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Investor (1995)

Who is Erin Siena?

Erin Siena Jobs is the daughter of the business investor and tycoon, Late Steve Jobs (1955-2011). She is the eldest daughter of Steve (former co-founder, CEO, and chairman of Apple Inc.) and Laurene Powell. Further, she also has a half-sister Lisa Brennan-Jobs from her father's previous marriage with Chrisann Brennan.

Erin was born on 19 August 1995, in California. Born to her father Steve Jobs and mother Laurene Powell, Siena is of White ethnicity and holds American nationality. 

Jobs' mother is the founder of Emerson Collective, where her father was globally recognized as a business magnate, investor, and entrepreneur. 

Erin at an event
Image: Erin Siena Jobs.

The star kid, moreover grew up in a luxury along with her young sister Eve Jobs (born in May 1998) and elder brother Reed Jobs (In September 1991). Siena also has a half-sister Lisa Nicole Brennan Jobs.

The Jobs' Family together
The Jobs' Family.

Regarding her studies, Erin attended Stanford University and received her degree in architecture and design. After graduation, Siena decided to stay low and avoid media. On the other side, Erin's late father Steve Jobs was a business tycoon who co-founded the multi-billionaire company Apple Inc and served as the CEO.  

Siena posing with a horse
Siena is posing with a horse.

After gaining huge success, Steve founded a company named NeXt. In Feb 1997, Job's company NeXT merged with Apple Inc, which made Steve the CEO and chairman of Apple. 

Is Erin Siena Married or Single? 

Erin Jobs is still unmarried so has no husband. She even has not been spotted dating anyone to date. As a daughter of well-recognized parents, Siena wishes to keep her personal details secret and does not talk about it on interviews and shows.  

Siena Jobs smiling
Siena Jobs.

Siena further has a unique personality. She is barely active on social media, as she does not have an Instagram account too. However, Erin manages to keep her fans updated via Twitter.  

Siena and her mother Laurene Powell.
Siena and her mother, Laurene Powell.

Apart, Jobs enjoys spending time with her family. Siena, along with her sister and mother, was spotted enjoying their summer holiday in their expensive yacht. They were also seen water skiing in Ponza off the Italian island.

Steve Jobs' Death 

On 5th October 2011, Erin's father, Steve Jobs, passed away because of respiratory failure, which occurred due to a relapse of his pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor. Whereas, the disease was treated in 2003. 

Steve is also responsible for the relapse of his disease. Back in 2003, when Jobs had treatment for his cancer, he wanted to be treated without surgery. So, Steve postponed chemotherapy and operation for almost nine months.  

Steven P. Jobs.
Steven P. Jobs.

As his wife stated to a biographer, ''The big thing was he really was not ready to open his body. It's hard to push someone to do that''. Jobs later agreed for surgery by traditional treatment, but he initially had spent $100,000 to sequence his DNA and cure the damaged molecular pathways.  

Unfortunately, cancer spread from the pancreas to the liver, causing his death.

How Much Net Worth Does Siena Have? 

As her career is still a mystery, just like celebrity kid, Elinor Tully Monahan. Whereas, after her father's death, her mother received Steven's Trust with 7.3% shares in The Walt Disney Company, which is worth more than $11.1 billion currently. Moreover, Laurene also holds around 40 million shares of Apple Inc.  

Erin at an event
Erin Jobs.

As of 2019, the Jobs family is at 40th position in the Forbes billionaire list, and Laurene is one of the richest women in the technology world. Ultimately, all the assets of Steven and Laurene will be distributed equally to their children, and we can assume that Siena has a staggering amount of wealth, which is inherited to her as Jobs' Legacy. 

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