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Fri Jul 24 2020
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Eui Soo Jang is a South Korean actor who made his television debut through the Korean drama series Gentleman’s Dignity as Shinsaui Poomgyuk in 2012. However, he received huge recognition after starring in TV shows like The Beauty Inside (2015), He Is Psychometric (2019), and Where Your Eyes Linger (2020).

The TV star was born on January 22, 1990, in Seoul, South Korea as Jang Eui Su. His nickname is Jang Ui Su. As per his citizenship, he is South Korean and belongs to Asian ethnicity. However, there is no information regarding his family background in the media.

Does Eui Soo Jang Have Girlfriend?

The handsome and good looking actor Jang Eui is yet to tie the knot. He is a very reserved kind of person when matters come to the topic of his personal life. Since starting his career in acting, he has been keeping himself away from unwanted rumors of his dating life until now.

Image: Eui Soo Jang Captured The Photo With His Ladies Friends
Source: Instagram@jesoo122

 For now, the 30 years old Jang is a happily single man and is enjoying his sole livelihood to the most lavish. However, he can be seen snapping many photos with different ladies on his IG account, but none of them is known as his girlfriend. It seems he might be waiting for the right lady to fall in love with. 

However recently, Jang, the 1.86m tall shares the intimate relationship with his costar, Han Tae Joo, on his new BL (boys love) TV series, Where Your Eyes Linger. Now that everyone's enjoying their love chemistry.

Photo: Eui Soo Jang (Kang Gook) and His Co-star From Where Your Eyes Linger, Han Gi Chan (Han Tae Joo)
Source: Instagram@jesoo122

In reality, it's the first LGBT drama in Korea that depicts the love between two 18-year-old gay youth boys. But behind the screen, there's no romantic relationship between Eui and Han. They are nothing but a true friend.

Net Worth and Earnings of Eui Soo Jang

Playing the various roles as an actor, Eui Soo Jang earns a good amount of money. As of 2020, his extraordinary net worth is estimated at more than $500 thousand, which is similar to another south Korean actor, Park Jin-Joo. The primary income source of his money is his professional acting career. 

Similarly, the average salary for the south Korean actor is about $44,980 a year or $3,750 in a month. Now, looking at her experiences as a well-known TV actor, he might make the salary of over $40, 000 a year. Likewise, his starred 2015's Northern Limit Line grossed $38.9 million worldwide on the budget of $6 million.

His Acting Performances

Throughout his entire career, Jang has acted in many Korean television series and movies as well. He made his first TV debut in 2012 by show Gentleman’s Dignity. Then, he followed up with his movie head, Northern Limit Line in 2015. Also, his other film credits are The Beauty Inside (2015) and The Dragon Inn (2020).

Photo: Jang Eui Su On TV Character
Source: Instagram@jesoo122

Not only films but Eui Soo has made appearances in dramas by playing various roles like Bad Papa (2018) as Sang-Cheol, He Is Psychometric (2019) as Lee Seung-Yong, Jal Pa Gin Love (2019) as Shi Ran Ho. However, he rose to fame when he played the main role of Kang Gook in Where Your Eyes Linge (2020). He further starred as Park Sung Beom in Memorist in 2020.

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