Everything to Know About Steven Tyler's Married Life

Thu May 25 2023
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Steven Tyler has been married twice and is a father of four: Complete story here!

Best recognized as the eccentric frontman of the rock band Aerosmith, Steven Tyler is undoubtedly one of the greatest singers of all time. The rock icon is not without his vices. Also deemed a controversial figure, many disgraceful tales about the singer's behavior don't make him a likable legend. 

Tyler rose to fame with his debut, Dream On, in 1969, and a year later created the iconic band with four other members. The rock Titans are marking their five decades in the business with a Farewell tour, kicking off in September. "It's not goodbye it's peace out," the band said in its joint statement as they announced the bitter-sweet news.  

The Truth About Steven Tyler's First Marriage!  

Steven Tyler's excessive behavior, which included the singer's severe drug addiction, relationship with a minor, and a brief romance resulting in the birth of a child, when he met actress Cyrinda Foxe in 1977. 

Steven Tyler is the frontman of Aerosmith.
Steven Tyler is best known as the frontman of the rock band Aerosmith. Photo Source: Instagram

Note that Foxe was then married to singer David Johansen and yet delved into a romantic relationship with the Aerosmith frontman anyway.    

Steven and Cyrinda tied the knot in 1978 and welcomed a daughter, Mia Tyler, the same year. The couple's marriage started going downhill with Tyler's heavy drug use and an extra-marital affair. It wasn't long before the rockstar began abusing his wife. 

The End of Steven's First Marriage

In her memoir, Dream On Livin' on the Edge with Steven Tyler and Aerosmith, Foxe recounts her tumultuous marriage with Tyler. Steven and Cyrinda finalized their divorce nine years after their wedding in 1987.

Steven Tyler was married to Cyrinda Foxe.
Tyler was married to actress Cyrinda Foxe for nine years. 
Photo Source: Instagram

The estranged pair didn't have the best relationship after their divorce, but Steven showed up when times got hard for Cyrinda. The Walk This Way hitmaker helped Cyrinda financially when she suffered a mini-stroke in 2001. 

The Aerosmith frontman also financed his ex-wife's funeral her cleared her remainder bills after she died in 2002. Cyrinda was married to Keith Waa at the time of her death.  

Steven Tyler's Second Marriage!  

Tyler married fashion designer Teresa Barrick in 1988. It is said that the pair's romance began while Tyler was still married to Cyrinda. The singer's second marriage mirrored his first marriage, with reports of their relationship blighted by affairs and drugs.   

Steven Tyler married Teresa Barrick in 1988.
Tyler shares two children with his second ex-wife, Teresa Barrick. Photo Source: Instagram

The duo welcomed two kids, a daughter Chelsea, and a son Taj, during their 17-year-long marriage. Despite experiencing severe highs and lows with the Aerosmith frontman, Barrick kept her family life out of the spotlight.

The duo announced their separation in 2005 and finalized their divorce a year later. While Steven's daughter with Barrick, Chelsea, followed in his footsteps, Taj stayed hidden from the limelight.

Steven Tyler's Relationship with Julia Holcomb!  

The Aerosmith fame is in hot waters as he stands accused of sexual assault of a minor. The plaintiff, Julia Misley, formerly known as Julia Holcomb, filed the complaint against the singer before the deadline of California's Child Victims Act.   

Julia Holcomb filed a lawsuit against Steven Tyler.
Tyler infamously dated Julia Holcomb in the 70s. 
Photo Source: Instagram

Julia, now 65, claims the Dream On crooner sexually assaulted her when she was 16 while Tyler was an adult. Julia has filed a lawsuit against Steven for "sexual assault, sexual battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress."  

Tyler has denied all claims, but much of it remains true. All accounts show the singer being in a relationship with a 16-year-old Holcomb when he was 27. 

What makes their story more disturbing was Holcomb came from a broken home. She was seeking stability from the singer. Tyler even obtained guardianship of the 16-year-old after Holcomb's mother decided to sign it. 

But Steven had no intention or consideration of adhering to the responsibility of being a guardian to a minor. The rockstar continued to keep a sexual relationship with Holcomb.   

Denying the sexual assault accusations, Steven Tyler claims that Holcomb, who was then 16, consented to their sexual relationship!  

The Sweet Emotions hitmaker regarded Julia as Diana Hall when they were together to keep her identity a secret. In a sick twist of the tale, Holcomb reportedly got pregnant and was convinced to abort the baby. 

Julia claims the abortion and the whole relationship had a traumatic impact on her. The pair's years-long affair was documented in the 2021 documentary movie, Look Away. The flick tells the stories of frequent sexual abuse of young girls in the rock industry. 

In his latest statement, Tyler denies the accusations. But the singer claims that the then-minor Julia consented to the sexual relationship between them.  

Get to Know Steven Tyler's Children!  

Steven Tyler has four kids, who he shares with three of his ex-partners. Although the recent report against the rockstar doesn't add to his quality as a father, Tyler claims he shares a beautiful bond with his children.  

Steven Tyler is a father to four children.
Tyler's oldest child, actress Liv Tyler, didn't know that the rock star was her father until she turned eight. 
Photo Source: Instagram 

The singer-songwriter says he tries to gather with his family, despite everyone's tight schedule. So, here's everything about Tyler and his children.

Steven's oldest, Liv Rundgren Tyler, was born in 1977. Liv is an accomplished actress. The eldest of Tyler's kids was from a brief romance between Steven and her mother, model Bebe Buell

Buell kept her daughter in the delusion that Utopia frontman Todd Rundgren was her biological father. Tyler has three grandkids through Liv. Liv says she was 8 when she learned Steven was her actual father.

The Aerosmith frontman's second child, Mia, was born to Tyler and his first wife. Mia is an actress and model, although not as accomplished as her older sister. She was married to drummer Dave Buckner from 2002 to 2005. Mia is a mother to one.  

Tyler's second youngest, Chelsea, born in 1989, has followed in her father's footsteps. She is one of the electronic-soul duo KANEHOLLER. 

Chelsea is married to Jon Foster and has a son with him. The rockstar's youngest, Taj, is the most low-profile of the Tyler brood and hardly appears with the singer. He is reportedly married to Brittany Reardon.  

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