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Fashion Designer (1960)
Mon Jul 11 2022
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Teresa Barrick is a well-known American fashion designer who previously worked with Aerosmith a famous band in America which was formed by her ex-husband.

She is well-known among the public as the ex-wife of a celebrity, Steven Tyler, an American singer, songwriter, recorder, producer, and actor. He is a lead vocalist of Aerosmith band which is one of the American top rock bands.

Early Life

Teresa was born on 21 March 1960 in the United States of America. She was born and raised in the United States under the supervision of her parents. 

Moreover, she was a charming girl since her childhood and had acceptable behaviors. From an early age, she wanted to be a fashion designer; later; she turned out her interest into reality.

Relationship Status

Teresa Barrick was married to Steven Tyler, in 1988 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her husband is a well-known American singer, songwriter, recorder, producer, and actor.

In 1982, the couple first met each other at Steven's studio and after a few years of dating, they decided to marry and the couple was blessed with a son Taj Monroe Tallarico, and a daughter, Chelsea Anna Tallarico. 

Picture of Teresa Barrick and her Ex-husband Steven Tylor.
Picture of Teresa Barrick and her Ex-husband Steven Tylor. Image Source: Naibuz

Unfortunately, the lovely couple ended their relationship in 2006 due to the disloyalty of Teresa. Recently, the former couple is enjoying their personal life.

Past Relationship of Teresa's Ex-Husband

The relationship is one of the most interesting parts of Steven's life as he got married three times, including marriage with Aimee. Before getting married to Aimee, he married two other beautiful women.

Steven had his first married to Cyrinda Foxe, who is a famous American actress who was born on February 22, 1952. Steven and Cyrinda came into a marital relationship in 1978, but due to some personal reason, they got divorced in 1987. Sadly, American actress Cyrinda passed away on September 7, 2002.

About Teresa's Husband - Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler is a well-known American musician who was born in 1948, March 26 in Yonkers, New York. Steven's father was an Italian German and his mother was a Ukrainian. He came into the limelight due to his loud vocal range and high scream so he is also known for Demon of Screamin. 

He is a lead vocalist of Aerosmith band which is an American top rock band. He attend Roosevelt High School but later he was restricted from the high school due to marijuana use after that he went to Quitanos School and graduate from there.

Career Outset Of Steven

Steven was interested in music since his childhood and later he made his interest into a passion. He release his first song Dream On in 1969 after he attend the local rock reality show New Hampshire where he meet Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton.

The trio decided to form their own band in 1970, and then they meet other members and form a band Aerosmith. He also worked as a judge of American Ideal for two years. 

In 1979 the band was expanded due to some misunderstanding between the band members. Later, in 1948 the band was reunited with an extra dose of energy and talent. Now they are the top band in America.

Net Worth

Teresa Barrick is a well-known fashion designer who has earned a decent amount of money throughout her career. Also, she did not have a personal business that helped her to generate money. 

Although she has not revealed any sort of information regarding her net worth on any media, we can guess that she earned a decent amount of money that helped her to fulfill her family's basic needs.

Picture of Teresa Barrick and her daughter Chelsea Anna Tallarico.
Picture of Teresa Barrick and her daughter Chelsea Anna Tallarico. Picture Source: CelebSubrub

However, Teresa's ex-husband is a famous rock musician. He has a net worth of $130 million. His net worth includes his income from his career, social media, and assets. Knowing his total net value, it seems they live in a luxury house with his family.

Physical Appearance

Teresa Barrick is a beautiful woman whose height and weight are still behind the curtain. She has also not shared much information about her physical outlook but has a charming and alluring personality.

Looking at her pictures, we can say she has decent height and average body weight. She has blue eyes and blonde hair color, which has made her more good-looking and attractive.

Social Media

Teresa Barrick is seen as less active in her social media because she prefers to keep her personal and related information out of the public eye. It could be the reason for her lack of participation in the media. 

However, some of the Instagram accounts are there with her name which may be the fan's accounts. In addition to that Teresa does not appear to want her personal life to be made public. Her fans, on the other hand, adore her.

Picture of Teresa Barrick's Ex-husband Steven Tylor
Picture of Teresa Barrick's Ex-husband Steven Tylor. Picture Source: Biography.com

Similarly, her ex-husband Steven Tylor is mostly active on his Instagram as @iamstevent. He has more than 2.4 million followers on his Instagram with 879 posts. He mostly posts his picture and videos of his band.

Moreover, Steven seems more active on his Twitter rather than on Instagram and any other social media. He has a Twitter account as @IamStevenT where he has amassed more than 1.7 million followers and 2716 tweets.


Once the rumor regarding Teresa's death was all over the country and the public was believing that she was dead in a car accident. However, the fact is she fell from a ladder and had a serious injury and was admitted to a hospital.

Teresa got best cured and she is recently living a happy life with her children. Due to her being less active on social media information regarding her daily life is hard to know.

Mother of Two Children

The famous fashion designer Teresa is blessed with two children Taj Monroe Tallarico, and Chelsea Anna Tallarico. Teresa's first daughter Chelsea was born in 1989. 

Like her father, she is also a great musician of America and performs duets with her dad on the live stage. She is married to Jon Foster who is also a musician. 

Picture of Teresa Barrick with her Ex-husband Steven Tylor, Daughter Chelsea Anna Tallarico and son Taj Monroe Tallarico.
Picture of Teresa Barrick with her Ex-husband Steven Tylor, Daughter Chelsea Anna Tallarico and son Taj Monroe Tallarico. Picture Source: Marriedbiography.com

Teresa's second child Taj was born in 1991 in the United States. As he is the eldest child he is currently busy making his career. 

Music Collection of Teresa's Ex-Husband

Steven is a great musician and a lead vocalist of the Aerosmith band whereas, he has also released a number of albums by himself or collaborating with different other bands:

               Song                                       Artist                        Album                                       
Walk This WaySteven Tylor and Joe PerryRaising Hell
Wild ThingSam Kinison and Steven TylorHave you seen me lately?
Only My Heart TalkinAlice Cooper and Steven TylorTrash
Roots, Rock, ReggaeBob Marley and Steven TylorChant Down Babylon
I'm a King BeeSteven Tylor and Joe PerryLightning in a Bottle Soundtrack

Lifestyle of Teresa

Teresa and her ex-husband, Steven, have been able to create a stable career for themself and their children. With consistent efforts and a strong work ethic, they have been able to earn a good amount of money.

In addition to that, Teresa has a modest lifestyle even after having such a huge net worth for herself. She is a down-to-earth person, and it is fair to say that even after gaining her name and fame hasn't changed anything about her.

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