Explore Frankie Valli's Personal Life As the Singer Marries 4th Wife at 89

Fri Jun 30 2023
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Frankie Valli married his fourth wife at 89: Everything to know about his personal life!  

The name Frankie Valli might be irrelevant to the new generation, but the legendary singer-songwriter is nowhere close to becoming a fading star. Best known as the frontman of the rock and roll band, The Four Seasons, which is still performing and thriving since its groundbreaking success in the 60s and 70s, Valli, at 89, is refusing to slow down.  

"Age is really a frame of mind. It really is," says the legendary singer. Born on May 3, 1934, in Newark, New Jersey, Valli, and his fellow band members took the industry by storm with their number-one hitmakers like Sherry, Big Girls Don't Cry, Rag Doll, and Walk Like a Man, in the 60s. The 89-year-old recently became a husband for the fourth time.  

Frankie Valli Walks Down the Aisle for the Fourth Time!  

Nothing proves the adage age is just the number better than Valli's recent venture. The Four Seasons frontman is once again a husband to his longtime partner, Jackie Jacobs. "It's terrific to have found love once again at this stage of my life," said the singer following his intimate nuptial.   

Frankie Valli is a singer-songwriter.
Frankie Valli is best known as the frontman of The Four Seasons. Photo Source: Instagram

The singer-songwriter and his partner walked down the aisle at Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas, on June 26. The extremely intimate ceremony included just the groom and the bride and Valli's 60s hitmaker, Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You, playing in the background.  

Frankie's 60-year-old bride, Jacobs, donned an elegant white gown, and the singer himself sported a navy suit for the ceremony. The duo's sweet love has only come to attention as it turned into an unexpected nuptial. As per Valli's new wife, the couple crossed paths in 2007 but only began dating in 2015.  

Frankie and Jacobs started dating in 2015! 

Valli, who has been married and divorced three times before, looked smitten with his fourth wife in the handful of snippets. The Sherry hitmaker and Jacobs met at a dinner in 2007 and Jacobs says that the two kept in touch for years. Things took a romantic turn in 2015 when the legendary singer asked Jackie on a date.    

Frankie Valli marries for the fourth time.
Valli marries his fourth wife, Jackie Jacobs, at 89. Photo Source: Instagram

Jackie has been a lowkey fixture in Valli's life for a while now. The twosome has made a number of red-carpet appearances over the years, and Jacobs has been spotted cheering for her beau on occasions. A native of Maryland, she previously worked as a CBS marketing executive and later, as a director of marketing.  

Explore Frankie Valli's Romantic History!  

It is no surprise that Frankie, like most of his contemporaries, has been quite adventurous in his personal endeavors. The singer has fallen in love many times and doesn't have the most illustrious past. The Walk Like a Man crooner was in his early 20s when he married his first wife, Mary Mandel, in 1957.  

Frankie Valli has been married four times.
Valli and his Mary Mandel were married from 1957 to 1971. Photo Source: Instagram

Frankie's then-wife, Mandel, had a daughter from her previous relationship, and in addition, the duo welcomed two daughters, Antonia and Francine. Frankie's oldest daughter, Antonia, married and later divorced his fellow band member, Gerry Polci, with whom Antonia has bore two kids.  

Valli's second girl, Francine, on the other hand, reportedly inherited the singer's talents but tragically died of a drug overdose before she could follow in her father's footsteps. The Rag Doll crooner and Mandel, who died in 2007, split ways in 1971, and the singer started dating Mary Ann Hannigan.  

Frankie and Hannigan tied the knot in June 1974 and lived a quiet life in New Jersey before calling it quit in 1982. Frankie's third marriage, with Randy Clohessy, flew under the radar as well. The duo got hitched in 1984, two years after Valli's second divorce, and went on to welcome three sons, Francesco, and twins Brando and Emilio.  

Frankie Valli is a father to five.
The singer shares three sons with his third ex-wife, Randy Clohessy. Photo Source: Instagram

Expressing his disappointment over another failed nuptial, the Four Seasons singer said he has no idea why it didn't work out the third time. "Maybe people weren't meant to be together forever," Valli said. The singer's oldest son, Francesco, is an actor and has worked in Full House, The House Bunny, and more.  

Valli's twins, Brando and Emilio, often accompanied their father on his tours as young boys. Frankie says that his youngest two are very musical like him but what they want to be in life is solely their decision. Brando is seemingly carving a career in music, considering that he released a couple of singles, and Emilio is studying films and also works as a realtor.  

Aside from Valli's three failed marriages and a few well-wrapped romances, the singer abruptly shot to infamy in 2014 when April Kirkwood claimed to have a two-decade-long affair with the singer. Kirkwood accused Frankie of taking her virginity when she was only 16 and he was 39.   

Frankie Valli's second daughter died of drug overdose.
April Kirkwood claimed that she had a two-decade-long affair with the singer. Photo Source: Instagram

In the film Jersey Boys, which tells the story of The Season's rise from rags to riches, Kirkwood was shown as one of the many one-night stands the band members bedded during their peak. And very few, except for Valli's close circle, knew about Kirkwood's place in Valli's life.  

In her tell-all memoir, Big Girls Do Cry, April unveils how she had a steamy relationship with the singer, who was nothing but cruel, controlling, uncaring, and minacious during their two-decades-long affair. "I loved Frankie, and I thought he loved me. I thought one day he’d make me his wife," April confessed.  

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