Erika Erickson Married Life

Wed Oct 23 2019
By   Cooper

Erika Erickson finds herself as the favorite female of Detroit, citing to her 2016 winner of the title. Being the favorite female in the city attracts the possibility of a marriage proposal from many guys.

The 35-year-old Emmy-Award winning journalist, however, has a confusing relationship status. Is she married, single or in a relationship? To find out more about the topic, tag along.

Erika has an Alleged Lover

Many viewers who watch Erika on their TV screen are attracted to her because of her charming personality. They want to know more about her personal life, especially her romantic life.

Erika Erickson with her colleague Roop at Fox 2 Detroit office
Frame: Erika Erickson (right) with her colleague Roop (left). 
Source: Instagram @erikaerickson 

But, Erika is reluctant to give away her relationship status so quickly. So far, she has not confirmed anything about her love life. She might be dating or not. 

On June 4, 2018, Erickson posted a picture on her Instagram with a guy named Matt Lombardi. There's nothing in the caption, but the comment in the image created a buzz among her fans. The comment read "What a cute couple," which led to the speculation that Matt might be Erika's boyfriend.

Erika Erickson with Matt Lombardi at Saint Clements Castle
Image: Erika Erickson (right) with her alleged lover Matt Lombardi (left). 
Source: Instagram @erikaerickson

Erika, however, has not confirmed anything about her romantic relationship leaving it to her fans to find out the truth. He might be her lover, friend, or family. Not many details can be collected on Matt because he keeps his Social media account on private mode.

Is she Secretly Married?

We've already talked about how Erika likes to keep her love life away from public eyes. But regardless of that, some online reports are suggesting that the Fox 2 Detroit reporter is secretly married. 

Digging up many reports, we come up with the conclusion that the rumors about her are completely false. As of now, she is not a married woman as we could not spot a wedding ring in any of her fingers.

Erika's Two Babies

No, we're not talking about human babies here. Erika is still not planning to be a mother anytime soon. These two babies are her two cute dogs, Tito and Hank.

Erika Erickson two pet dogs Tito and Hank
Picture: Erika Erickson's two pet dogs at her home. 
Source: Instagram @erikaerickson

Erickson loves her dogs as we can them occupying almost every space in her Instagram pictures. She walks out of the dog every day and spends a lot of time with them as we can see them snuggling with her.

Scrolling through her Instagram, we can see her personal life that she spends with her friends. Not just that, in her professional life, we can see her dedication to her work. No wonder she received Emmy-Award for her work just like Christie Ileto and Vicky Nguyen, to name a few.

Was she in the Dancing With the Stars?

No, the general assignment reporter is not the contestant of Dancing with the Stars. Erika has the same name as the Dancing with the Stars contestant. The contestant goes by the name Erika Erickson, but her actual name is Erika Jayne.

Many fans might confuse her with the dancer because Erika also loves to dance and has participated in some dancing events. Erickson showed off her dancing moves in a dance-off at "Be the Match" Bone Marrow program in 2012.

Along with Cliff, her dance partner, Erika, became the champion in the dance-off, and the money raised was donated to the charity helping Bone Marrow Patients. She raised almost $226,000 for a fantastic charity program.  

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