotra, Freya Allan, Mimi Ndiweni, Joey Batey, Emma Appleton, and many more. In the show, Appleton plays the character of Renfri, who was a princess born after the Black Sun. She is depicted as a more brutal version of Snow White in the book. 

The show is renewed for season 2. As per reports, it will return for season 2 in December 2020. The main characters are all set to return as per the news which might venture into the epic battle between Nilfgard army, Geralt, and the Mages. 

Emma's other Works  

At the age of 16, she already started to work as a model. In her early career, she worked with brands like Rimmel, Fred Perry, Toni & Guy, and Converse. After realizing acting and modeling share similar components of pretending to be somebody else, Appleton tried her hands in TV series.

In 2016, She starred in her first on-screen role as Pixie in Dreamlands. The character was the opportunity for her to showcase her talents and which she did. She then stormed into the acting world, working in a handful of projects on BBC. 

Projects such as The Clique helped her gain a top-notch role in another series called Traitors. In the Clique, she features alongside another actress Elizabeth Gillies.


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