Fact About Emi Canyn, Mick Mars Ex-Wife

Tue Nov 12 2019
By   Bibek

At the age of 62, on February 25, 2017, Emi Canyn left the world, leaving behind her amazing music to her loved ones. Canyn's popularity in the music scene is still intact as her sound still rings in people's ears. 

During her lifetime, Canyn only provided a few details of her personal life, while her fans were craving for more. Despite being super famous, the late singer's information is still not known. With all the respect to her privacy, we're going to explore some facts about her life. If you want to know about it too, then keep reading.

She Married Mick Mars

In the late 80s, Emi first locked eyes with Mick Mars on the music tour. To be precise in June 1987, Canyn and Mars felt that instant connection while talking to each other. The couple started dating each other for three years.

In 1990, the pair were head over heels in love with each other. They decided to take their relationship up a notch by walking down the aisle together. The singer looked stunning in her pretty white gown while Mars arrived in his dashing black suit, and so did his band members from Motley Crue.

Emi Canyn and Mick Mars with Motley Crue band members at their wedding
Image: Emi Canyn (second from right) with former husband Mick Mars (third from right) with their band members. 
Source: Brain Sharpner

Amid their loved ones, the duo exchanged wedding vows and soon pronounced husband and wife. Their marital relationship, however, did not last more than three years, and they went separate ways.

She Stayed Single after the Divorce

In 1993 the pair started having problems in their marriage, and by April 29 of the same year, they lived separately from each other. Neither Emi nor Mick gave anything as to why the couple was getting a divorce?

After living separately for a year, in 1994, the duo officially divorced each other. Emi moved on her life, but she never got into any other relationship as per online sources. During her death, Canyn survived by her siblings during her last days. 

On the other hand, Mick found love in Robbie Mantooth. The pair dated for nine years, but they failed to covert their affair into marriage. After the separation with Robbie in 2004, he started seeing Swiss model Seraina Schonenberger in 2007.

Mick Mars and his new wife Seraina Schonenberger
Picture: Mick Mars (at the back) with his new wife, Seraina Schonenberger (in front). 
Source: Pinterest 

As of now, Mars tied the knot with Seraina in 2013, and the couple is living happily with each other.

Emi passed away because of Natural Causes

On February 25, 2017, at her residence in Washington, Canyn passed away. No suspicious details have come forward so; we assume Emi died because of natural causes. Even after death, fans still remember her music.

Emi Canyn performing with her band Alice N Thunderland
Frame: Emi Canyn (left) with her band members on the stage. 
Source: Married Celeb

At the time of her death, her siblings stood by her side. Didn't she have any children? No, from her marriage with Mick, the couple never planned to welcome a child in their life. Even if she didn't have a kid of her own, but she still was a stepmother to Mick's offsprings from his previous relationship with Sharon Deal.

In the past, another rumor surrounding Emi's son came forward. Apart from two kids from Sharon, Mick also had another child named Erik Mars as per reports. The mainstream media speculated that Emi gave birth to Erik, but they kept it hidden from the public eyes.

Concerning the rumors, neither Emi nor Mick confirmed any details. So' we can consider this is a scandal and nothing else.


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