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Mon Jul 10 2023
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Dive into Courtney Love's infamous personal life: The singer has been married twice!  

Courtney Love once described herself as a "force of nature" and any avid fan of hers would agree with the summation. She is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and actress. Hailed for her illustrious career and groundbreaking journey, Love is often frowned upon by righteous watchers because of her renegade deportment.  

Born Courtney Michelle Love on July 9, 1964, in San Francisco, California, to her well-known parents, Linda Carroll, and Hank Harrison. Amid her parents' contentious divorce and family debacles, Love fell into the pits of drug addiction as a kid, which was the first of her many hardships and controversies to come.  

Who was Courtney Love's First Husband?  

Courtney has a slew of scandals and controversies to her name, all of which seem fathomable given the singer's troubled upbringing. Courtney's eventual venture into the rock 'n' roll industry is as comprehensible. Love had experienced a hard couple of years, stripping and dancing to start off her singing career before she founded Hole in 1989.   

Courtney Love is known as the founder of rock band, Hole.
Courtney Love was married to James Moreland for three months. Photo Source: Instagram

Love's alt-rock band was an immediate success after they released their first single, Retard Girl, in 1990. And it was during the making of the hitmaker that Courtney met her future husband, James Moreland, credited as one of the producers of the song.  

While not much is jotted down about Love's first nuptial, a few reports allude that it was just as chaotic and disastrous. Courtney was a budding artist at the time and Moreland was a singer of the punk band The Leaving Train. The duo's wedding wasn't a product of love but a result of a brazen dare.  

James allegedly dared Love to marry him and the two, in a drunken state, got hitched in Las Vegas. And while Moreland was happy to play a doting husband, Courtney took the marriage for what it was, a joke. The duo got their marriage annulled after mere three months and Moreland didn't hesitate to air out some dirty laundry.   

Courtney Love's first husband is James Moreland.
Love reportedly married Moreland on a dare. Photo Source: Instagram

"She definitely has an evil side," the former punk rocker said in Courtney Love: The Real Story. James added, "She once tried to burn my bed when I was sleeping. A fire started and I woke up in shock." The Leaving Train alum also went on to assert his rancor for Love as he revealed that Courtney got their child aborted amid her drug abuse.  

Moreland has let out more deets and vile domestic violence stories about his marriage with Courtney, who, on her part, has kept mum, and hasn't even debunked James' horrendous accusations. Love once called her marriage to Moreland the "stupidest thing I ever did."   

Courtney Love's Second Marriage!  

Despite her acclaimed career, a trove of notorious moments, and perpetual controversies, Love's second marriage with the late legend Kurt Cobain, is seen as a raucous centerpiece of her life and rock history. Cobain, the founder and frontman of the rock band, Nirvana, died of suicide in 1994, aged only 27.   

Courtney Love was married to Kurt Cobain.
Courtney Love was married to Kurt Cobain until his death in 1994. Photo Source: Instagram

The couple was once considered Grunge's most famous and fitting to the genre, a toxic couple. Much of the duo's relationship timeline is murky but as per a biographer, the Celebrity Skin crooner met Cobain at a Dharma Bums gig in early 1989. Both Love and Kurt were aware of each others' work and a few months down the road, became romantically connected.  

The late rockstar dished on how he dodged Courtney's advances for months before caving in. The two officially started dating in 1991 and attracted a lot of media right away. The couple went on to tie the knot on Waikiki Beach, Hawaii, on 24 February 1992, in a hippy ceremony, with Kurt donning a pajama, and Love, showing up in a satin gown.   

Courtney Love is known as the widow of Kurt Cobain.
Kurt Cobain died of suicide in 1994. Photo Source: Instagram

The couple's whirlwind nuptial and the public knowledge of the spouses' drug ruse only brought more scrutiny and criticism. The couple faced a massive backlash when Love claimed to have gone on a drug binge with Kurt while she was pregnant, which prompted Child Protective Service to take charge and award their kid's custody to Love's sister, Jaimee.  

Throughout their two-year short marriage, from 1992 to Kurt's death, in 1994, the grunge couple would spark various troubling headlines, and multiple accounts accused Courtney of introducing Kurt to heroin. Courtney had alerted the Seattle police of Cobain's suicidal tendency and even stages an intervention. Kurt was found dead of a self-inflicted gun wound on April 5.  

Who is Courtney Love's Only Daughter?  

Courtney is a mother to one, Frances Bean Cobain, who was born to her and Kurt, in August 1992. The Retard Girl crooner lost custody of her daughter in 2009 but has since built a cordial relationship with Frances. "I just want things to be good for her, but she's a lot like me and a lot like her dad," Love said about Frances.   

Courtney Love is a mother to one.
Courtney doesn't share the best relationship with her only daughter, Frances Cobain. Photo Source: Instagram

As her legendary dad's only child, Frances inherited Kurt's estate and a trust fund worth US$200 million. Frances is now a visual artist and model. Love was once in control of her late husband's publicity rights as his widow, but the rights were endowed to her daughter, in 2010. Love hasn't cemented a likable image as a mother.  

The Hole singer once lashed out at her daughter for keeping close with her dad's side of the family, and called Frances "deceptive and deluded" on the internet, which led to Frances filing for restraining order against her own mother. But despite the rocky past and circumstances, Frances has asserted a bettering relationship with Courtney.    

Frances Cobain inherited her father's massive estate! 

"When my mom is on a right and healthy path, she is one of the most fulfilling, beautiful, intelligent, and kind people I ever met," the artist said. Frances married guitarist Isaiah Silva in 2014 and divorced him in 2017. She has since been dating Tony Hawk's son, Riley Hawk.  

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