Eva Andersen Rowing: The Story of An Unlikely Olympic Athlete

Mon Dec 12 2022
By   Binaya_22

When you think of some of the best sports, you don't necessarily think of Rowing. And Women's Rowing, mainly, is even less popular. Not for Eva Andersen, though, as she has been working to make a name for herself in the rowing world.

Eva, at such a young age, is already making a name for herself through Rowing. Watch out, Georgeta Damian; she is coming for all your records. So, who is Eva, and what is so special about this rower? Well, let's learn a bit about her, then.

She Is A Student At Georgetown

Many professional athletes start early, and the same thing can be said about Eva. She has been rowing for many years and pursuing her school and education. So, where is the athlete studying today? 

Eva lives away from her home in White Plains, New York (the same place where David Yount resides) and is currently in an institute in Washington, DC. Eva is a freshman at Georgetown University. Georgetown's Women Rowing welcomed the Class of 26 Eva through their Insta. In her words, she joined the college because:

I chose Georgetown because of the incredible academic opportunities and the close-knit community of the rowing team. I'm thrilled to be able to spend my college experience continuing the sport that I love in a vibrant city with supportive coaches and teammates! Hoya Saxa!

Eva Andersen can be seen smiling in the picture as the text welcoming her is written below her face.
Georgetown's Women Rowing welcoming Eva Andersen (Source: Instagram @guwra)

Where Did Eva Study Before Georgetown?

Looking at what Eva said while joining Georgetown, we can all tell she cares about her education while also wanting to improve her rowing skills. So, before Georgetown, where did she try to achieve both?

Eva's high school education happened in the same institute as Olivia Bastianich, which is Greenwich. She studied at Greenwich High School, part of the School's Greenwich Crew team, and only graduated from the institute in 2022. 

She Has Already Achieved A Lot 

I wouldn't say I like to excite much, but with how Eva's career goes, it won't be long before we see her representing her country in the Olympics. She has already accomplished a lot and will surely achieve more in the coming years.

Georgetown is happy to have her on their team, and if you look at his Greenwich achievements, you can see why. She is already a leader, as evident from her senior year in Greenwich, where she was the team captain. 

That's not her only achievement in High School. She was also honoured with the title of most improved rower in 2020. But wait, there's more.

Be recruited has listed out her rowing achievements. She finished first at the American Youth Cup Series I - V4+ in 2020. Eva also grabbed the same position at the Northeast Regionals - Novice 8+ in her Novice Year and Head of the Fish - Varsity 4V8+ in her freshman year. Plus, a plethora of other honours.

Eva's Personal Life (Is She Seeing Anyone?)

It looks like Eva Andersen is not seeing anyone as of now. She is a woman focused on making a career in rowing. Well, she is balancing her life with her education and rowing. 

It would be hard for her to give time to any relationship with everything she has already occupied with. Maybe we will see her in the arms of someone shortly, but for now, the woman from the White Plains is focusing on her career.

Honoured By Greenwich

In the previous topic, I mentioned some of her achievements. So, it's no wonder Eva Andersen was one of the nineteen athletes who were honoured by her high school for her athletic accomplishment. 

Eva Andersen with others is posing wearing their University Shirts.
Eva Andersen (Fifth from left to right in the back row) being honored by Greenwich alongside 18 other athletes (Source: Greenwich Sports Beat) 

Eva was a Division 1 level athlete for them. There were athletes from many sports that were honoured, but a majority of them were from rowing. David Fierro for Greenwich Sports Beat has written a brilliant article from this event in case you want to learn more about it.


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