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Celebrity's Kid (1990)
Wed Nov 30 2022
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Ewin Ezekiel Holyfield is famous as the son of Evander Holyfield, a retired professional boxer in the United States who played from 1984 and 2011. He was the first boxer to win the undisputed cruiserweight belt in the late 1980s and the heavyweight championship in the early 1990s.

Ewin Ezekiel Holyfield was born in 1990 in the United States of America to Evander Holyfield and Paulette Bowen. However, his exact age is still under wraps. Moreover, he has a brother, Evander Holyfield Jr. (b. 1984) (Boxer), and two sisters, Evette Ashley Holyfield (b. 1986) and Ebonne Esheal Holyfield (b. 1989).

Is Ewin Ezekiel Holyfield Dating Anyone?

Ewin Ezekiel Holyfield prefers to avoid social media's eye when it comes to his personal life. Moreover, there are no rumors also about his past and present relationship. So, from this, it's safe to assume he is living a single life like Matthias Schoenaerts.

On the other hand, he is probably busy making his career life. That's why he may not have time for his love life right now. Also, he has not been spotted a girl in public places.

Besides this, the celebrity's kid does not remain active on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Similarly, another celebrity's kid, Kyla Wayans, also remains out of social platforms.

Parent's (Evander And Paulette) Married Life

Evander Holyfield and Paulette Bowen had not shared when and where they met for the first time. The couple dated for some years and eventually tied the knot on May 17, 1985, in the presence of their close ones.

 Ewin Ezekiel Holyfield  Lives a Single Life.
Image: Ewin Ezekiel Holyfield's Father And Mother.
Source: bodyheightweight.com

After some years of marriage, the husband-wife duo shared three kids. They were living a healthy married life, but unfortunately, after six years of marriage, they ended their bond in 1991. The reason behind their separation was Evander's extra-marital affairs.

Ewin Ezekiel Holyfield's Father, Evander Holyfield's Extra Affairs And Kids

Evander Holyfield has dated many but married three of them. After the separation from Paulette, Evander was in a love relationship with La Brown, with whom he split up at the end of the 1990s. Moreover, the pair shared a daughter, Emani Winter Holyfield (b. 1993).

Then, the boxer began dating Janice Itson in 1994 and eventually got hitched on October 4, 1996. But, the duo got divorced in July 2000. Furthermore, the ex-partner welcomed a son, Elijah Jedidiah Holyfield, in 1998

Similarly, Mr. Holyfield also dated Tamie Pettaway, with whom he shared a son, Elijah Esaias Holyfield (b. 1997) (Professional American Football Player), and a daughter, Eden Eloise Holyfield (b. 1995). However, the ex-pair had not shared when they started their bond and when they ended.

Evander was also linked as a boyfriend and girlfriend with Toi Irvin for a short time. The former sweetheart shared a son Eleazar Evan Holyfield who was born in 1997.

Ewin Ezekiel Holyfield's Father, Evander Holyfield Lives a Single Life.
Photo: Ewin Ezekiel Holyfield's Father, Evander Holyfield's Is With His Ex-Wife, Candi Calvana Smith.
Source: Hosbeg.com

Then, after many failed relationships, Holyfield again found his love in Candi Calvana Smith and exchanged the marriage vows in 2003 after dating for some years. Moreover, the couple welcomed a son, Eli Ethan Holyfield, in 2004, and Eve Elizabeth Holyfield, a daughter, in 2005.

But unfortunately, like his past relationship, this marriage also ended in divorce. And the husband-wife duo separated legally in 2012. However, the reason behind their separation is not known.

Ewin Ezekiel Holyfield's Net Worth

Ewin Ezekiel Holyfield has not shared his profession, so it's pointless to discuss his net worth. He is probably enjoying his parent's net worth like many other celebrity kids.

Ewin Ezekiel Holyfield's Father Holds a Net Worth of $1 Million.
Image: Ewin Ezekiel Holyfield's Father Is a Retired Professional Boxer.
Source: www. whosedatedwho.com

On the other hand, his father, Evander, has a net worth of $1 million as of early 2021. He earned all his wealth from his professional career. Besides this, he probably engages in other ventures also from where he increase his bank balance. 

Besides this, 188 cm tall boxer makes a hefty amount of money from his endorsements also. Evander has been in the advertisements for Zaxby's, Coca-Cola, Real Deal Grill cooking appliances, etc.

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