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Technical Director (1953)
Tue Feb 20 2024
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Relationship Timeline Of Erv Hurd

Wife : Chip Fields
Erv Hurd married Chip Fields in 1994.

Erv Hurd is a technical director who came to the limelight as a long-time husband of the American actress Chip Fields. His wife, Chip is also a singer, director, and producer who has appeared in multiple movies like Living SingleGood TimesSpider-Man: Strikes Back, and The Happy Hooker

Hurd and his wife, Chip, have celebrated their relationship for over two decades and are happy together. In this article, let's delve deep into Erv's life and some interesting facts about Chip's husband. 

Who is Erv Hurd?

The celebrity husband, Erv Hurd, is a director who is also famous by the name Ervin D. Hurd Jr. Erv came into this materialistic world in the year 1940. Further, Hurd is of African-American descent and holds American nationality. As of now, he is in his early eighties in terms of age.

A beautiful portrait of Erv Hurd.
A beautiful portrait of Erv Hurd (Image Source: Biography Mask)

Hurd opened his eyes to his parents in California, USA. However, he hasn't mentioned his mother, father, or any family members in the media. Talking about his academic qualifications it has yet to be revealed. 

Career Highlights: Erv Hurd Is A Technical Director

As mentioned above, Hurd is a skilled technical director who has impressed many US audiences through his works. He first made his debut in 1982 by appearing in the TV series Tattletales

After that, he directed many movies and TV series like The $10000 PyramidBonnie, You Don't Know JackPepsi Smash, and The Young and the Restless. He is currently busy doing Jimmy Kimmel Live, a TV show that has been running since 2004

Henceforth, it is evident that Hurd has won many prestigious awards because of his notable works and four decades of experience. Throughout his career, he has been honored with the "Primetime Emmy Awards" four times.

Married Life of Erv Hurd with his Wife: Chip Fields

Bonnie director Erv Hurd, and his beloved wife, Chip Fields, are considered one of the power couples in Hollywood. He tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend after dating her for over one year. This husband-wife walked down the aisle on August 20, 1994

Erv Hurd and his beautiful wife Chip Fileds
Erv Hurd and his beautiful wife Chip Fileds (Image Source: Hive News)

Regardless, the duo has managed to keep their personal life low-key, not disclosing their wedding party and venue. Since the pair likes to keep things private, they may have invited only a few guests, including their family and some closest friends.

For further details, it is evident that the lovely couple has been together for more than twenty-eight years with no complications seen. They are taken as one of the best couples in the USA. Also, we can often see them holding each other hands at various events just like Stephanie Reddick and Lance Reddick.

Erv Hurd Is The Biological Father Of Alexis and Kim Fields

Hurd and his girlfriend-turned-wife Chip are blessed with two beautiful daughters. Their first daughter Kim Fields is an American actress, born on May 12, 1969, in New York, USA. Just like her mother, she has made her appearances in Hollywood and is known for her notable works. 

After that, the duo welcomed their second daughter named, Alexis Fields. She came into this materialistic world on March 1, 1982, in California, USA. Like her elder sister, Alexis has also paved her identity as an actress. She has starred in many popular movies and TV series throughout her life. 

Both Daughters Of Erv Hurd Are Renowned Actresses In Hollywood 

As aforesaid, Erv Hurd's daughters followed in his footsteps and decided to enter the film industry. Both sisters became famous and thrived in the film industry. Today, they are regarded as one of the best and highest-paid American actresses. 

The elder daughter Kim made her first acting career in 1977 by portraying the role of Sharon Hayes in Have I Got a Christmas for You. With this, she has more than four decades of experience in the acting field. Further, she is best known for Living Single and The Facts of Life.

Erv Hurd and his beloved wife Chip Fields' daughters: Kim Fields and Alexis Fields
Erv Hurd & his beloved wife Chip Fields' daughters: Kim Fields & Alexis Fields (Image Source: BET)

Talking about Hurd's second-born, Alexis has also characterized herself as a successful American actress. She started her career in 1993 when she played the unique role in Hangin' With Mr. Cooper. After that, she appeared in many movies and TV series like The MarshalSister, Sister, and Roc.

Are Kim & Alexis Step Daughters Of Hurd? Know The Real Truth

Being famous is, more often than not, a curse as opposed to a blessing. After Hurd became famous, many tabloids started rumors about his personal life. As per them, he is the stepfather of Kim and Alexis, as his wife was previously married to another man. 

However, the news became fake after Hurd, in an interview, stated that he is the biological father of Kim and Alexis and shares a beautiful bond with his daughters. 

Regardless, some online tabloids still believe they are not blood-related. They often confuse the US people with only one question, 

Why do Kim and Alexis use their mother's surname instead of their father, Hurd? 

Erv Hurd Is Tall & Has A Moderate Weight: 

Well, Erv Hurd has a tall top and good weight that fits his physique. Hurd is 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm) tall and weighs around 80 kg (175 lbs). He is very conscious about his health and often does exercise to maintain his body. 

Moreover, Erv has impressive dark brown color eyes that match his dark skin tone while he is bald as he does not have hair. US people admired his fit body and cute smile. Despite facing aging, he seems to enjoy it.

Erv Hurd Is A Grand Father Of Three Kids 

Erv Hurd has not only children but also three lovely grandchildren. Erv has two grandkids, Quincy Xavier Morgan and Sebastian Alexander Morgan, from his elder daughter Kim. She shares those children with her husband, Christopher Morgan.

Erv Hurd and his beloved wife Chip Fields' grand daughter Kaycie Jackson
Erv Hurd and his beloved wife Chip Fields' granddaughter Kaycie Jackson (Image Source: Instagram @alexisfieldspix)

Similarly, the other baby is from his younger daughter Alexis. She gave birth to Kaycie Jackson from her husband Kevin Jackson. Further, Hurd's younger daughter is raising her child as a happy mother. 

Erv Hurd Has A Huge Net Worth: Is He A Millionaire? 

As we said earlier, Hurd has been working in the film industry for a long time. Thus, he must have amassed a good amount of money throughout his career. As per reports, he enjoys a massive fortune of $2 million similar to Meredith Hagner, and has a salary of $49K yearly just like Lee Sung-kyung.

Early Picture of Erv Hurd's wife Chip Fields
Early Picture of Erv Hurd's Wife Chip Fields (Image Source: Black Kudos-Tumblr)

On the other hand, his beloved wife also enjoys a hefty sum of $1 million successfully earned through her singing and acting career. Besides this, her producing and directing career has also assisted her in making money. 

Erv Hurd Isn't In Social Networking Sites

Despite being a renowned technical director and celebrity husband, Hurd is unavailable on social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. Henceforth, no other information is known about his personal life. 

For further details, he is rumored to live a happy life without worries. Currently, he does not seem to hold any social media accounts. However, we can spot his pictures on his daughters' social media handles.

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