Is Frankie Valli's Former Wife Randy Clohessy in a Relationship or Not?

Wed Apr 22 2020
By   Selena

Life sometimes gets miserable after you've suffered from painful, failed marriages. Similarly, after 19 years of marital, Randy Clohessy and her long-term partner, Frankie Valli, agreed not to continue their union.

Do you know? Frankie is one of America's well-known vocalists, known as The Four Seasons' lead singer beginning in 1960. Some of his number one hit includes Sherry (1962), Big Girls Don't Cry (1962), Walk Like a Man(1963), and many more. Let's know more about their Married Life. 

Lavish Wedding Ceremony in 1981

After two unsuccessful divorces by 1980, Frankie walked down the aisle his third wife, Randy Clohessy, on 7th July 1984. The ceremony took place at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan among more than a hundred guests.

Randy Clohessy and Frankie Valli's Divorce was Finalized in the Year 2004 after 19 Years
Image: Randy Clohessy and Frankie Valli During Their Marriage Event
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During their wedding, the bride was 24 years old, where the groom was 47, but the two were one of the most beautiful couples despite the age difference. Randy wore an elaborate, dazzling bridal veil on the wedding day whereas Frankie wore a double-breasted, cream-colored jacket with a lavender boutonnière.

The newly-weds couple rode away after their event was over, flashing Rolls-Royce toward the reception in Orange, New Jersey. Furthermore, they also share three sons named Francesco, now 32, and twins, Emilio and Brando, 24.

Divorce Finalized in the Year 2004

The couple spent 22 years in a matrimonial connection, before their divorce in 2004. After a long marriage, the news went viral, citing irreconcilable differences, that Randy and her husband were divorcing officially.

Frankie with his three sons
Photo: Frankie Valli with his three Sons Francesco, Emilio, and Brando
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Divorce papers were brought in Los Angeles Superior Court, California, to explain whether the insurance policy bought in 2003 was Randy's. The state supreme court later ruled on the 15th of May that the policy was community land.

Then, the same year, the divorce finalized. Clohessy lives a happy, full life with her children after the split. There are no official reports of Randy being in a relationship currently as she's keeping her personal life very secret. In the same way, celebrity wife, Marcia Harvey now leads a single life after getting divorced from Steve Harvey, father of Brandi Harvey.

Frankie's First and Second Marriage

In 1954, the American singer married his first wife, Mary Mandel. But Mary had already two years old daughter Celia from previous weddings.

Frankie Valli's First Marriage was with Mary Mandel
Photo: Frankie Valli with his first wife, Mary Mandel
Source: Celeb Gossip

After the marriage, he adopted his step-child Celi and had two biological daughters named Toni Valli and Francine Valli. However, Mandel and her ex-partner separated after 13 years of the union in 1972. 

And two years later, Can't Take My Eyes Off You's singer tied the knot with his second wife, MaryAnn Hannigan, in 1974. Nevertheless, they split after eight years of intimacy.

Death of Valli's Two Daughters

Sadly, the exes Frankie and Mary found lost their daughter, Celia. She left the world after slipping on a fire escape. After six months, on 16 August 1980, they find their youngest daughter Francine's dead body close home in New Jersey.

Frankie Valli's Lost His Two Daughters Celia  and Francine
Picture: Frankie Valli with his Daughters, Toni, Francine, Celia 
Source: Celeb Gossip

The reason for her death was an overdose of drugs. After losing his daughter, their memories still bring tears to Valli's eyes. 'It is a little difficult to think about it,' he says.


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