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Sun Feb 16 2020
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Noah Earles is a gift of God born in the family of Jason Earles and Jennifer Earles. She is an example of a talented young teenager who is capable of doing everything when they got the opportunity, to learn more than what they taught.

Noah is a native of San Diego, California, where her father spent his childhood after moving from Ohio and the State of Washington. If you love to read more diversifying facts about Earles' personal life, then scroll down below.

Noah's Parents, Jason & Jennifer are College Sweethearts!

Earles' parents, Jason, and Jennifer Earles met for the first time while studying at the Rocky Mountain College. Soon after their first interaction, they became good friends and started dating shortly a while later.

Noah Earles' parents, Jennifer and Jason Earles first met at the Rocky Mountain College and found they're meant to be. Know more about their marital relationship and tragic divorce.
Image: Noah Earles' parents, Jennifer Earles and Jason Earles 
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Upon graduation as scholars, Jason made a decision to propose Jennifer with a precious engagement ring. He then proposed her, and with so much happiness, Jennifer took a very important decision by saying, "Yes" to marry Jason. 

Her Parents Marriage and Divorce

Noah's parents, Jennifer and Jason Earles committed to a blissful marital relationship in June 2002. In their intimate wedding ceremony, the bridegroom gave their close wedding guests a sweet treat with greetings. 

The couple, however, ended their marriage after spending the best moments of their lives for overall 11 years. They divorced in 2012, however, the duo didn't reveal the secret of their divorce. As per reports, it might be their misunderstandings that led them to file for divorce.

According to the couple's divorce agreement, Jennifer took the custody of Noah with the support of Earles' fortune. More to this, she proclaimed that she would not marry again, and since then, she is in her motherhood.

Her Beloved Dad, Jason Exchanged Wedding Vows for the Second Time...

Noah's father, Jason is twicely married and lives with his second wife, Katie Drysen, who belongs to Asian ethnic background. The couple had their first encounter in January 2013 and shortly became lovers even though Jason was five years younger than Katie.

After dating for more than three years, Jason proposed in Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Disneyland in 2016. At the time of the marriage proposal, he gifted an expensive diamond ring to his second lady, love after Jennifer.

Noah Earles' dad, Jason Earles is married to his second love, Katie Drysen. Find more diversifying things about Noah Earles.
Photo: Jason Earles kissing on the cheek of Katie Drysen 
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The couple then got united as husband and wife on 13th August 2017 at The Garland in Toluca Lake. During their nuptials, the bride was donned in a strapless chiffon tier and a corset wedding gown. Meanwhile, the groom was dressed in a blue-gray formal business suit, tying up with a yellow tie and a flower on his left pocket.

At the time of their wedding ceremony, the bridegroom welcomed their wedding guests, including Emily OsmentParis BerelcPhillip LewisOlivia HoltGeorge Newbern, and Moises Arias

They also treated their guests with a dark chocolate cake, which include a golden color liqueur and chocolate dolls of the bridegroom on the top of the cake.

Noah Earles' father, Jason Earles tied the knot for the second time with Katie Drysen. Know more interesting facts about Noah Earles.
Photo: Jason Earles and Katie Drysen exchanged their wedding vows in a grand ceremony 
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After the wedding union, the Hannah Montana star, Jason expressed his love and affections towards his newly wedded bride, Katie, saying,

"I am madly in love with you. I love how every day you open my eyes to beauty and unexpected joys that exists all around us."

The marital partners are now living the best memories of their lives while capturing it in the pictures. They recently celebrated 2nd marriage anniversary on the 13th of August 2019, but yet to welcome their first child together. 


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