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Researcher, screenwriter, Lawyer (1965)
Fri Jul 07 2023
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Eric Wolfhard is known as the father of Canadian actor Finn Wolfhard. Finn has appeared in movies and TV Series such as Stranger Things, Ghostbusters: AfterLife, and so on.

Wolfhard is not into showbiz industry like his son. But, the celebrity father has worked as a researcher and doctor. While Finn is making astonishing progress in the acting world, let's take a look inside his family and the life of Eric.

Who Is Eric Wolfhard Wife? Know Finn Wolfhard Parents

Finn Wolfhard's father is a married man. Eric Wolfhard and his wife Mary Jolivet have been enjoying a long and happy marital relationship.

Eric and Mary reportedly married in the mid-1980s. Finn's mother used to work for Wolfhard which can be one of the things that pulled them close. However, the exact date of their wedding has been shielded by the couple to date.

Eric Wolfhard and his wife Mary Jolivet. Source: Instagram @thewolfhard

Finn's parents prefer to live away from the spotlight. The married couple rarely makes public appearances as well as talks about their private life. 

Wolfhard and Jolivet remained as a husband-wife duo for more than 3 decades now. Still the love between the blessed romantic partners is still fresh as new. 

Eric Wolfhard Is The Father Of Two: Who Is Finn Wolfhard Sibling?

Eric Wolfhard is mostly known as the father of Stranger Things actor  Finn. But did you know that Wolfhard has another son too? Yes, Eric is the father of two.

Eric Wolfhard with his wife and children.
Eric Wolfhard with his wife and children. Source: Pinterest

Finn is not the only one acting in his family. His brother Nick Wolfhard is a voice artist. Seeing both sons doing good in their professional life, Eric and his wife Mary could not be happier.

Finn and Nick have a great bonding as brothers. The talented brothers have made their parents proud.

Nick Wolfhard

Wolfhard and Jolivet's first-born child is Nick Wolfhard. He was introduced to the world on October 21, 1997, in Vancouver, Canada. Nick found his interest in voice acting at the age of four.

Eric Wolfhard first son Nick Wolfhard is a voice artist.
Eric Wolfhard first son Nick Wolfhard is a voice artist. Source: Pinterest

Despite being discouraged by Eric and Mary, Nick honed his skill to become a voice artist. He recently received his first Leo Award nomination for best voice performance in 2019.

Nick has given his voice to many characters in TV Series and video games. Among these are The Last Kids on Earth, Identity V, The InBetween, and so on.

Finn Wolfhard

Finn Wolfhard was born five years after Nick, i.e. on December 23, 2002, in Vancouver, Canada. He is currently in his early 20s in terms of age. Like his elder brother, Finn was an acting enthusiast from his childhood.


Eric Wolfhard's youngest son is a rising actor
Eric Wolfhard's youngest son is a rising actor. Source: Instagram @finnwolfhardofficial

So, at the tender age of 9, Wolfhard began his acting journey and has an impressive filmography so far. Finn's onscreen debut was in a 2012 Music Video Facts: Retro Oceans.

Eric Wolfhard Age, Parents & Education

How old is Eric Wolfhard? Well, the celebrity father is currently in his late-50s in terms of age. Born in 1965, Wolfhard celebrates his birthday every September 1.

Eric was born to Michael and Nora Wolfhard in Vancouver, Canada.. Growing up in Canada, he joined the University of British Columbia in 1984. Wolfard graduated with a Bachelor of Arts honors degree in Political Science and Government in 1987.

Eric Wolfhard is a researcher from Canada.
Eric Wolfhard is a researcher from Canada. Source: LinkedIn Eric Wolfhard

After completing his undergraduate studies, Eric pursued higher education at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, graduating with a law degree in 1991. 

Years later, in 2014, Wolfhard enrolled in an online program at the Harvard Law School/Berkman Center for Internet and Society, focusing on Copyright Law, and successfully obtained a degree in that specialized field.

Eric Wolfhard Net Worth: What Does Finn Wolfard Father Do For Living?

Finn Wolfhard's net worth is estimated at $5 Million. But, what about his father? The celebrity father, Eric Wolfhard has a net worth of $500k.

Eric is many things besides a successful screenwriter. He has dabbled in multiple income-generating professions, including research, consulting, and law. Speaking of Eric's movies, he has produced Night Shifts.

Similarly, the prominent researcher Eric is the co-founder of VLW Research. Eric Wolfhard's research focuses on native land issues. Wolfhard is yet to disclose his real estate and properties.

What Does Eric Wolfhard Wife Do Now?

Mary Jolivet used to work as an assistant director for Eric. But later, she started working at Dormouse Design. She now works as a freelance window display and merchandising for Dormouse Design.

It is unclear, how much Eric's wife earns from this job. But, Jolivet might make a good amount as a veteran employee of Dormouse Design.



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