Fact About Lamar Jackson, American football quarterback

Thu Nov 14 2019
By   Bibek

One of the most electrifying quarterbacks in this season of NFL is Baltimore Ravens star, Lamar Jackson. The 22-year-old had a breakthrough last season after getting selected in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft. 

At the start of his professional career at the highest level, Lamar helped the team to win the AFC North Division title. The quarterback is creating record after record since the start of his career. Now, let's take a look into some facts about his life.

He has an Unbreakable Bond with his Mother

Jackson lost his father when he was just eight years old. Since then, his mom Felicia Jones is fulfilling all the responsibilities of a parent for Lamar and his siblings. At all of his games, we can see Felicia cheering for her son from the stand.

Lamar Jackson with his mother Felicia Jones in his private jet
Image: Lamar Jackson (right) and his mom Felicia Jones (left). 
Source: Instagram @new_era8

Not just that, scrolling through Lamar's social media, we can see many pictures of him and his mother. In an interview with ESPN, Jackson talked about how his mother helped him, coached him, and motivated him to be a footballer that he is today.

The bond between mother and son is unbreakable. When he had to name his agent in April before his NFL draft, he chose his mother to be his manager. Felicia played sports in her early days, and this helped her to grind Jackson to get better.

Lamar is Friends with a Famous Rapper

The twenty-two-year-old footballer is gaining a lot of fame these days. And it's not just him in his friend circle; rapper Kodak Black is also very recognized by the public.

Lamar Jackson celebrating with Kodak Black after Baltimore Ravens win
Picture: Lamar Jackson (left) and Kodak Black (right). 
Source: Baltimore Ravens

Both of them went to the same elementary school together and have remained friends since their childhood days. They might've lost touch growing up, but now the childhood friends have reconciled their friendship.

During a match in Baltimore, Kodak arrived in the stadium to support the team last season. The team last season went on to clinch the AFC North title.

He signs a Million-Dollar Contract with the Ravens

It is challenging to break into the NFL, but once you do, your talent is highly recognized with some excellent financial safety. Jackson signed a deal with Baltimore Ravens in June 2018, after getting drafted by the Ravens.

Lamar Jackson signing with Baltimore Ravens in the 2018 NFL Draft
Frame: Lamar Jackson holding a Baltimore Ravens jersey. 
Source: NFL 

According to NFL Network, Lamar receives $9.47 million in payout with a $4.97 million signing bonus. The contract will run down to four-year with a option for a fifth season. Many NFL critics speak very highly of the young talent, and coach John Harbaugh is highly impressed with his accuracy.

With million-dollars in his bank account and a million more to come, Lamar is enjoying his luxurious single life. He is accompanied by his family most of the time, who supports him on his hard work to success.

The Prominent Quarterback on the Rise

With the likes of Tom Brady and Shedeur Sanders playing in the league as a Top quarterback ever, it is difficult to reach their position for a young player.

Lamar Jackson in action for Baltimore Ravens
Image: Lamar Jackson in action. 
Source: Baltimore Sun

But Lamar is showing a lot of promise that he can be the absolute best in the coming years. In the 64-percent black population in Baltimore, according to the US census, the commitment that Jackson is showing is a big deal in the region.

Not just that, by starting the last season of NFL (2018), Jackson also became the youngest quarterback to start in NFL history. He is grabbing headlines with his performance, but Lamar is not letting get all of this into his head.

The young footballer is very humble and is enjoying his moment. His fans love him, and he does not say, No to his fans for a good picture. He will take one for himself and post it on his Instagram. In an interview, Lamar said, it's pretty cool to have that is going on for him. 


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