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Thu Apr 06 2023
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Erana James is a Māori actress from New Zealand, actively working since 2013. She plays the role of Toni Shalifoe in The Wilds, the show about a group of teens who are stuck on an abandoned island after surviving a plane crash.

The Wild cast includes actresses like Sophia Ali, Shannon Berry, and Jenna Clause. Erana's other recognizable works are The Changeover, Golden Boy, and Lucy Lewis Can't Lose. Let's learn a bit more about the Whangarei-hailing actress.

Relationship Status: Erana James Is Single

James has been unlucky with love as she is not seeing anyone. She may be popular for her relationship with Mia Healey in The Wilds among the show's fans. But, they are not dating as the fans would have wanted in real life.e

Erana James is running on the beach as the cameraman is recording the scene.
Erana James filming one of her scenes (Source: Erana James Instagram @erana_james)

It looks like Erana is fully focused on her career right now. She may not have love, but she does have friends and family whom she loves to spend time with. In addition, Erana doesn't like giving away many details about her life as the information on her previous relationships (if any) is also missing.

What Is Erana James Net Worth?

Mia Healey's onscreen partner Erana James has an estimated net worth of $5 Million, similar to Aleksandr Galibin. An impressive feat as she is relatively young in the movie industry. Acting is her biggest source of revenue, and the show, The Wilds, success can be credited massively to her wealth. 

Besides acting, Erana is also involved in modeling works. She has done photoshoots for top fashion brands like Chanel. She has also done runway work and has been on the cover of Instyle magazine. 

Family Details 

Erana James' father is Kevin Waki James, and her mother is Jackie James. She also has a brother named Ethan James. Her family lives a private life, especially her father, Kevin. Her mother, Jackie, works as a manager at Rata Studios. Similarly, Erana's brother Ethan is a camera assistant and has been involved in many shoots, music videos, and short film works.

Erana James and Ethan James are at the grocery store shopping.
Erana James with her brother, Ethan James (Source: Erana James Instagram @erana_james)

Erana's family lives a life away from her daughter's fame. They are also absent from social media. Even The Wilds actress hardly has any posts about her parents on her Insta page. However, the opposite is the case with her brother Ethan as she usually posts about him. The siblings love each other's company.

Education Background

Erana went to the university, which isn't common among many actors. She holds a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Te Reo Māori. It is the native language of the Māori people, spoken mostly in the Polynesia region. She is a Māori like Taika Waititi's father.

Apart from that, Erana has also studied Sociology and attended Victoria University to study it. During her time at the institute, she was also giving some of her time to study Philosophy. She did her basic schooling at Wellington Girls' High School before they renamed it Wellington Girls' College.

Body Measurements

Mia Healey onscreen partner Erana is a fit lady with a body measurement of 32-26-33 Inches. She is a short woman like Sofia Hublitz who stands at 5 Feet and 4 Inches (162 cm). Her short height goes well with her slim body, which weighs 114 lbs (51 kg). 

Erana James is wearing a pink jacket and a pink baggy pants.
Erana James at the Iconic Runway X (Source: Erana James Instagram @erana_james)

Erana job demands that she needs to be in a certain shape. She is an actress and a model, so she has to put in a lot of work and effort to keep herself in good shape, which she does. But she also doesn't torture her body with a strict diet. She loves to eat, and you can find food pictures on her Insta page.

Social Media Presence

Erana is present on social media through Instagram and Twitter. Her Insta page and Twitter handle are @erana_james and @erana_james, respectively. She is active on both platforms and is regularly updating her fans with new posts now and then.

You have to look at Erana's Instagram to learn more about her personal life. You will find her posting about her work or just having fun with her friends and family. She doesn't talk about her work on her Twitter as it is just for having fun. You will see her funny side come out on her Twitter.

Has A Pet Cat

Erana has a furry friend, a cat, who is very precious to her as she loves her cat a lot. There isn't much known about the cat, including its gender. But one thing that is known is that she loves spending time with the furry animal.

The cat is lying in the ground all by itself.
Erana James Pet Cat (Source: Erana James Instagram @erana_james)

When Erana isn't occupied by her work, friends, and other stuff, she relaxes at home with her cat. You can also find some pictures of her cat on her Insta page.

One Bad Habit Erana Has

James' loves cigarettes and is known for her smoking habits. She smokes a lot, and it remains unclear how she developed this habit. Not just cigarettes, but she also likes using a vape.

You will find plenty of pictures on Erana's Insta page where she is either smoking or holding a cigarette in her hands. But some of her fans don't seem to be a fan of it and have even let her know in the comments of those posts.

How Did Erana Start In Acting?

Erana has taken formal lessons in acting since she was young. She trained in Miranda Harcourt's Rata Studios when she was 14. She loved to act and would practice all the time, even when classes weren't going on.

Erana James is wearing a sweater with mountains made on it.
Erana James scene from The Changeover (Source: Bloody Disgusting Horror YouTube Channel)

The 2017 released film, The Changeover, was Erana's big break in the industry. In an interview with C-Heads Magazine, she talked about getting the role of Laura Chant in the film and said that getting this role was one of the reasons that motivated her to make a living working as an actress.

Erana James Is A Māori

James comes from an indigenous background, as she is a Māori. She is proud of her ancestors and has invested time in learning about her culture. She studied Te Reo Māori, which is the language of her people.

Mia Healey's onscreen partner, James, believes that her Māori identity gives her superpower. In Māori tradition, Papatūanuku (mother earth) is held in the highest regard, and The Wilds actress believes that embracing Papatūanuku gives her that power. Ensemble Magazine has reported her saying about this superpower of hers.

The Cancellation Of The Wilds

James' role as Toni Shalifoe in The Wilds was loved by many, and it helped her reach a new level of film success. She had featured in the eighteen episodes of the show. So, it was sad that the show was canceled after two seasons. 

The reasons behind the cancellation were because of decreasing ratings. The failure of the show to keep the viewers from the first two seasons to continue watching the show was the reason Amazon didn't bring the new season to the show.  


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