Everything to Know About the Late Show Host Stephen Colbert and His Personal Life

Mon May 22 2023
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Stephen Colbert is an Emmy-winning talk show host and a father of three!  

To say that Stephen Colbert is one of the most beloved personalities on American television will be an understatement. Not only is Colbert a multiple Emmy-winning writer and television host, but a prominent comedian, producer, and actor. 

Colbert, 59, a comedian, writer, producer, political commentator, and host, has been a household figure for over four decades. A duration long enough to endow him with the status of Hollywood human dynamo, which he is in all righteousness. Ahead, we'll look into the Emmy winner's expansive contribution to the industry and the blissful affair that is his personal life. 

Everything to Know About Stephen Colbert's Career!   

Born as the youngest to devout Catholic parents with eleven children, Stephen Colbert initially pursued philosophy at Hampden-Sydney College of Virginia. He later transferred to Northwestern University to study theatre. The first few years of Colbert's career were him finding his calling while performing in a famed troupe.   

Stephen Colbert is an Emmy-winning host.
Colbert is a multiple Emmy-winning talk show host and comedian. Photo Source: Instagram

Colbert made his first notable step to success in 1996 when he joined The Dana Carvey Show as a writer and cast member. Colbert's stint in The Carvey Show prompted more opportunities for him in Saturday Night Live, Good Morning America, and Comedy Central's Strangers with Candy, which he created with Paul Dinello, Amy Sedaris, and Mitch Rouse. 

Colbert's first big venture, Strangers with Candy, widely condemned for its offensive humor, was taken down after only three seasons. Despite the huge setback, Colbert's career was far from being back to square one as he joined The Daily Show as a correspondent in 1997.   

Stephen is best known as the host of CBS' The Late show.
Colbert succeeded David Letterman as the host of The Late Show in 2015. 
Photo Source: Instagram

Colbert cemented an impeccable profile during his eight-year-long stint on The Daily Show. He later kicked off his hosting career on its spin-off, The Colbert Report. Colbert showcased his acting and creative chops on the spin-off show, playing unforgettable fictional political pundits and a few more.  

The correspondent-turned-host garnered multiple Emmys during eleven successful runs on The Colbert Report, where he'd often fuse his personal life with the fictional characters. The show was the biggest turning point in Stephen's professional run as it led the man to succeed the legendary David Letterman as the new host of The Late Show. 

The Washington-born television host joined The Daily Show in 2015. Colbert has earned the esteemed Peabody Awards and four Emmys in his continuing stint. While navigating the immensely demanding job, Colbert has also managed to carve a career in comedy, writing, and producing.   

Inside Stephen Colbert's Married Life!  

Not only is Stephen Colbert one of the most prominent talk show hosts in the country, but a reputed family man. Success has followed Colbert in his professional endeavors, as well as in his personal life. Since foraying into showbiz, Colbert has only ever been with one woman, his wife, Evelyn McGee-Colbert.   

Stephen Colbert is married to Evelyn McGee.
Stephen recalls the moment he knew Evelyn was the one. 
Photo Source: Instagram

Colbert and Evelyn go way back; in fact, the two meant-to-be souls were raised in the same neighborhood! But Evelyn and Stephen remained unacquainted until their next run into each other as adults. The Late Show host saw Evelyn at a theatre lobby early into his career and immediately knew she was "the one."  

Evelyn, on the other hand, was just as enthralled by Colbert. The pair started dating eventually and tied the knot on October 9, 1993. Colbert was yet to achieve the burgeoning status that he holds today. Safe to say that Evelyn has anchored and watched her husband work his way to fame.   

Stephen and Evelyn tied the knot in 1993.
Stephen recalls the moment he knew Evelyn was the one. 
Photo Source: Instagram

Evelyn occasionally shows up on red carpets and interviews with her husband. Many asked what was the secret behind their decades-long nuptial. Colbert's wife, Evelyn, said that it is being silly that has kept the magic alive between them. 

"He's so sexy. And he taught me the importance of being silly," Evelyn gushed.  

Get to Know Stephen Colbert's Wife and Children!  

Stephen Colbert's wifey, Evelyn McGee-Colbert, keeps away from the spotlight. But that doesn't mean she isn't an active member of Hollywood. Evelyn has dabbled in acting and currently works as the vice president of Colbert's production company, Spartina Production.   

Stephen Colbert is a father to three kids.
Colbert welcomed their oldest child, Madeleine, two years after their marriage in 1995. 
Photo Source: Instagram

Evelyn's other designations include being the Montclair Film Board of Trustees's President. She resides in Montclair, New Jersey, with her husband and their three children and is often praised for her commendable contribution to the community and its art sector.  

Aside from being a leading woman in the family's company, Evelyn is a doting mother of three. The Colbert couple welcomed their first daughter, Madeleine Carlisle, in 1995. Madeleine came to fame as the baby who Jennifer Garner once babysat.    

Colbert's wife is a vice president at his production company, Spartina Production! 

Stephen debuted his daughter on The Daily Show in 2004 and even got her a job as a makeup artist later. Madeleine is now working as a journalist. The couple's second child, Peter Colbert, was born in 1998. Peter has entirely recused himself from the spotlight but previously dabbled in acting.  

The Emmy-winning talk show host and his wife welcomed their youngest, John Colbert, in 2002. John has stacked a promising acting resume, with credits in The Hobbit series, Egg Evan, Real Detective, and The Sockpocalypse.

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