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Celebrity Kid (2012)
Tue Feb 21 2023
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Ezra Pujols is the celebrity child of Albert Pujols, a former professional baseball player. Because of more media exposure, he has become quite the hot topic on the internet out of all his siblings. 

Ezra's father, Albert Pujols, is one of the most achieved baseball players. He has nicknames like La Máquina or The Machine due to his achievements of getting over 700+ home runs. Moreover, he has six Silver Slugger Awards and two Gold Gloves under his belt.

Has Four Other Siblings

Ezra Pujols was born in 2012 to Albert Pujols and Deidre Pujols. He is the fourth child of the Pujols couple and has a little sister named Esther Grace Pujols.

Ezra Pujols along with his whole family
Ezra Pujols, along with his whole family.
(Image Source: The Post Game)

Ezra has a total of four siblings, with only Esther being the younger one than him. His other three older siblings include Isabella Pujols, Sophia Pujols, and Albert Pujols Jr.

The Oldest Isabella Pujols Is Not His Biological Sister

Isabella Pujols was born on November 26, 1997, to her mother, Deidra Pujols. However, Albert wasn't her biological father, meaning she wasn't biologically the sister of Ezra Pujols. Deidra had Isabella before she met Albert Pujols.

However, this didn't stop Albert from treating her indifferently. He officially adopted and treated her as he would treat his own child, giving her all the affection and love she needed. Any information about her biological father has been kept tightly wrapped.

Ezra's Father Established Foundation For Down Syndrome

It was revealed that Isabella suffers from Down syndrome, a genetic condition with an extra chromosome. Down syndrome is known to cause intellectual disability as well as delay in development. 

So, to help those with Down syndrome, Albert Pujols established the Pujols Family Foundation. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to people with Down syndrome with the slogan 

"Our Mission is to live and share our commitment to faith, family and others."

Albert & His Foundation Has Helped Many Victims

Pujols and several doctors and dentists went to the Dominican Republic and medically aided those struggling financially. When the sponsors pulled back from Mike Coolbaugh Memorial Tournament, he saved the tournament by donating to it, allowing the event to continue. 

The pujol foundations hosting annual golf with prize money
The Pujol Foundation hosts annual golf with prize money.
(Image Source: Facebook)

The foundation hosts an annual golf tournament to raise funds for dentists and doctors to go to the Dominican Republic. They also annually holds basketball game for players with down syndrome at Missouri Baptist University.

Net Worth Of Ezra Pujols's Father

Ezra Pujols's father, Albert Pujols, has a net worth of approximately $170 million. With his record-breaking scores and the high value, it's a fair estimation. He earned about $30 million from his baseball career in 2022 alone. 

In the case of property, he listed over a 9 thousand sq foot mansions in California for sale in 2016. It was originally built in 2010 and features a courtyard, fountain, and winding stairs accompanied by a rotunda entry. Albert purchased it for $5.55 million in 2012.

The Marriage Of Ezra's Parents

Ezra Pujols's parents, Albert and Deidra, first met each other in 1999 at a dance club in Kansas. They immediately fell for each other and began dating. The year 1999 also happens to be the marriage year of Barbara Alyn Woods and John Lind.

The ex-couple Albert and Deidra officially married each other a year after their first meeting on January 1, 2000. Where the marriage was held hasn't been disclosed, but it seems to have been a private ceremony.

Why Ezra's Parents Divorced After Two Decades?

Unfortunately, the marriage of Ezra's parents didn't last forever because they filed for divorce after staying together for more than two decades.  Albert and Deidra looked like a happy family, but it seemingly fell apart in February 2022.

Albert initiated the divorce, citing "Irreconcilable Differences," but the exact reason for their divorce hasn't been revealed to the public. He told the People's reporters:

"“I’ve been asked a lot of questions over the past few days regarding what’s been going on at home and sadly, after 22 years of marriage, I have made the decision to file for divorce from my wife, Deidre."

He continued:

"As a devout Christian, this is an outcome that I never wanted to see happen."

Even though Albert and Deidra might have separated, they have committed to raising their children in a loving environment. It was a hard time for the family, so Albert pleaded not to intrude on their privacy, including the children's privacy.

Deidra Pujols Went Through The Brain Tumor Surgery

Ezra Pujol's mother, Deidra Pujol's brain tumor, was discovered in October 2021. However, she delayed the operation for the tumor for a few months. It was getting harder for Deidra to handle her tumor, so she opted in for brain surgery to remove the tumor in 2022.

Ezra's mother, Deidre Pujols, talking to the news reporter
Ezra Pujol's mother, Deidre Pujols, talking to the news reporter
(Image Source: The St.Louis American)

Deidra posted on her Instagram citing:

"I have delayed this procedure for as long as I could out of fear and inconvenience to my busy life. However, I can wait no longer.”

Deidra got brain surgery the same day her husband, Albert, played for the Cardinals against the Nationals. He was obviously worried for her, but the surgery was completed successfully. After the successful surgery, she stated:

“Whether God healed me supernaturally or a doctor had to go in and get out this creepy invader, it is a miracle!”

Ezra's Second Sister Aspires To Be A Gymnast

Ezra Pujol's second sister, Sophia Pujols, was born on November 5, 2005, making her the second eldest in the family. She is very passionate about gymnastics. So she made it public at nine years of age in 2015 that she wanted to participate in the Tokyo Summer Olympic games in 2020 as a gymnast.

Ezra Pujol's sister, Sophia Pujols training at Wildfire Gymnastics
Ezra Pujol's sister, Sophia Pujols, training at Wildfire Gymnastics
(Image Source: Youtube)

Sophia aspiration to participate in the Olympic games seemingly fell apart as the rules didn't allow her to participate. When it was time for the 2020 summer games, she was only fourteen, but the rules stated that the athlete must be sixteen to join the Olympics.

Ezra's sister Sophia hasn't given up on her dream of participating in the Olympic games. To fulfill her dream, she has trained professionally at Wildfire Gymnastics, where many other talented gymnasts have emerged in the past.

Where Is Ezra Pujols's Sister Now?

Ezra's sister Isabella Pujols lives a quiet private life, possibly due to her diagnosis. Her mother, Deidre Pujols, has asked for financial support for Isabella in her divorce filings. 

Currently, Isabella is living with her mother because of a dispute between her parents. Many who know Isabella and her condition are rooting for her happiness. 

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